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True Grit

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I love a good western......outside of Pulp Fiction I can not think of anything better to watch at 2am when I cant sleep than a good western.....The Unforgiven with Eastwood....speaking of Eastwood....The Outlaw Josie that is a WESTERN!!!..or how bout Tombstone.....or even Open Range.....Hollywood's latest effort is a remake of True Grit......I know that Rooster Cogburn is and always will be John Wayne......but from what I hear this version (featuring Jeff Bridges as Rooster well as Matt Damon) very good that I know of at least a couple of people who are going to go see it again.....I am going to go see it asap....have you got all your Xmas shopping done yet???? I have like maybe one or two more items to retrieve....anyways thank  you as always for stopping by.............Rick

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Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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