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    Rock out on the ocean!

    I'm sure you've heard of Rock N Roll cruises. Your favorite band, on a cruise ship, and you. There are actually a BUNCH of these cruises, and I found a list of the best ones! I would really love to hop on the KISS cruise! That would be the best! Click HERE for the Rock N Roll cruises.

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    Medical Marijuana LAWS, etc.

    So we all know someone who has, or has a friend who, has a medical marijuana license. How do you ger one? How much does it cost? Does insurance cover it? There are a lot of questions about getting it, about it's "LEGAL" use, and a plethera of other questions. HERE is a story today that kinda gives you a list of common Medical Marijuana myths and facts.

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    The World Yo-Yo Champion!

    When I was a kid, I always wanted to kick-ass at the yo-yo. Yeah, that was in a time before the internet, cell phones, or iPads. I would practice my yo-yo skills all the time. It was a big clear orange Duncan yo-yo, complete with glitter in the plastic. I could "walk the dog", "climb the ladder", and a handful of mild tricks. If handed a yo-yo today, I could probably pull off a couple of em again, but not likely to be as good as these people! This past weekend in Orlando, the WORLD Yo-Yo Championship was held, and the winner was Hungarian competitor Janos Karancz. This guy is a yo-yo FREAK! Check out the video of his winning routine, and a few other record-setters from the weekend. It'll make ya wanna grab a yo-yo and capture a world record! Now I'm off to become a Candy-Crush champ. Click HERE for the story and videos.

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    Chest-hair jacket?

    I just got done puking, hang on. Ok. I saw this and figured, if it made me gross out, I would pay it forward. You're welcome. A dairy company comissioned a jacket made out of men's chest hair? Why? This is freakin weird. I can't go on..... click HERE for this bizarre crap. (and thanks to my boss for letting me use his profile picture)

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    WAFFLE-Taco? WHA?

    Coming soon, BREAKFAST at Taco Bell! They have been testing breakfast items, including an all-new WAFFLE TACO! It's a taco shaped waffle, with a sausage pattie and eggs in the middle. Uhhhh..... Would you eat it? I may at least try it! Probably not a diebetic friendly breakfast choice, but worth a 1 time try. Click HERE for the full WAFFLE TACO news.

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    AWESOME Escape artist does it MID-AIR!

    As I have previously stated, I am a big fan of all things MAGIC. From the likes of David Copperfield, David Blaine, to Harry Houdini, I LOVE IT! And an escape artist I have never heard of, has mad his way into my list of bad-ass guys! Anthony Martin, of Wisconson, got chained up and padlocked in a coffin, of sorts, and then shoved out of an airplane! How'd it go? Click HERE for the full story!

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    C'mon America! DRINK MORE BEER!

    In a recent Gallup Poll, it shows American's are drinking less beer. WHY? Wine is making it's way up! WINE? Oh lord. You tellin' me when the fella's get together for a night out, they say... "Hey Bob, make sure you pick up a 12 pack of Merlot before you come over for poker night!" HELL NO! I highly doubt that is happening, BUT, it must be happening somewhere! Click HERE for the results of the Gallup Poll, and see what the F*** is going on. AND DRINK MORE BEER!

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    400 MILLION DOLLARS?!?!?!?!

    What would YOU do with that much money? This weekend's Powerball wasn't claimed, so the next drawing on the 7th will be 400 MILLION DOLLARS?! I have a couple links for ya to keep an eye on for the next drawing. And if you win....... please remember poor ole Hank. HA!

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    WOW! I found this article, and couldn't believe it! Looking at boobies is good for your health! NOW, your significant other can't say a damn thing when you're caught looking at a set of fabulous sweater puppets! And now, on to the story!

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    On Monday, I went on the air and posted on Facebook an APB for the Batmobile. I guess you could say I put out the "Batsignal". AND IT WORKED! I have seen a Batmobile driving around Wichita a couple times now. I am a huge fan of all things hot-rod and classic cars, as my Dad, Hank The Mechanic Sr., has owned his own body shop, and has restored numerous classic cars over the years. In addition, I have become friends with Daryl Starbird over the years, and once, during promotion of the Starbird Car Show when he had it, he brought in George Barris. Barris is the one who created the Batmobile, as well as other very famous TV and Movie cars. So I am a fan. Big fan. I found the owner of the Batmobile here in Wichita, and he also owns a couple other classics, including a GENERAL LEE! So here's where we're at. I am scheduled to talk to him this week, and then, we will get together so I can get some pictures and video to share with y'all. I'm like a little kid waiting on Santa Claus!

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    Too much social media in your life?

    From Facebook to Instagram, Linked-in, and a ton of others, what do you use? One, two, or all of em?Are ya addicted? Are ya frustrated? Well, check this out. Here is something new you can use to simplify your social media use. Click HERE.

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    I bet ya can't drink THIS much beer!

    I have friends who can drink the hell outta some beer. However, THIS much beer? Yeah, I don't think so. Check out the "Beer Can House" in Houston, Texas. Back in the 70's, a man flattened beer cans and used them as siding and more. The whole house is now a beer can. He died a while ago, and now, the people who own it have opened it up to the public. Click HERE to see the full story and picture gallery. And I'm sure this has inspired you to drink more beer..... and recycle! HA!

  • Wow. Airline crash video. From the INSIDE.

    On July 22nd, a Southwest Airline's landing gear malfunctioned at LaGuardia airport, and it came to a skid landing. A passenger was shooting cell phone video of the landing, and then, the scary moments. Check it out.

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    Wacky wedding stories!

    I DJ Weddings. I have for years, and boy have I seen some crazy crap! I had a bride throw a big embarassing fit over kids being at the reception. HUH?! Yeah. Kids were clearly told to be out of the reception hall by 9pm. It was 9:30, and she went crazy. She got on the mic and said, "people, the invitations clearly stated you were supposed to have your children gone by 9pm, and it's 9:30. Please take them home now." W O W! I have also seen family fights, groomsmen fight, and the maid of honor and BRIDE duke it out. It has been a wild ride. Click HERE for a funny story today where a bridal invitation went viral.

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    Jimi Hendrix movie. Jimi played by....

    .....Andre 3000. Who ya say? Andre 3000 is a well-known rap-pop guy, "outkast" rapper, and he has been picked to play Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic called "All Is By My Side". This movie is slated to be premiered during the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Check out the story HERE, and see how incredibly close he looks to Jimi!

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    Check this magic out!

    I love magic. Always have. I also love comedy. And apparently there is a comedian/magician out there by the name of Andy Gross. Check out this video of a really cool trick he has that will really make you wonder how he did it!

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    How cool is YOUR Grandma?!

    Holy crap, check this out! In La Crosse, Wisconson at Coalition Drum Shop, a 63 year old woman stops in from time to time, and nicely asks if she can play the drums. This lady is GOOD! Finally, they asked if they could shoot a video of her playing, and she said no problem. And here it is! Turns out, she sold her own drums years ago to make ends meet. Now, because she's good, and gave the store a bunch of exposure, they have gave her hew own set of drums for FREE! NICE! So maybe we'll see more of this drum beatin lady in the future!

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    Metallica ROCKED Comic-con!

    This past weekend at Comic-con in San Diego, Metallica talked about their upcoming movie, "Metallica Through the Never". The movie features concert footage and a storyline about a roadie named Trip. After that, they rocked out in a very intimate concert for a bunch of excited fans. Click HERE for the Metallica / Comic-con story.

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    Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding band for sale.....

    Marina Oswald Porter, the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed President John F Kennedy, is selling the wedding band that belonged to Lee Harvey. After 50 years of legal red-tape, she is selling the ring to get rid of that memory, rid of what she calls "the worst day of her life". Click HERE for the story.

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    Facebook photo's made easy!

    Pictures are about the biggest part of Facebook. Sharing, and downloading pictures can sometimes be a pain in the ass. I found a educational site today that will help you out when messing with pix on FB. Click HERE to check it out!

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