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Tracey Christopher Smith was one of my closest friends when i was in college and after....I can tell you that you would search far and wide before you found a more loyal matter how far the chips were down, Tracey had a rather unique way of finding positive in almost anything....Tracey passed away last week due to complications from pancreatic cancer...I am not sad at this moment because much as he would i find the positive wherever i possible can....and the simple fact that I had the opportunity to get to know him when i did is something I can be thankful for.....Yes, I like many others that knew  him I  will miss him, there is no doubt of that....but the positive exists merely in the simple fact that I like many others take something valuable and unreplaceable with us as a result of knowing a result of knowing him I will find myself often supporting the underdog when no one else will....much in the same manner he would......I will find myself taking the time that i before never had to call old friends, make new friends, and stop to pet a stray dog on occasion......much in the same manner as he would have.....I will not judge something externally but rather I will take note of actions....not appearence, or material.....He once told me many moons ago something i find impressive to this day....a group of us were sitting around a pub in Hays Ks....after a few rounds we started doing the everyone has to answer whatever question truthfully game...(who hasnt done this when half tanked with their friends ha) question that came up was:   If you could eliminate any one thing from this world.....what would it be?".....most of us answered things like....sickness.....evil serial killers.....taxes.......etc etc.....when it was his turn to answer....Tracey said one word........Misery       Thank you for stopping by as always........Rick

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