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New Years Weekend!

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...Wassup!!! case you are wondering....True Grit is well worth the admission price.....I would not be suprised if Bridges gets a nomination....have you figured out what you are doing for New Years yet???.....I will be out and about so by all means track me down and say hi if you get a chance!....Kid Rock just a touch over a month away!.....and do not forget about Slash!!! that is going to be a great show as well jan 21 at the Cotillion!....What a game last night.....I pickded New Orleans but was def sweating it!....It seems to me as though there is a good chance one of those two teams will represent the NFC this year.....then again......once the post season begins.....its pretty much a crap shoot.......any ways thanks as always for checking in!!!! Rick

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Few Clouds
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