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New Hinder

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....Am sitting in my office this very second listening to the new Hinder full length (All American Nightmare)....One thing i do like about Hinder is the simple fact that they do not try to be anyone or anything but a meat and potatoes rock band out of OK City.....period....and I think thats a huge part of what makes them 7 tracks in   so far i am partial to track 3 (What Ya Gonna Do) and track 4 (Hey Ho)......if there has ever been a band synonymous with the word's these guys....Like i said....they arent complex...deep....or intensly thought provoking......what they are is straight forward....raspy at times ( in a totally good way)...gutsy....anthem driven....and obnoxious with a touch of  I dont give a rats rear end..........and I think that's what rock should be....anyways thank you as always for checking in!!!! RIck

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Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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