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NFL Playoffs!!!

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...what a weekend!!! I would like to send the Oakland Raiders a personal thank you note for solidifying the KC Chiefs lead in the AFC West.....can you believe Oakland knocked off San Diego???? and how bout them Cowboys?!!  I realize they are out of the playoff hunt at this point....but to put it on the Colts in their home stadium???...Dallas is a team that no one who is in the hunt right now wants to deal with......they may have come outta the gates at a crawl....but they seem to be hitting on all cylanders right now!....this season seems to be unique in that 12 weeks in there are still at least half a dozen teams that are feasible contenders....I will go ahead and make my Superbowl prediction......I realize its still way to early....but then again if i happen to nail this I can say I called it and you can be my witness!!!....In the AFC i like New England.....(I also like the Jets but give slight edge to New England due to experience at QB and Belechiks coaching) the NFC I have to lean slightly towards Green particular reason other than it just seems they are clicking at just the right time.....and I take Green Bay to win it all in Dallas.....thank you as always for checking in!!!!!!                   Rick

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