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    AWESOME! The Scorpions just recently said they were retiring. Apparently they got bored sitting on the couch, so they are coming back on the road, AND putting out a new CD! WHY? Well, 2015 is The Scorpions 50th anniversary, so they wanted to get back out on the road and kick ass! Click HERE for the full story. The new CD, "Return To Forever", comes out Feb 20th!

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    M Shadows of A7X talks about his fav Christmas present!

    For me, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Family, good food, and good presents! As a child, I remember my favorite present which was..... The GREEN MACHINE! Remember this? It was a 3 wheel bike thing, with the steering in the back, and a huge wheel up front! IT WAS AWESOME! When M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold was asked about HIS favorite gift, I got the same thing as a kid, and LOVED IT! Check it out HERE!

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    NEW Iron Maiden album & tour?!?!

    2015 could be a year we RUN TO THE HILLS! HA! In a recent Christmas card to Maiden fan club members, it appears they dropped a hint about new music and a 2015 tour! The inside of the card was signed by all 6 members, and the card said: “Eddie’s got a little Christmas gift for everyone who’s been REALLY BAD! Must not be opened until 2015…” WOW! This could be HUGE! Stay tuned! The second I hear any official news regarding Iron Maiden, I will pass it along! Click HERE to see that card, and to read the full story!

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    UGLY Christmas Sweater time!

    I kinda can't stand this. Office parties that incorporate the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest. First, well, THEY'RE UGLY! Why would I even own one of these things?! Second, I'm not gonna go spend money on something I might wear once a year, simply to get a laugh, or a boobie prize. Unless of course it's REAL boobies, then I'm IN! I actually just found some "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" I would actually buy! SLIPKNOT n SLAYER have their very own! Click HERE to check em out!

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    WOW! The Simpsons are 25 years old! They are the longest primetime animated series EVER! I remember when they first appeared on the scene, as a "short" on the Tracy Ullman show, back in 1987. When I first saw it, I thought it was the weirdest thing I had ever seen! After some time, it grew on me, and apparently the world, as it eventually became it's own show, and then a icon of American television. DOH!, Aye Caramba, HA-HA...... these are still in our everyday language! Check out this story from CNN HERE, and enjoy these other video's!

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    And the HOF inductees are...........

    The list of inductees to the 2015 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame has just been announced, and our very own GREEN DAY made the cut! This is awesome! Click HERE to check out the story, and the full list of inductees. And click the Green Day picture for a playlist of Green Day music video's!

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    I found some hilarious Christmas videos! Metal Rudolph, Metal Charlie Brown, and Twisted Sister's Heavy Metal Christmas. Enjoy!

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    HOLY CRAP! You heard the latest about SCOTT STAPP??

    MAN O MAN! Scott Stapp was on the edge of completely loony. Well, he went to the edge, AND JUMPED OFF! NOW, the latest coo-coo'ness from Stapp is totally bizarre. He now says, I mean it's ALLEGED, that he is a CIA agent, and is out to kill the president. WTF? On top of that, he has lost custody of his children, and is being investigated by the Secret Service. My how they fall. Stapp has always been a little off. I remember a ton of years ago, Creed played at the Kansas Coliseum. I got to meet and hang out with the band. We played ping-pong, and simply hung out like dudes do. Stapp was nowhere to be found. When asked where he was, the guys looked at each other, and said he was "praying". After they felt more comfortable hanging out with us, they opened up a little more, and said he was a religious freak, and sat in silence in his own room to meditate before he went on stage. They said he had a room with oriental rugs, candles and incense. The look on their faces when they said this was very "he's a weirdo, but we just roll with it because we wanna get paid". Hopefully Scott snaps out of it and gets his brain back. Check out the links below for more.

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    VIDEO: The ROCKSTAR birthdays continue! Today, NIKKI SIXX!

    He sure doesn't look his age! Motley Crue's NIKKI SIXX is 56 today! DAMN! I guess all that heroine helped hold back the aging process!! HA! And actually, it's hard to believe that he's still alive, because of all the drugs! Now totally clean, Nikki is still kickin' ass and takin names! Have you read his book The Heroine Diaries? Click HERE to buy it! Happy Birthday Nikki! Check out this great video of CRUE from 1987!

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    VIDEO: TRE COOL is 42 today!

    Happy 42nd birthday to Green Day drummer, TRE COOL! Tre joined Green Day in 1990, and kicks ass! He is a damn good drummer, and this video highlights some great Tre stuff!

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    VIDEOS: Today is the anniversary of Dimebag's death.....

    December 8th, 2004. That's the day a crazed fan rushed the stage and shot "Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott to death. Today we remember DIME by sharing these videos. Also, click HERE to check out a recent interview with his brother Vinnie Paul.

  • FPO

    VIDEOS: It's OZZY'S Birthday!

    The PRINCE OF DARKNESS is 66 years old today!! That's funny! Ozzy is one "6" away from really being the BEAST! HAHA!! Enjoy the links and videos I have for ya today to celebrate.

  • FPO

    Scott Stapp of Creed..... HOMELESS?!

    Last week, Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed, posted a video saying he's broke and homeless. The singer says his wife (who filed for divorce) is trying to get him committed, say's he's doing meth and is paranoid. In her divorce papers, she says Stapp texted her saying things like, "Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way", "I wouldn't doubt it if the CIA is behind Alcoholics Anonymous", and "God created you and now God is ending you." Sounds like he is off his rocker. Check out the links below for more on the story, and check out his "broke & homeless" video.

  • FPO

    The HOTTEST and UGLIEST people in the USA!

    Travel + Leisure magazine has just released the top 5 places to find the MOST attractive people, and the 5 places to find people that are, well, NOT so attractive. I guess you could say fortunately, Wichita, isn't on either list, but some of our neighbors to the south made the "ugly" list. OUCH! Now back to Wichita. I gotta tell ya, there ARE some smokin' hot women in our city. I see em all the time! The numbers may not be as big as other cities, but they are there. Click HERE to check out the list, and plan your next vacation! HA!

  • FPO

    VIDEOS: METALLICA on the Late Late Show!

    Metallica, who's doing a week long stint on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show, has been kicking ass! It sounds very old school! No big arena, no major production. It sounds like a recording from a bar gig! It's actually kinda cool! Last night, they rocked out "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and it was pretty damn good! Check out the videos below.

  • FPO

    Would you smoke "Bob Marley" POT?!

    I suppose that might be a dumb question. HA! Ya know, with many places, NOT KANSAS, legalizing marijuana, I thought for sure this was probably already a thing, but it's not, but will be by the end of next year. BOB MARLEY WEED! His "people" have now announced they will have officially branded Marley weed in dispensaries soon. There may be some green out there with his name attached to it, but it's NOT authorized. The makers of this Marley weed say that it is so good, they hope to be the "Starbucks" of marijuana. Click HERE to check out the full story,

  • FPO

    NFL getting investigated by the DEA

    Football players play hard. They play hard, and then they hurt. The hits they endure take tolls on their bodies. But you gotta play, right? They gotta make their paychecks, right? The NFL is a BILLION dollar industry, and without players, they have nothing! SO, it appears players swallow down TONS of painkillers. The way this happens is not so legal in some instances. That's why the DEA is now making surprise investigations to put a stop to this activity. Click HERE to read the full story.

  • FPO

    It's cold. But CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP makes it all better!

    I LOVE chicken noodle soup. I like it both ways. BOTH? Yeah, I like a good, soupy-soup, and then I love it really thick with little broth, slopped over a big pile of mashed potatoes. DAMN! I'm wantin' some right now! From helping you feel better when you're sick, to simply warming you up on a cold day, it's always a good time for chicken noodle soup! And MOM'S homeade chicken n noodle's? Holy. Crap. I usually snag a gigantic take-home bucket everytime she makes it. So. Did this get YOU in the mood to plow down some good grub? Check this out.... The city of Park City is having a CHILI & CHICKEN NOODLE FEED to benefit RUSS BAXTER, Saturday evening from 5p to 8:30p. It's happening at Chisholm Trail Elementary School in Park City,and it's just $5.00 Per Person. Many in the Park City community know Russ from his years supporting Little League Baseball and his work with The Park City Youth Program. He's having some health challenges and his friends have organized this benefit for him. Let's support Russ, and enjoy some good food in the process! Hell, you'll even have time to shovel down some good noodles before you head to Jackyl!

  • FPO

    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Featuring WHO?

    This years Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is gonna be as goos as ever! Marching bands, giant inflatable characters, celebrities, Santa Claus, and..... KISS? Yep! KISS will be a part of this years parade. KISS will be on a float, led by more than 600 cheerleaders from around the country. Weird. Watch for yourself on Thanksgiving! Then, you can rock n roll all night, and TURKEY all day long! Click HERE for the full story.

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