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  • HOT CHICKS on Motorcycles!

    Need I say more? On my way in today, I saw several bikes crusin' in to work, too. That made me daydream of seeing a hottie wrapped all over a bad-ass bike. So, I felt the need to give you the same. So here ya go! Hot chicks on motorcycles! Click HERE for a great gallery of em! Ride safe! Remember..... MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!

  • Space Shuttle Discovery's last flight

    The Space Shuttle Discovery has landed for the final time! Since the Shuttle program has been retired, museums across the U.S. will be displaying one of the Shuttles. Discovery is the first to go out, and you can watch the live video, and read other cool to NASA stuff here..... click HERE check it out! -Hank

  • NEW Linkin Park!

    Linkin Park has a new CD coming out on June 26th called "Living Things", and we have had a preview, and it ROCKS! You can check out the first single, "Burn It Down" by clicking the picture below. If you pre-order the CD from, you get more than just the album and an instant download of the single, you get a subscription to recieve a new remixed track from LIVING THINGS every month, and early access to tickets for upcoming North American shows! Check it out, and listen for it soon on T95!

  • Friday the 13th FUN FACTS

    DAMN! I just broke a mirror on my way to the computer to write this! WHAT? A black cat just walked by the studio! I'm OUTTA HERE! HAHA!! Well, depending on your level of superstition, today is THE day for everyone to freak out because it's FRIDAY THE 13th! I have collected a bunch of fun stuff for you about the day, the history, and other crazy stuff. Enjoy, and good luck today! BOOHAHAHAHA!

  • Axl Rose is a MORON!

    .....As if the world didn't already know that. This Saturday is the Rock N" Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Guns N Roses is one of the bands being inducted, and there were hopes of a full-fleged GnR reunion. That would have been cool, To see and hear these iconic guys on stage jammin' like it was the good ole' days. Well, keep dreamin. Axl has come out and said he's not gonna be there. Why? Well, he hates his former band mates first of all, then, he also has said some pretty crappy things. Yahoo! News has the full story. Once you read it, you'll fully understand what a f'n ass Axl Rose is. Check out the story by clicking HERE.

  • Titanic 100 Years

    Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the maiden, and ONLY voyage of the RMS Titanic. Saturday marks the Anniversary of it's sinking. I have always been infatuated with the story of the Titanic, and in my school days, I did a couple reports on it. I watched in 1995 as Robert Ballard discovered the remains of the ship. That was very cool! As we remember the passengers who lost their life, and the horrible disaster it was, check out the History Channel's website, and the cool interactive Titanic stuff.


    What tha hell!? How did we miss this? Have you heard of National Cleavage Day? The makers of Wonderbra started this titillating event back in 2000 in the UK. Why in the hell don't we celebrate in the good ole USA? We have the best racks here! Anyone have a problem with celebrating it here? Didn’t think so. Check out this video! This is from NCD in London. I wanna see this happen in downtown Wichita! -Hank

  • 5FDP show with IN THIS MOMENT

    On May 9th, we are bringin' ya Five Finger Death Punch with Trivium, and In This Moment. Several years ago, In This Moment opened for Ozzy at the Kansas Coliseum. I had the pleasure of driving them around town, running them on a couple errands. They were extremely nice, not to mention that the lead singer, Maria Brink, is SMOKIN HOT!

  • Cold Air Funnels? WTF?

    Yesterday, when those thunderstorms popped up, I didn't think much of it. My brother called me and asked if I was checking out the big funnel in the sky. HUH? He then told me they were cold air funnels. He went on to say they weren't dangerous, and were like a big version of a dirt devil. We went out driving, and saw one! DAMN! Kinda scary lookin! Well, I went home to research this, and here's what I found on Wikipedia. Click HERE. WILD!

  • Wanna be on a KISS album cover?

    Well, you can! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of KISS' ALIVE II, a company called Fan Mosaics will combine the images from the "Alive II" cover with fan photos into a single picture that will be reproduced as an official collector's item print. The prints will be 24-inch by 30-inch and if you would like to see what I'm talking about, check out this video. It also gives you the company's website info so you can upload your best KISS fan pic!


    So as I was doing my daily internet "research", I stumbled on this great site with HOT AS HELL chicks with some awesome tats!

  • To poop or not to poop.....

    So last night, I was in Hutch at the Sports Arena for the NJCAA Tournament. I had to go to the bathroom, and all the urinals were occupado, so I walked over to the stalls. Just as I rounded the corner, not only did I instantly see there were no doors on the stalls, I made eye contact with a poor dude sitting there takin' care of business! HOW EMBARASSING FOR HIM! Why do places feel the need to remove the stall doors! If you have to crank out a #2, that sucks! WHY I ASK, WHY!?!? I want a good answer! Sound off on our FaceBook page! Click HERE to tell me what ya think!


    Tonight, I will be hangin out in Hutchinson at the Sports Arena for the NJCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball tournament! They asked me, the Rev. Hank The Mechanic, to deliver the opening prayer for the evening session of the tourney! OF ALL PEOPLE, I KNOW! HAHA! Anyway, I will kick off the games with a prayer at 6:30, then it's Columbia State CC VS Seward County CC. Some great hoops action for sure! "The Tournament" runs through Saturday, so click HERE to get to the tourney website and see the full schedule of games, ticket info and more. If you see me this evenin' come say hi!

  • March Throwdown ROCKS ON!

    So we are to the down n dirty point in the T95 March Throwdown. Guess what?! My autographed Gene Simmons album is kickin' some major ass! Haven't voted for it yet? Do it now, and recieve an entry into winning a pair of Hellyeah / Clutch tickets for the May 2nd show at The Cotillion! Click HERE to vote!

  • NJCAA Basketball action!

    Wanna see some great Basketball right in our own backyard? The NJCAA tournament is happening NOW in Hutchinson at the Sports Arena off of 11th & Plum, just down the way from the Kansas Cosmosphere. Great Junior College teams from all over are converging in Hutch today thru the 24th. They have even asked me to deliver the opening prayer of the evening session this Thursday evening! I know, they were desperate! HAHAHA!! Click HERE to go to the official NJCAA tourney website.

  • Peyton Manning a Bronco?

    Yep, looks like Peyton Manning has made up his mind! He's gonna be a BRONCO! Reports are saying he's signed a five-year, $95 million deal! And now, reports are flying sayin the Broncos will now try and trade Tebow. What do you think? Is this the right decision? What team do you think he sould have gone to? Sound off on our facebook page! Click HERE, and "Like" us if you haven't already!

  • Basketball Jones........ baby oooh, oooh, oooh! Yes! How I love the Basketball Jones! With all the hoops action going on, I thought I would throw you this Cheech & Chong classic!

  • I've never wanted to eat a taco so bad!

    I know, I know..... Certain foods really excite me. Yeah, shut it. HA! I saw this, and called all my other chubby friends to alert them, too! Here it is..... Taco Bell had a special release at 12:01 this morning of the new DORITOS LOCOS TACOS! WHAT?!?! Combining my two favorite things??? Yes, it's a Taco Bell taco with a giant Nacho Cheese Dorito taco shell! Say it isn't so! I was in bed for the actual release, but Junior, of T95, is bringing in some of these Doritos Locos Tacos for us to shove in our heads! I LOVE Taco Bell, and they really know how to carve their way into this big guy's heart. Or stomache. I'll give the full report on it's lucious goodness!

  • Vernal Equinox tricks?

  • Hank's public apology to.... the Mailman.

    Well, here it goes. Mr. Unknown Mailman, I am sorry for yelling at you, and being an ass. LET ME EXPLAIN! It was a case of mistaken identity! So the other day, we all pulled up in our driveway, and a couple houses over was the Mailman. It wasn't our usual guy. Our mail usually arrives at 3ish. It was 5pm. As I looked at him, I said to Gabby, "Hey, Look, It's Robert!" Robert is the former Boyfriend of our friend who we've known since Gabby was a baby. We haven't seen Robert for a while, and I knew he is a Mailman. Thinking it was him, I told Gabby I was gonna mess with him! With my head held down low, I snuck around the side of the truck and said.... "JEEZ! YOUR SLOW ASS IS JUST GETTING THE MAIL HERE? WHATS THE DEAL, YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP!" As I looked up, it wasn't Robert. It was his doppelganger, look-alike, brother from another Mother. I felt horrible. The Mailman wasn't havin' it. He replied.... "You try luggin this heavy bag around, and walking this route!" Again, I felt like a d-bag. I tried to explain the situation, even add some laughs in to cover. Nothin. So Mr. nice Mailman, I'm sorry. I hope this message of goodwill gets delivered to you, First-Class.

Wichita, KS

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