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I constantly have a running freight train of spliced thoughts/ideas/questions rampaging through the confines of my subconsciious at all hours day and night....sometimes its kind of awesome,,,,and then sometimes its not so uhh...awesome.....anyways as i was doing my usual insmnia routine late last night I was pre occupied with the where and how our nation's capital cities became just that.....a capital city........I have always been a history nerd....I dont deny that.....I love history..which is why this was driving me to the brink of simply cheating (googling ha).....I mean how and why did Topeka for example become the capital city of KS?.....i mean did some dude back in the 1800s just put up a flag in Topeka and no one ever bothered to question?...I am just curious thats all....I mean how did Sacramento become the capital in CA when they obviously had other more central and larger cities......and how did Austin become the capital of TX when you would think Dallas or even San Antonio would be right?.......I Know.....I think too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     anyways I hope you are having a great week and thank you as always for stopping by!     Rick

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