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    MEET Jesse James Dupree of JACKYL this Saturday!

    THIS Saturday night, Jackyl returns to blow up The Cotillion! Jackyl always sells out, so click HERE to buy tickets before it's too late! And BEFORE the show, join Jesse James Dupree for a special meet & greet at Tom's Wine & Spirits, 47th S & Broadway. Buy the "Full Throttle Saloonshine" and Jesse's "America's Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey"! He'll sign whatever, take pictures..... PUH-POW! I'll be there broadcasting live at Tom's, so come out for the big concert pre-party! Listen to my interview with Jesse below.

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    Sports memorabilia auction to benefit Special Olympics!

    On Saturday, November 15th, we want you to open your wallets for some extremely cool sports memorabilia to benefit Special Olympics! This is an annual auction in Wichita that features some really cool stuff AND sports stars IN PERSON! One of the cool things up for auction includes a replica Superbowl Trophy autographed by Led Dawson! In person, and signing autographs, will be Seattle Supersonics, Wichita State Shocker, Xavier McDaniel... Green Bay Packers Linebacker, Dave Robinson.... and Oakland A's pitcher, Rollie Fingers! This is gonna be HUGE! It all takes place on Nov 15th at the Cessna Activity Center 2744 S George Washington Blvd. Doors open at 3:30, get autographs from those guys from 4:30 - 6:30, then the auction starts at 7! Click HERE for the official website, and click HERE for the Facebook page, and see some of the items up for auction!

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    The BEST Pizza State by State, and Kansas winner is in Wichita!

    Yahoo! just compiled a list of the BEST pizza joints in the USA. They chose ONE from each state that makes the best pie. For instance, in some of our surrounding states, Oklahoma's best is based in Stillwater, and it's called HIDEAWAY PIZZA. In Nebraska, it's LA CASA in Omaha. So who ranks #1 in Kansas? It's in Wichita...... WICHITA PIZZA COMPANY! Have you eaten there? Admittedly, I have not. I LOVE pizza, and I have heard this place is great, so I am gonna have to get there soon! Have YOU been there? Tell me what you think of it! Click HERE to see the entire state by state list.

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    It's "NUMBER 7's" Birthday!

    Yep! It's #7's 41st Birthday today! Give up? #7 is MICK THOMSON, guitarist in SLIPKNOT! I gotta tell ya, when Slipknot first came on the scene, I couldn't stand em. Not sure why, but everything about them, to me, was horrible. Let me redeem myself. About 10 years ago, I saw them live in Oklahoma. One of my best friends really wanted to go, the tickets were inexpensive, and I thought I'd give em a chance. HOLY SH**. I was blown away. I was pissed at myself for not giving them a chance sooner! Since then, I have seen them about 5 times, and love em! They may be a bunch of weirdo's on stage, which I dig, and musically, they ROCK! Check out one of their new songs below, and links about Mick, and the rest of the band.

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    GAME 7 BABY!!!

    What a World Series! It's definately been a "nail-biter", and that's what we all want! A sweep sucks. In a sweep, there is no action! The way this series has gone, it's been an emotional roller coaster! Coach Yost even said this is how he wanted it to play out. Get the Giants back to KC and whoop their ass at home! Well, he didn't say whoop their ass, but you could tell that's what he wanted to say! HA! Check out coverage from our media partners at Ch.12 either HERE, or click the pic.

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    It's DO OR DIE today for Kc!

    Yep, today is definately "S**T, OR GET OF THE POT" day for the KC Royals. Game 6 of the World Series is tonight IN Kansas City. That is the thing that makes me think this is gonna be a nail biter! Kansas City has the home field advantage. Kansas City is HUNGRY and ready to WIN! Here's a thought.. maybe KC intentionally jacked up the away games, so they could bring the Giants HOME to whoop their ass! Let's hope that's the case! Click HERE to check out complete coverage from our media partners at KWCH/Ch.12.

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    Aaron Lewis F'S up the National Anthem!

    Aaron Lewis (of Staind) was invited to sing the national anthem at game 5 of the World Series. Cool. BUT, he twisted the lyrics arounds, and botched it. Needless to say, people were booing, and didn't like it. Lewis has come out with an apology, and I actually feel his pain. He basically said his nerves got the best of him, and that's that. He says he is extremely sorry, and asks for forgiveness. Click HERE to read his apology, and watch the video of the "incident".

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    Have you got Jeremy Spencer's book DEATH PUNCH'D?

    Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch wrote a best selling book called DEATH PUNCH'D, and it's kicking ass! Who'd of thought?! Click HERE to check a great interview with Jeremy about the book and more!

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    Yes. I'm a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. Yes. I'm pissed they didn't make it. It would have been HUGE to have a 1985 repeat! But, the Royals are in it to win it, and since they are in our backyard, I will give them my support. No, I'm not on the bandwagon. I'm simply showing my support since "my team" are a bunch of losers this season. However, the Card's WILL be back. They are just being nice this year, and will let somebody else in the big game. HA! Check out these great links, and game 7 of the 1985 World Series! (I can't believe I'm saying this) GO KANSAS CITY!

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    A R E Y O U R E A D Y!?!?!?!?! Tonight, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Hellyeah, and Nothing More at the INTRUST Bank Arena! Doors open at 5:30. Tickets are still available by clicking HERE, or get em at the ticket office next to entrance A at the IBA. We'll see you out there! T95 will be on site, outside of entrance A, so come see us on your way in! Check out these videos to get ya pumped up!

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    Cool movie props for sale!

    I love movies. I have always wanted to have a piece of an actual movie in my collection. Problem? I don't have thousands or millions to spend on this stuff! All I do have is a computer to look at these sweet things for sale! Click HERE to see some pictures of some really neat things available in a upcoming auction.

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    It's the RED ROCKER'S Birthday!

    Today is Sammy Hagar's birthday! It's herd to believe, but Sammy is 67 YEARS OLD! D A M N! This guy does NOT look 67 at all! From a great run with Van Halen, to a huge solo career, this guy continues to blow it up! I've met Sammy one time only. He was the headliner of the 1999 "T95 OZ FEST". He was one nice guy. The only thing that threw me off though, was the fact that he had winners on stage in his "Cabo Bar" and served them his very own Cabo tequila. HIS tequila. The odd part? WE had to go to the liquor store and buy HIS tequila to serve the winners! HAHA! I was like, "what a cheap ass"! HA! But I'm sure that wasn't his decision, and he probably didn't even know that's how that went down. We met him after the show, and what a hell of a nice guy. To celebrate his birthday, I have some great links and videos for ya with a video of his "supergroup" CHICKENFOOT!

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    Ever wonder how certain logo's were made?

    We see the Nike swoosh every day. We know what it is. But how did it get made? The Kansas City Royals logo. Do you know it's history? From famous shoe logos to professional sports logos, find out how some of the most well-known were decided on! Some will blow you away! Click the Royals logo to see em all!

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    VIDEOS: NEW Ghostbusters movie CONFIRMED! But......

    It's official! A NEW Ghostbusters movie WILL happen! But this time, it's gonna be a little different. Following the death of Harold Ramis, and other previous star characters saying they weren't gonna be in a new one, the movie will go on with a all-female cast of Ghost-bustin professionals! Click HERE for the full story, and enjoy some old school videos below.

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    Beach Boys - God Only Knows.... Like you've never seen before!

    Wow. You've got to check this out. The BBC gathered a bunch of top musicians to record the Beach Boys classic, "God Only Knows", and it is freakin awesome! I have always been a Beach Boys fan, as growing up, that's what my Dad always listened to. He's seen them in concert, and so have I. It was a very awesome show, and took me back to my childhood. Dad still loves them, and although sad, he has requested a couple specific songs from them to be played at his funeral. However, that request has, for me and my brothers, has seemed to make it tolerable. Anyway, check out this video, and enjoy. Spoiler alert..... a certain Beach Boy makes an appearance in it. Click HERE for the story, and to see the video.

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    Billy Idol is still DANCING WITH MYSELF! (or something like that)

    Billy Idol is still on the road and kicking ass! A staple of the 80's, and numerous songs in the top 10, he still puts on great shows, and for 57 years old, looks great! Over the weekend, CBS Sunday Morning had a great interview with Billy. Check it out below. Also, check out the links. One is about his 2015 tour, and the other is about his new book, that he actually wrote, called "Dancing With Myself".

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    KC puts playoff game 1 IN THE BAG!

    Kansas City won last night against L.A., and we'll all be rootin for em again tonight! Game 2 starts at 8:37pm. GO KANSAS CITY!

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    VIDEO: Kansas City bringin tha HEAT to Anaheim!

    Kansas City is in California now, and they are ready to step up to the plate and WIN! Wouldn't it be nice to see em make it to the World Series?! Keep your fingers crossed! Check out coverage from our news partners at KWCH.

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    HOLY CRAP! For the first time since 1985, the Kansas City Royals are headed off to the playoffs! The Royals barely beat the A's last night, 9-8, in the 12th inning. They are now in California to take on the Angels on Thursday night, 8pm. The World Series begins October 22nd. Let's hope they can hang on til then!

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    VIDEO: Black Sabbath gonna call it QUITS!

    In a recent interview, Ozzy says 2015 will be it for Black Sabbath. Ozzy said that the fellas will get together to make one last album, then embark on a final tour. DAMN! This trend needs to stop! It seems like "final tour" news is the flavor of the month, and everyone is doing it! But, on the other hand, Ozzy says that after Sabbath wraps it up, he will get back out on the road for his solo show. Motley Crue made sure they stopped in Wichita for their final trek, so let's hope Black Sabbath will give us the same courtesy! Click HERE to check out the Ozzy/Sabbath story, and check out this great documentary on their latest album, "13", and enjoy the mix of Sabbath songs below.

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