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What a weekend!!

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....Thankgsgiving just a few days out....are you ready to deal with the relatives? alot of football yesterday....(isn't that what sundays are for?)....speaking of which....I have absolutely nothing against Michael far as his past goes he paid his debt....I'm not saying that makes what he did ok...I'm just saying he took the heat and paid his debt...I am a firm believer in second chances.....I think he is an extremely talented player...that's always been obvious.....but is he MVP material this year?.....It's way to early to jump on that wagon.....there is still 6 games to go...not to mention he missed several games due to injury already....One outstanding game doesnt lay claim to MVP.....I think even he would tell you that......time will tell...right now there are numerous candidates as far as i am concerned....any ways thanks for checking in as always!    Rick

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
N at 13 mph

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