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..I love Wednesdays.....for one thing its the beginning of the down hill slide into the weekend!   On top of that it also serves as kind of a breather for me before things get chaotic.....and I definitely mean chaotic in a good way..... Do not stray from my show this week  (or any other week as far as that goes) because I've got tons of stuff going on...including ren fair ticket giveaways....Kingman Music Fest passes to give away.....K State/OSU tix!!! and of course the unsual debauchery.....I sometimes think I was seriously put on this planet for the mere purpose of making the suits shake their heads constantly....My Yankees play tonight...keeping fingers much as I hate to admit it the Yankees pitching staff drops off dramatically after CC.....but any thing can happen!...I would so love to be a dictator for just one day so I can put it on my resume.....and I would so love to be in KC tonight for Zombie/Cooper.....and I would so love to be invisible for one day so i could chill in the wwe divas locker room.....and I would so love to make a cameo apperance on HBOs Entourage.....will add to list on another day slash blog.....thanks for stopping by! RIck

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