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...I constantly have random and unexplainable thoughts that seem to streem out of the crevices of my subconscious at all hours....I  have totally given up on trying to control or stop it so I often just kinda see what develops with them ....if that makes any sense at all....anyways as of this very second I am contimplating whose house it would be more fun to be at on Halloween.....Rob Zombie's or Ozzy Osbourne's....They both have their plusses and their minuses...I mean you know Rob has to have a hella cool film collection to say the least.....and Ozzy....well he is the Prince Of Darkness and all....not to mention he is...uhh....OZZY....then again, Rob would be much more apt to have incredibly hot scantily clad chicks hanging out serving up tuaca shots.....mmmm, do I smell pancakes?  but think about the stories Ozzy could tell!!!!.....I mean, If i had to choose........If you had to choose what would you do?  text me and tell me at 316 768 1010!      Thanks as always for sliding by.........................Rick

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Wichita, KS

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