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Kid Rock is comming to town!!!! I have seen him half a dozen times and still cant wait! He always puts on an incredible show....when I think of all the live shows I have seen over the years he easily ranks in the top 5...I was on his bus once in Kansas City bout 5 yrs ago....It was after his show and I was there along side of about 7 or 8 other people....we were all just hanging out swapping was pouring down rain and going on midnight....the bus was surrounded by at least forty or fifty autograph seekers......I will never forget I was exiting the bus I over heard Kid Rocks road manager say something to the extent of  "we are behind schedule and gotta head to OK City right now....this very second".....Kid stepped up and said  no can do...these people have been waiting outside in the rain for close to an hour....Im going to sign for everyone before this bus leaves here.....from that day forward I had a new found respect for Bob always thanks for stopping by!   Rick Thomas


"I didn't want to go out and change anything. I just wanted to make the music that was part of my background, which was rock, blues, and hip hop."       Kid Rock

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