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....Wasssup!!!!!!! Are you ready for the holidays?  How was your weekend?....I watched my share of NFL action poor Cowboys just can not catch a break!....oh well....theres always next year right!....I believe in loyalty and  will never stray from my teams no matter how badly they are doing....once a fan always a fan.....Can you believe what that Jets assistant coach did yesterday???? Tripping that dude????? WOW.....I am by no means a Dolphins fan but I still say there is absolutely  no place in the game for that kind of thing....I couldn't believe he did that!!!!!.Am seriously considering catching OZZY in Kansas City......I mean he is the Prince of Darkness and all......ran into some old aquaintences this weekend at my sat night remote....was great to see them.....the Coca Cola/Toys for Tots remote went great saturday.....despite the windy cold conditions we still managed to clollect a slew of toys....thank you to the U.S. Marines for helping out and thank you to everyone from Coca Cola who came out....they were awesome!!!...gotta create some chaos now....thankl you for checking in!!!!              Rick

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