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    VIDEO: OZZFEST is ON, and Black Sabbath is DONE!

    A new promo was just released announcing Ozzfest Japan, and in it, Sharon Osbourne said "This is the Farewell for Black Sabbath". WHAT? Ok, we all knew it was looming, but to hear Sharon actually say it, was kinda sad. Check out the Japanese promo and links below.

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    Holy CRAP! What a great freakin game! Couple funny moments from the game..... The shots of Bill Self towards the end of the game were priceless. Poor guy looked visibly upset. SUCK IT UP BILLY! And the other laughable moment, was when they showed Governor Sam Brownback in the crowd. When he appeared on TV, the crowd I was hangin with all BOOED in unison. Then, a text came through to my friend who's son was AT the game, and said the entire crowd in Omaha BOOED loudly as well! HA! So end result, WSU KICKS ASS! Now, it's off to take on Notre Dame on Thursday at 6:15 in Cleveland. We at WU95 continue to show our support as well as the entire city! PLAY ANGRY fellas! Click the picture to visit our friends at KWCH/Ch12 for complete coverage, and where to get a new batch of WSU t-shirts!

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    Chester Bennington of LP is 39 today!

    Happy 39th birthday to Linkin Park's CHESTER BENNINGTON! I've seen LP about 5 times, and look forward to seeing them again this year at Rocklahoma! Click the links for more info!

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    This years Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame presenters and performers announced!

    We know that bands like Green Day, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lou Reed, Ringo Starr, Stevie Ray Vaughan will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Another big part of the ceremony is the presenters, and performers! Well, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame has just announced who that will be, and it's pretty damn good! Click the pic for the full list!

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    VIDEO: New Adam Sandler movie!

    I saw this this morning, and had to share! I am a big Adam Sandler fan, and this movie looks kinda cool! It's about a NASA time capsule that was sent into space, and it was taken the wrong way. Video games from the depths of the galaxy come to earth and attack! HA! It kinda looks like a twist on Ghostbusters. The movie comes out this summer, and I really wanna see it!

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    HAPPY St Patrick's Day! History, videos and MORE!

    Are you wearing GREEN today? WHY do you do that? WHY do we celebrate St Patrick's Day? To find out all you need to know, click the picture below!

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    WU95! Can WSU make it to the BIG PARTY?!

    We are WU-95 the SHOCK Station! We are showing our black & yellow runs strong! And the cool news as this tournament opens up, is the fact that WSU could possibly be taking on KU this coming Sunday! If both teams win their respective opening games on Friday, then they will meet up on Sunday! We're hoping for the best! If they DO meet up on Sunday, this will only be the 15th time they have ever met on the court! The last time they met in NCAA Tournament play was in 1981 in New Orleans, and WSU beat KU 66-65. Now in regular season play, KU beat the crap out of WSU in 1993 103-54 in Lawrence. That hurt. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best! GO WSU!

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    VIDEOS: David Draiman of Disturbed is 42 today!

    So what is the future of Disturbed? WHO KNOWS??? David broke off and started a side project, Device, and while they were good, they never gained traction. David has said that Disturbed will reunite someday, BUT WHEN? He is currently behind the scenes as a music producer, helping new bands get their start. Click the links for more. Here's something that will blow your mind..... before David became a rocker, he had a career as a health care administrator! Crazy!

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    Todd Yohn Interview

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    VIDEO: Happy Birthday to the HEDGEHOG!

    You knew exactly who that was when you saw HEDGEHOG, didn't you?! HA! Yep, porn legend, Ron Jeremy is 62 today. Whether you watch porn or not, you probably know who he is! Did you know Ron has his own line of rum? Ron de Jeremy. Bizarre. What else is bizarre, is the parody he did to the Miley Cyrus video, WRECKING BALL. It's funny as hell! Enjoy the links!

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    VIDEOS: Happy Birthday VINNIE PAUL!

    Vinnie Paul, founder and drummer of Pantera, Damageplan, and HELLYEAH, is 51 today! Enjoy the videos!

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    Disney On Ice

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    Today is CHUCK NORRIS' Birthday!

    Did you know Chuck Norris once threw a grenade and killed 50 people? Yeah, then it exploded. HAHAHA! These jokes always crack me up. Enjoy the links and videos! Happy 75th birthday, Chuck!

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    Chris Cornell joins the Zac Brown Band on SNL

    Who'd have thought these two would get together OR sound good? Well it happened, and it was awesome! Zac Brown Band has a new cd coming out called JECKYLL + HYDE on April 28th, and it features a bunch of different artists joing Zac Brown Band. Check out the video from SNL.

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    It's Jason Newsted's birthday!

    It's been 14 years since Jason left Metallica. Jason formed a band, Newsted, but it appears they have fallen off the earth. Things were going well for the band, then, the guitarist, Mike Mushok of Staind, says there are no plans to do a new album, or anything else with the band. Why? Something weird is going on. Check out the links below. When you go to the Newsted band site, you'll see a bizarre message regarding Jason and social media. Under that, click the link for the Loudwire story that may shed a pinch of light on it. Whatever the case, happy birthday Jason!

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    Jon Bon Jovi is 53 today!

    Jon Bon Jovi is 53 today, and still kickin' ass! From being a rockstar, a sports nut, to his own line of pasta sauce, he has his hands in a little of everything. And yes, I said pasta sauce. I haven't had it yet, but I hear it's pretty damn good! He also has the JBJ Soul Foundation, which fights hunger and homelessness. His sauce benefits that foundation. Check out the links below. I've included info on the foundation, and his family recipie pasta sauce, which is called BONGIOVI. Oh, and by the way, you can buy the sauce at Target in Wichita.

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    Check out a NEW song from Faith No More!

    Faith No More will be officially releasing a new song called “Superhero” on March 17th as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, then a digital release of the song will be on March 31st. However, they couldn't wait, and put the song on Youtube! When I first listened to it, I didn't know what to think. Did I like it, did I not like it? It was difficult for me to decide. Now that I've listened to it several times, I kinda like it. You'll see what I mean when you give it a listen.

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    The CHILL is STILL ON!

    It's ON! The Chill, at Kansas Coliseum Pavilions, is THIS WEEKEND!! Snow or shine! It's 3 days of Kansas' LARGEST Car, Motorcycle, and Semi-truck show, plus, awesome musical entertainment, the FLAUNT girls, and more!! I'll be hangin with ya all 3 days, so come on out! And again, sure it's suppopsed to snow, but we're INSIDE, and the heaters are gonna be cranked on high!

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    VIDEO: Kids school band covers Led Zeppelin.... on the xylophone!

    AND IT'S PRETTY AWESOME! I was flippin around the internet, and found this. It's a story about the Louisville Leopard Band, Percussionists, covering Led Zeppelin! The video in the story is a rehearsal session of these kids, ages 7 to 12, doing “Immigrant Song,” “The Ocean,” and “Kashmir”. Jimmy Page saw this, and was blown away! He said on his Facebook page, “Too good not to share”! Click HERE or the pic to check it out!

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