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Top Ten Unusual Bars

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....Here they are my devoted reader......the top ten most unusual bars in the world.....via research done by beverage consumers world wide!....(what's the most unusual bar/pub you have ever witnessed? 

10) Eternity    (Truskevets Ukraine)......The entire bar is a giant coffin  (I am dead serious, no pun intended).....actual coffins and funeral flower arrangements provide decor.

9) Dans Le Noir    (London England)......drinks are served in pitch light are guided by  people who are actually blind....the idea being that for once they become your eyes and you have to rely on Spock would say.....fascinating...

8) The Clinic    (Singapore)......a hospital themed bar in which its decor resembles a medical clinic (hospital beds, wheelchairs, wheelchair tables, cocktails served in blood bags, etc)

7) Alcatraz  (Tokyo) order to enter you have to declare your blood type and let staff know if you are suffering from any kind of health disorders....a nurse fills out chart and prescribes the right "medicine".....

6) Vampire Cafe (Tokyo)....a popular item is the blood clot.....decor includes crucifixes, spiders, skulls, and Dracula's coffin.....

5) The Red Sea Star (in the waters of the Red Sea)....The world's first completely submerged/under water bar...........

4)Guacara Taina (Dominican Republic)....Underground bar/club built inside a natural cavern...spread over three floors...

3) Baobob Tree Bar   (South Africa)....built around the Baobob Tree...which is over 6000 yrs old...

2) Cova d'en Xoroi  (Menorca)....built atop the legendary cliffs of Cala'en Porter....

1)Skeleton Bar  (Switzerland)....The bar itslelf is a skelatal structure covered by arches of vertebrae that criss cross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle....

.....and there you have it!!!!!     thank you as always for checking in!    RIck

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