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....Am sitting here listening to the Sex Slaves    Wasted Angel  cd....particularly like track 12 (Mexico)  ...I like the way it haunts   if that makes any sense at all.....I love baseball...this is my favorite time of year.....NFL on sundays....and MLB playoffs/World Series!!!!!....there is no greater game in my mind than baseball......its the only major sport in which a virtual no name can come off the bench and in a matter of mere seconds become a household has no takes me back to my childhood when i would immitate big leaguers because I was convinced they could do no wrong....I can remember like it was yesterday how magical (for lack of better terminology) it felt just to go to the ball park and soak it all has a way of making us forget about all of the hassles and or problems in life we are dealing takes us to a place that is untouchable......and thats what i love about it.....thanks for checking in!    Rick

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Wichita, KS

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
E at 10 mph

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