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    It's VODKA time!

    With the weather heating up, it's time to come up with creative drinks to serve up to your weekend houseguests! You may know some great ways to serve it up, but what are some other uses for Vodka? Use it for cleaning your house? Flower health? HUH?! Click HERE for a great list of ways you can use Vodka around the house. If you have any other good ways to use or serve Vodka, email me!

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    When did YOU lose your virginity?

    Gotta think about that? I'll give you a sec. For me, I was a late starter, and it was at the age of 19 when I first had a whole 5 minutes of intense pleasure! Ok, at least I enjoyed it. HA! Celebrities were asked the same question, and HERE'S what they had to say. From movie stars to rock stars, check it out.

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    Make some Garage Sale $$$!

    Have YOU ever had a garage sale? I have, and it's a hassle from hell. It took a couple weeks just to get it put together! Then, Thursday - Saturday, you gotta get up early, set things out, stay there all damn day, and then deal with cheapskates! Ok, I'm a cheapskate too. I learned from the best. I remember going to a garage sale where my Grandpa talked em down from .25 cents down to a DIME! Anyway, by the time I was done with my sale, packed up the remaining crap and counted the money, IT SUCKED! After fast food lunches, getting talked down on prices, we were bummed.

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    iPhone and iPad revamp!

    Are you a iPhone or iPad user? I never thought I would be, but I AM and LOVE IT! I have both. I have a iPhone, and a iPad Mini. Yesterday at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, they unveiled some new cool stuff! Coming soon, IOS 7. The look is completely different, and they say, will be easier and better to use. Click HERE to read more and see the ABC news report.

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    Chewbacca - BUSTED!

    Peter Mayhew, 69 years old, is the 7 foot tall actor who played the role of the famous fuzzy Star Wars character, CHEWBACCA. He was attempting to catch a flight in Denver, and he was detained briefly by TSA. At his age and height, he needs a cane. TSA agents however, thought his LIGHTSABER shaped cane was a bit too much. After a full inspection, Chewie and his cane were cleared for flight. Thank GOD Han Solo wasn't there. Things would have got ugly. Click HERE for the full story.

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    Admittedly, I am a popcorn JUNKIE! I could be full from dinner, go see a movie, and STILL put down a large popcorn! I make it at home, I buy different kinds of pre-made popcorn, AHHHHH!!!! My grandpa used to make popcorn all the time. And it was the best ever. I haven't EVER had popcorn that has compared to his. Every time I think of it, I remember the big Dillions paper trash bag filled up, all greasy, and laying on the floor watching boxing with him. Awesome. I want a big pile NOW! So check this out. HERE is a popcorn story with 3 great ways to make it yourself! ENJOY!

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    Restaurant ice dirty as TOILET water?

    Uhhhhh WHAT?!?!?! In a new study, ice at restaurants has been found to have more bacteria than a fresh flush! WHY? Are they making ice with toilet water or something? JEEZ! Don't boycot ice just yet, click HERE to see the story.

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    Losing weight SUCKS.

    But it can be done! So last year, if you recall, I had a stroke. I bounced back from it, thankfully, and now I have another problem I'm up against. Weight gain. Basically, here's how it went... I wasn't taking care of my diabetes, and I thought I was fine. At the time this all began, I was going through my divorce, and I assumed my weight loss was the ole' "divorce diet". Nope. It basically was my body eating itself. Now that I have my diabetes in check, and all my meds are where they should be, I re-inflated to where I would have been had I taken care of myself. I completely hate this crap. I saw a video I had been in about 1 year ago, and I was looking good. I want to be there again. I found a great weight loss story today, and with determination, I think I can do it. It's hard, but I want to do it. Click HERE to read the story, and see the inexpensive diet, of musician Papa Joe.

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    Pix from Moore, Ok

    Keeping it short today. T95 listeners Joe & Brandy N recently went to voulenteer for clean-up duties in Moore, Oklahoma. They brought back a bunch of pictures that show the devestation the tornado put upon the area. Click HERE (or the pic) to see the gallery. Thank's to Joe & Brandy and their kids for lending a hand during this tough situation.

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    How do you STOP burning microwave popcorn?!

    With a PHONE APP? WHAT? For years, I have every so often come up with the PERFECT bag of microwave popcorn. But most of the time, I get a slightly burnt bag. And sometimes a bag of crap the birds won't even eat! So a phone app is gonna help? How? Click HERE for the story, and try it yourself! Good luck!

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    Fast food FAILS!

    I stopped at the "Big M" one time and ordered a 2 cheeseburger meal. What I GOT was 2 grilled cheese sammiches! They FORGOT THE MEAT! What tha? I thought it was a fluke and a simple mistake that only happened to ME! Oh, but no! Click HERE for a list, complete with pictures, of funny FAST FOOD FAILS.......

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    Get RID of those DAMN FLIES!

    I have a big bush at home, (huh-huh) and it sits right on the edge of the front porch. It provides a great amount of privacy, great sun-block, but draws every freakin fly in the neighborhood! Ive tried everything I could buy, including a bag of poop! Yeah, I paid for a bag of poop! This device, available at Ace Hardware, is a bag with a lid that has tapered holes on the top. You put water in the bag, then place this mesh bag inside. The mesh bag disentigrates in the warer revealing what looks like dirt. IT'S POOP! It may work, but on a hot day, it stinks like, well..... POOP!

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    What song has made the most $$$$?

    Believe it or not, the song "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet is the most lucrative song EVER. From restaraunts, clothes, and a way of life, Margaritaville is known by....... everybody. I've even heard the Priest in Church mention the weekend by calling it MARGARITAVILLE. Uhhhh. Anyway, click HERE for the full story, and enjoy the video. Just talking about this whole thing has put me in the mood for a big sugar-rimmed margarita. Let's do it!

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    Rocklahoma was a BLAST!

    Did you go to Rocklahoma this year? If you did, you definately know what a party it was! If ya didn't... GO NEXT YEAR! You don't wanna miss this huge 3 day rock concert! This year, the weather was awesome, and the bands were awesom-er! Click the pic of ME for the party pix, and the pic of Axl Rose for pictures of misc. bands. Hope to see ya next time!

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    ROCKLAHOMA time!

    It's that time... time for 3 solid days of partying in Pryor Oklahoma! Are you going? If you are, I want to see your party pictures! E-mail them to me... I will post all pix here on the website when I get back. Wanna know more? Click HERE for the full line-up, ticket info and more. Hope to see ya there!

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    Get out your grills, clean em' up, and get ready for some awesome food! Memorial weekend will be full of grillin' smells, and do you have the cool gadgets to make your grill time the envy of everyone? I found this today, and needed to share it! GRILL GADGETS! What MAN doesn't love a good gadget?! Click HERE for 10 grill gadgets you shouldn't be without!

  • Tornado relief for Oklahoma

    As I watched live the tornado that went through Moore Oklahoma yesterday afternoon, I had to turn the channel. The devestation saddened me. We have seen it before here at home, and it just doesn't, or will never, get any better. Now our emotions are running high and we want to help. But how? Currently monetary donations are the best way. Officials say things are very hectic there and they are requesting money at this time. Click HERE for the American Red Cross donation page. You can also text RED CROSS to 90999. Doing so will result in a $10 donation that gets added to your phone bill.

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    Get outta tha pool! THERE'S POOP IN THERE!

    You ever hit the public pool, get a small itch on your body afterwards, and say... "'s the chlorine". Uh, nope! It's probably poop! According to studies of pools in 2012, 58 percent of public pools contain poopie particles! NASTY! Who doesn't clean up well after a good doo-doo and jumps in the pool? Who poops in the pool? LORDY! Keep it in the bathroom people! Or don't feed your kids refried beans before the trip to the YMCA for a dip in the pool! DAMN! And don't pee in the pool! I don't wanna swim in pee-crap stew! Grossed out? THEN STOP! HA! The only time I have ever pee'd in water is one time in ElDorado Lake. It deserved it. Keep it clean Wichita! Click HERE for the story, and click the pic for even more poop in the pool stories!

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    Texas tornado devestation

    We've seen it all before, and it doesn't get better. Southern Texas got pounded with tornado's the outher night, and they need your help. The country steps up to assist us, so now it's our turn to lend a helping hand. Click HERE for the story on the Texas tornado damage, and follow the links to help.

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    Today is STAR TREK DAY!

    I AM SUPER EXCITED! Today, Star Trek: Into Darkness has come out of warp speed and landed in theaters in the USA! I know.... I'm a partial geek. I don't care what you think. HA! I will be up fron in the IMAX theater tonight, so look out! I have some great Star Trek links to get you pumped up for tonight!

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