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    Hank "Shoots the S**T!"

    This week, I had comedian John Tole in the studio. He is performing this week thru Sunday at the Loony Bin Comedy Club! Take a listen!

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    I'm all about that bass!

    This is the wackiest thing ever. NOT the video, but the fact that I had a dream doing the same exact thing! HAHA! I was the drummer for a band that was playing on stage at the KS ST Fair, and my drums were hot chick's ASSES! And then I run across this video? Maybe this is gonna come true for me! HAHA!! Enjoy the ass drums!

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    It's Danzig's b-day!

    Glen Danzig, founder of the MISFITS, and great solo career as DANZIG, is 60 today! I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago, and he was a decent guy! AND, I felt tall, because he is a short short man! I'm 5'6"! HA! Enjoy the goodies below! The vid for HOLY DIVER is cheezy as hell!

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    It's time for BUG-O-RAMA

    This Saturday at the Midian Shrine, 130 N Topeka in Wichita, it's the big VW Car Show, BUG-O-RAMA! Click HERE for all the details, and listen to the interview with Robert Hoch, Shriner, and organizer of the show! Bring the whole family out this Saturday for some good VW fun!

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    Motley Crue to be KILLED??

    Calm down. I'm not talking about them really getting killed. I'm talking about how their very last show might come to an end! For some reason, mainly because KISS can't seem to ever really retire, nobody believes Motley Crue is actually hangin' it up! However, they stand firm in saying that their last show on Nwe Years Eve this year is it. They have even gone so far as to sign contracts saying they will never tour again, make new music, anything. That said, Alice Cooper, who is part of this last Crue tour, in a interview, jokingly said he knows it's it for them, because he's gonna kill them at the end of the last show. The Crue guys thought that was hilarious, and that got em thinking. Alice Cooper "gets killed" during his stage performance, so why not use those theatrics, and have Alice kill them off! This should be interesting!

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    Um..... WTF? From the band Silverchair, to...... WHAT?

    Daniel Johns, who gave us great music in the 90's with the band SILVERCHAIR, has been pretty quiet for almost 10 years. But now, he has a new solo album coming out, and don't expect to hear anything that would come close to the sounds of Silverchair. His new style is, well, different. It sounds like stuff you'd hear with the likes of Justin Timberlake. Seriously. Check out the links below, and videos of OLD stuff, and his NEW song.

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    Bodies of missing men from Rocklahoma found

    It is a sad end to a story from Rocklahoma this year. Two men, who went missing after torrential rain storms, have been discovered. Click HERE to read the story.

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    It's National HAMBURGER Day!

    MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Hamburgers! Love em! Wichita has some of the damn good hamburgers too! My favorite hamburgers in Wichita come from 2 places. Bomber Burger, which is off of 47th S, and K-15, and Jack's Coffee Shop on Hydraulic near 63rd. Now, the BEST cheeseburger I've ever had, EVER? That honor goes to a place in my hometown of Hutchinson..... The R-B Drive-in! HOLY MOLY! If you have never eaten at the R-B, you owe it to yourself to head to Hutch and try it! It's at 201 E Ave A. My favorite thing to get there? "R-B special" with extra cheese, pickle & ketchup only. Holy crap, I'm wanting one NOW! And if you're really hungry, try the BELTBUSTER! Every time I go to Hutch to see family, my first stop is usually the R-B!

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    Were you at MUDlahoma?!

    Wow. Another year in the books. Rocklahoma was fun, and a big muddy mess. Friday started great, but the rest of the weekend was jacked up. When the rain started Saturday, we all knew it was gonna be a mud pit. And it was. Once the gates to the grounds opened at 3pm, it instantly was slop. Then things turned worse. The rain kicked up, bands were forced to cancel, and peoples camps were turned into swamp pits. Sunday, it happened all over again. Rain, rain, and more rain. However, things weren't severe, so bands still played. It's hard to predict the weather that far out, and this was one of only a few muddy ass weekends for Rocklahoma. I'll go back again next year for another fun weekend! Did you go this year? How did you survive the rainy mess? Let us know on our Facebook page! Click HERE.

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    Comedian DC Malone & Vinnie Mourning!

    Comedian DC Malone is THIS WEEK at the Loony Bin Comedy Club at 215 N St Francis...... with a TWIST! Enjoy the comedy of DC today thru Saturday, THEN, Vinnie and the Sleepy Truckers will join DC on Sunday night for a rockin show! Enjoy the interview with the fellas! Comedy AND music!

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    VIDEO: It's George Clooney's Bday, and he has a new movie coming out!

    George Clooney is 54 today, and is still a dreamy hunk! HA! I think I just made myself puke! Anyway, I DO wanna see his upcoming movie! It's a new Disney movie called TOMORROWLAND. I remember as a kid, watching old disney black & white video's of Tomorrowland, and thinking how cool it was! NOW it's a movie! Watch the trailer below, and click HERE for the official website.

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    Let's help a WPD officer in need!

    My friend, a Wichita Police 20 year vet, has just went through hell. Mike Tiday and his family, lost their home, and belongings to a recent fire. Fortunately, a neighbor saw the fire, and came and woke them up. Otherwise, things could have been a lot worse. Insurance is helping a little, but won't cover everything. To make things worse, back in October, he was picking up a stray ladder up off of Kellogg, and someone smashed into his police car, and he was injured, placing him on light duty. As you have seen, many officers will get hired for "side work", doing security at events all over town. When a officer is on light duty, they are not allowed to do these side jobs to earn extra money. So needless to say, because of the injury and fire, his family is in a rough situation. That's why my friends and I are pulling together to help. This coming Friday, May 1st, from 5p-9p, join us and Mike's family, at the Candle Club, at 13th & Woodlawn. We have a TON of silent auction items, prizes, and MORE! Plus, the Candle Club will donate 10% of the proceeds to the family.

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    THIS JUST IN! AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleads GUILTY!

    AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, just a few hours ago in a New Zealand court, plead GUILTY to "threatening to kill" charges against him. Click the picture for the full story.

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    VIDEOS: Let BRET MICHAELS decorate your house!

    Weird, right?! Bret Michaels of Poison, has teamed up with to give a lucky fan a home decorating makeover by Bret! That would be sweet! ALSO, Bret has teamed up with the site to give away a luxurious Mother's Day package, which includes a spa getaway, and dinner at HIS HOUSE! Click the link for more, and check out the cool promos!

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    VIDEO: One of the BEST unsung drummers!

    Happy birthday to Mike Portnoy! He's 48 today. He is a founding member of the band DREAM THEATER, and has done a TON of stuff since then! He has been the touring drummer for Stone Sour, and filled in for the late, The Rev, in Avenged Sevenfold! Check out the links to see all about Mike, and his resume of bands!

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    Hank's NOT monkey'n around!

    So after Easter dinner, I was about to go home for the night, and pass out from all the food I shoved in my face. Anyway, on my way home, I got a call from my friend Brad, who gave me some awesome news! His Uncle was in town, and he had his baby with him..... HIS MONKEY, GABBY! I know! I know this sounds goofy, but I have always wanted a Monkey. Always. I don't know why, but they have always appealed to me. So I get to their house, feeling like a kid about to meet Santa, and there she was! A little Capuchin monkey in a Easter dress! HAHA! They told her to "go say hello to Hank", and she jumped right on my sholder! It was a little intimidating for a split second, but then I realized she was just fine. She gave me a hug, then jammed her tounge in my ear! HA! That is her way of giving kisses. We sat and they told me all about Gabby. Just like people would, she has things she likes, and doesn't like. One of the things she LOVES, is Car Shows. She attends lots of car shows, and as you would suspect, draws a crowd. She even has her own Facebook page! So click on one of the pix, and you'll be sent to Gabby's FB page. Send her a friend request! She'll friend ya!! Oh, and these monkey's cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, so if you'd like to buy me one, that'd be great! HA!

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    VIDEO: Happy Birthday to Sebastian Bach!

    Former lead singer of SKID ROW, Sebastian Bach is 47 today, and still sounding good as ever! I've seen him numerous times, including hangin out with him at Rocklahoma, and he is a nice guy, and still kicks ass! Enjoy the great links and video!

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    Judas Priest unveil a new line of.........

    COFFEE! WHA? Lots of bands have "things" they have put their name on. Whiskey, beer, wine...... you get the idea. Well, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of one of their albums, Judas Priest has come out with COFFEE! The album they're celebrating, is called BRITISH STEEL, and now, there is coffee to go along with it. Nothing says JUDAS PRIEST like coffee, right?! Click the pic to order some!

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    Ozzy undergoing surgery, cancels OZZFIESTA

    Ozzy was gonna be in Mexico in May with OZZFIESTA, a Mexico version of Ozzfest. The lineup was huge. Ozzy, BLS, golf tournament, parties, comedy from Jim Norton, and more. But due to undisclosed reasons, the event had to be canceled, because Ozzy will be undergoing surgery, and requires 4 solid weeks of recovery. We definately wish Ozzy the best, and a speedy recovery. Click the pic for the full story.

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    VIDEOS: Down to 16 teams, and it's gonna be SWEET!

    Tonight, (7) Wichita State will rock the hardwood against (3) Notre Dame! With both teams having a pretty close record, it should be a breeze for WSU! As we all get ready to watch the game tonight, 6:15 CBS/Ch12, check out the great links below. PLAY ANGRY!

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