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I love what i do for a living and i consider myself lucky to be able to do it.....when I was twelve years old I used to carry around a little tape recorder and record myself imitating local djs...i drove people nuts with it....I have my father to thank for getting me into this madness....(and believe me when I say that I say that in the most positive of ways)....when I was 15 yrs old I was working part time weekends at KVGB AM/FM  (at the time a news/talk on one side  country on the other side)....the Program Director of KHOK (a top forty station in Hoisington Ks at the time) heard one of my breaks one sat morning and called me to see if I would be interested in doing overnights on the weekends at KHOK...back then they actually had live people on overnights....anyways I was escstatic...I mean here I was knee high to a grasshopper and someone wanted me to actually do a regualar shift on a music intensive format!!!! I was climbing the walls!!!....when  my mother found out....she put her foot down and said......NO WAY....not mother was not about to have her fifteen yr old son running around all hours of the night every weekend.....and that's when my dad stepped in and said...."He has always wanted to do this and it's not like we wont know where he is...all we have to do is turn on the radio" which point my mother nervously agreed....I ended up working every fri sat night  midnight to six am....I did miss alot of hs social events on the weekend nights.....but I dont regret a second of it.....alone in that studio in Hoisington Ks at 3 am hosting an overnight show was complete heaven to me at that time....It was...for lack of better terms....magical to was in the days before hard drives....before automation.....when u had no choice but to create something outta nothing.....God knows i experienced my share of screw ups but that just went with the i said....i would not give that up for anything...I mean nothing could beat sitting there with a stack of cds....liner cards....hastily scribbled notes on pieces of paper everywhere.....just creating.....don't get me wrong....I love the capabilities afforded us via the technology of today....I am just glad that I was fortunate enough to be a part of this at one time in an era that we wont see again....its something that I will cherish.    Thank your for checking in as always!      Rick

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Wichita, KS

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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