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    VIDEO: Black Sabbath gonna call it QUITS!

    In a recent interview, Ozzy says 2015 will be it for Black Sabbath. Ozzy said that the fellas will get together to make one last album, then embark on a final tour. DAMN! This trend needs to stop! It seems like "final tour" news is the flavor of the month, and everyone is doing it! But, on the other hand, Ozzy says that after Sabbath wraps it up, he will get back out on the road for his solo show. Motley Crue made sure they stopped in Wichita for their final trek, so let's hope Black Sabbath will give us the same courtesy! Click HERE to check out the Ozzy/Sabbath story, and check out this great documentary on their latest album, "13", and enjoy the mix of Sabbath songs below.

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    Cliff Burton of Metallica remembered!

    Our friends at Loudwire rock news have just compiled a list, with video's included, of the TOP 10 Metallica / Cliff Burton songs. Cliff was a founding member of Metallica, and his life was taken way too soon. On September 27, 1986, Burton was killed in a bus accident in Sweden. Although Metallica continued on, and continue to kick ass, Burton will always be missed. If you had a chance to see Metallica in their early days with Cliff, you got to see one bad-ass MOTHER******! Click HERE to check out this top 10 list, and rock out with some classic METALLICA!

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    It's time for the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!

    This weekend, its the 15th bi-annual Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita! All day tomorrow and Sunday (27th & 28th) at the Sedgwick County Park, it's time for jousting, vessles of ale, turkey legs, and BUXOM WENCHES! WOO-HOO! The fair's hours are 10am until 6pm both days, and I will be there for all of it! Come say hello! My fiance, Andrea, has a tent full of goodies! Just look for the black & red topped tent, and there it is! The Ren Fest is always a ton of fun, so don't miss out! Click the picture for all the details!

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    Would it be ok with you?

    Would it be ok with you if people came up to you and blew cigarette smoke in your face? Would it be ok with you if people would shoot guns at you if they said they promised not to hit you? OF COURSE NOT! You might even say that's a no-brainer! Then WHY IN THE HELL would you allow yourself to be a passenger in a car where the driver is texting & driving? Have you ever heard this.... "Oh stop, I'm good at it! AND I'm keeping my eyes on the road!" Uhhhhh, not good. Numerous studies continue to show that cell phone use behind the wheel is very bad. Whether your talking or texting, it's just bad news. Unless you're a fan of death. If you are, text away! Sheesh. The FCC, which governs all media, has a great article regarding this issue. Check out the startling facts, and what they want to do to stop it. Click HERE to read it. Also, we want you to join us and Davis-Moore in taking the pledge to DON'T TEXT & DRIVE. Take the pledge HERE, and you'll be entered to win a iPad Mini.

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    VIDEO: NEW Pink Floyd album coming out SOON!

    HOLY S***! For the first time in nearly 20 years, Pink Floyd has a NEW album coming out! This is freakin sweet! It's gonna be called "The Endless River", and it's a tribute to the band's keyboardist, Rick Wright. Wright died in 2008. The album is mostly made up of music that Wright, David Gilmour and Nick Mason put together during a session in 1993. That's when the last studio album, "The Division Bell" was released (1994). They said that because of the technology of today, they were able to get this done in such a way that sounds incredible. In the meantime, enjoy one of the new songs, MAROONED.

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    VIDEO: Mythbusters: Cell Phone -vs- Drunk Driving

    Mythbusters is one of my FAVORITE tv shows! These guys are like me. We LOVE TO BLOW STUFF UP! All for a good cause of course! In one of their many different "myths" they have done on the show, one was very similar to the point we've been trying to push. Cell phones while driving are a BAD idea! How bad? The demonstration was to show that using your phone behind the wheel is as bad as drunk driving! Check out the video. Also, click HERE to take the pledge with T95 and Davis-Moore to DON'T TEXT & DRIVE!

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    VIDEOS: Will Ferrell & Chad Smith team up for a good cause!

    If you didn't know it, or have been living under a rock, Will Ferrell and RHCP drummer Chad Smith look like twins! For years, people have been making the comparison. After all the talk, the two finally got together for a "drum-off", and since then, they have capitalized on their looks. Now, it stops there. Wil Ferrell is NOT a good drummer. Chad has nothing to worry about. HA! Most recently, Ferrell joined Chad, and a all-star group, to provide something he can play well. The cowbell. He was in Seattle for a benefit called "Cancer for College". This all-star group included, along with Chad Smith, was Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard, Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan and singer Brandi Carlile. They played under the name "I Pissed My Pants". This is the video of their performance. Also, check out the video of the "drum-off" from the Jimmy Fallon Show.

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    VIDEO: Metallica LIVE box set on the way!

    Metallica has just announced they will be releasing a new box set. This box set will have in it, 27 ALBUMS! And, they're all the LIVE CONCERTS they've preformed in 2014! DAMN! If you love Metallica, you're gonna love this! Check out the entire story HERE, and click HERE to pre-order the box set! Enjoy the playlist of Metallica videos!

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    Join me, Hank The Mechanic, TONIGHT, at the Derby High School Football game against Mill Valley!! I'll be there starting about 5:30 handing out thumb bands for you, and your family, to wear and be a constant reminder to DON'T TEXT & DRIVE. Wanna find out more? Click HERE to take the pledge, and you'll be entered to win a iPad Mini.

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    Time to RIDE FOR THE DOGS!

    Join T95 and Rick Thomas THIS Saturday September 20th at Ride for the Dogs, a benefit for Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton. Whether you have a bike or a hot rod, go on the run, and raise money..... FOR THE DOGS! It all starts at 9am, followed by lunch, a raffle and more! Caring Hands Humane Society cares for over 2,000 homeless dogs, cats and other companion animals EVERY year! Your support of Ride for the Dogs helps raise funds to care for these animals, and increases awareness of the mission of Caring Hands Humane Society. Wanna ride? Click HERE for the official registration!

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    Texting & driving..... DON'T DO IT!

    We have really been pushing you to learn the message...... BAND TOGETHER TO DON'T TEXT & DRIVE! This kills so many people every day, and it doesn't have to happen! It IS illegal to do it, and soon, all phones and cars will have the technology to make it impossible to do! Currently, APPLE has the technology to disable texting while driving, and they hope to have it come standard in all new cars. Read the story HERE. And click HERE to take the pledge to don't text and drive for a chance to win a iPad Mini.

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    Know someone who LOVES to skateboard?

    This coming Saturday, it's the 6th annual Ryan Woodward Memorial Skate Competition! Join us directly under Kellogg at St Francis for some great skating for a good cause! It was just over 6 years ago we lost Ryan Woodward to a very unfortunate accident. He was on his way to the skate park when someone in a car didn't see him crossing the street, and took his life. This skate event is a way to keep his passion for skating alive, and raise money to beef up the Edgemore Skate Park for all kids who share the same love of skating. There are 3 levels of competition. Beginners, intermediate and advanced. Pre-Registration is open thru September 18th, and it's just $10! Register at the Towne East & Towne West Guest Services Booth. Day of Registration is only $15. You wanna check out all the details? Check it out online at

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    REAL stories about texting and driving incidents

    You've been hearing us for a few weeks now talking about the perils of texting and driving. This isn't something we just decided to cook up just to be cool. We decided to do this with Davis-Moore, because Dawson Grimsley is known for caring deeply for the community, and this has become a huge problem in the United States. We have a radio station. We have the power to reach your ears. We have the power to beg you to don't text and drive. We care about you and your kids. We have Dawson and Davis-Moore on our team. I am a parent, and worry that when my daughter is with someone's family in a car, that they will not be texting or playing with the phone while driving. Click the picture for a bunch of stories that will hopefully show you how bad this could be for you and your family. Then, click the link to take the pledge. When you do, you'll be entered to win a iPad Mini.

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    After 18 years, FAITH NO MORE is coming out with new music!

    Hard to believe, but Faith No More is coming out with a new album after 18 years! DAMN! Check out the full story HERE, and click HERE for their official website. New music is scheduled for release in April of next year.

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    VIDEOS: Get ready for Queensryche!

    Queensryche with Geoff Tate is TONIGHT at The Cotillion! This is gonna be one show you don't wanna miss! Get tickets now at, or charge by phone at 722-4201. I'll be out there live starting at 5pm, and I hope to see you there! To get you pumped up for the show, check out these music videos!

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    How well do you know METALLICA?

    I just had to share this today. Loudwire rock news has a great list of 20 things you may not know about the rock Gods, Metallica. You may know some of this stuff, but there will definately be a couple things you didn't know!

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    VIDEO: Happy Bday today to Chaim Witz!

    WHO? HAHA! You may know him better as GENE FREAKIN SIMMONS! Gene is 65 today! And STILL rockin! Check out these great videos!

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    Aw S**T! Another bad winter!?

    Grrrrrrrrreat. The Farmers Almanac just came out, and winter is not lookin so good. They are predicting another freezin cold winter. UGH. The Farmers Almanac has been around for decades, and they are usually pretty damn accurate. That's why they they have been around so long. That's why hearing this sucks. Click HERE for the whole cold-ass story. When life gives you lemons....... well, check out the video of some bad-ass snow-forts!

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    Scott Weiland arrested! Oh wait, no he wasn't. Or was he? HUH??

    This is freakin weird. Police in Beverly Hills were called to a drugstore for a shoplifting report. When they arrived, they arrested a guy for stealing razors, and posession of meth. The man told police he was Scott Weiland. He provided police with all the details that "proved" he was Weiland. They bought it, and threw him in jail. Then, they proudly announced they ARRESTED SCOTT WEILAND! Yeah, the REAL Weiland saw this, then posted a video saying he was NOT arrested, the man in jail is NOT him, and he's currently touring, etc, and NOT in jail! So police were a bit embarassed, and upon a thourogh fingerprint check, etc, they found out it was in fact NOT Scott Weiland, but instead, a 44 year old named Michael Hurley. Whoops! Click HERE for the full story.

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    In Russia, everyone has a dash cam. They have become a necessity of life because between people lying, insurance and law enforcement being jacked up, people have these to have visual proof of accidents, etc. Because of this, there have been a BUNCH of great videos pop up! Meteorites crashing into earth, bizarre people behavior, and CRAZY crashes! This is by far, the wackiest crash I have ever seen! You have to see it to believe it!

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