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    It's time for THE CHILL!

    It's BACK! The Chill returns to the Kansas Coliseum Pavilions THIS Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! 3 days of entertainment, the FLAUNT girls, and Kansas' LARGEST Car, Motorcycle, ans Semi-truck show! I'll be hangin with ya all 3 days, so come on out! The picture below is my friend Troy's bike, of Lakota Choppers, that he's putting the final touches on for the show. Click the picture for THE CHILL details!

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    Video: Brad Whitford of Aerosmith is 63!

    Happy Birthday to Aerosmith's long time guitarist, BRAD WHITFORD. Brad is 63 today. In addition to playing, Brad has also written several of Aerosmith's songs. From Last Child to Permanant Vacation, he's written a bunch! You can see what songs he's written on his Wiki page below. Happy birthday BRAD!

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    Have you heard of CLUB 27? CREEPY!!!!!

    First, let's lead in to this by saying it would have been Kurt Kobain's birthday today. Lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt took his own life at age 27. Did you know there are a lot of other iconic musicians that have also died at age 27? The list is long, and includes the likes of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and more. It's definately bizarre. Click the pic to check it out!

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    VIDEO: Tony Iommi of BLACK SABBATH is 67 today!

    Tony Iommi, guitarist of Black Sabbath is 67 today. Tony, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in early 2012, is still playing, and plans to play as long as he can. In a recent interview, Tony says his doctors tell him that the cancer will always be there, and they can't give him a definate answer on how long he can live with it. He says it could be one year, or ten years. But whatever it is, he's living life doing what he loves. Playing guitar, and playing with Black Sabbath. He says the only difference in his life, is that back "in the day" there used to be piles of cocaine in the studio. NOW, it's piles of COFFEE and health drinks, made by his wife. HA! Now Black Sabbath says they have one more album left, and one last tour to wrap it all up, but after that, Tony plans on staying as active as he can. Enjoy the links and videos, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!

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    TRUE story! It's NO BOLOGNA! You'll RELISH this story!

    Yes it's true! One of the famous Oscar-Meyer WIENERMOBILE'S was involved in a icy crash yesterday in Pennsylvania. It slid off the icy road and hit a pole. Fortunately no one was injured. Since it's really cold outside, they declared it a CHILI-DOG! HAHA! Click the picture for the full story and video from Huffington Post.

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    VIDEOS: BRAD WALST of 3DG is 38 today!

    Happy 38th Birthday to BRAD WALST of Three Days Grace. Co-founder of 3DG, Brad is responsible for the band continuing on. Back in 2013, 3DG announced they were parting ways with lead singer, Adam Gontier. Brad's brother, MATT WALST was the lead singer for the band My Darkest Days. When the sudden departure of Adam happened, 3DG was in a immediate need for a lead singer. Brad called his brother and asked if he could help em out because they were in a pinch. He agreed to help, and things came together really good! 3DG then asked him to be the permanent lead singer, and he said yes! 3DG is about to head out for a big tour this year, and they also have a new CD coming out soon. They finally put a name on the CD, and it will be called HUMAN, and is due out March 31st. I can't wait! The band already has 2 big hits out with their new lead singer, and since the band came out, they have had 13 number 1 songs in the Rock format. That's the MOST number 1 songs for any band in Rock radio! That's pretty damn cool! Check out the links, and video for their songs "I Am Machine" and "Painkiller".

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    I am proud to be a Mason, and a Shriner right here in Wichita. Shriners across the USA work hard to raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. These hospitals provide care for children in the areas of Orthopaedics, Burn Care, Spinal Cord Injury, and Cleft Lip and Palate, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. This costs millions of dollars, and Shriners step up to the plate and raise these millions DAILY! We have fun doing it along the way too! The circus is an annual event, and money raised helps us in our quest to continue our mission. The circus is today thru Sunday at the Hartman Arena. Click the links below for more information, and if you're interested in becoming a Mason and a Shriner, email me for more! And if you know of a family with a child in need, please reach out by clicking the Midian Shrine link.

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    VIDEOS: AC/DC announce N.American tour dates

    AC/DC has finally announced North American tour dates, and well, it's kinda lame. Well, at least for us. There are currently 13 shows lined up, and of those 13, 7 are in damn Canada! WTF?! And NONE are close to us! Keep your fingers crossed. Surely there will be more than 13 show dates. It would be nice to see em again! The list of current dates are below.

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    Ton of BIG birthdays today!

    There are a bunch of noteable birthdays today! Here is a list of the big ones:

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    VIDEOS: Master of SOCK puppets??

    I stumbled on this and had to share it! It's a collection of music videos performed by SOCK PUPPETS! For instance, the first video, the band is called LINTallica. Get it? Socks. Lint. Yeah. Then, the other title that made me laugh was "It's Raining Bleach", instead of "It's Raining BLOOD" by Slayer. Enjoy killing time with these vid's!

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    Comedian Greg Morton stopped by the studio today! This guy is damn funny! He is performing this weekend at the Loony Bin Comedy Club, inside Live at 215 Theater at 215 N St Francis. Click HERE to check out Greg's website, and click HERE to buy tickets to see him at the Loony Bin!

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    VIDEO: It's the birthday of William Bruce Rose, Jr!

    Ok, ok. It's the birthday of AXL ROSE! Axl is 53 today, and still weird as ever! We all know Guns N Roses is an iconic part of our rock music history. They always will be. Loud music, booze and hot chicks. That was the mantra of GnR. Right off the bat when they broke up, we really didn't know how much of a weirdo Axl was. But over time, his weirdness has really shined through! From showing up late to shows, to not at all, his fans gave up. Now it seems he's a bit better. Probably because he's to the point where he's realized what a douche he's become, and maybe outta do something about it! HAHA! Check this out. I saw his version of GnR at Rocklahoma a couple years ago, and I couldn't believe this story. But it was true. Two completely different people told me this story, and other people saw it as it happened. Ok, it's no secret Axl has struggled with his weight. Up, down, he's been all over the road. Well, at Rocklahoma, the story goes, several boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts were delivered to the backside of the stage. Why? They were for Mr. Rose. Yeah. Apparently, instead of sneaking behind the drumset for some cocaine, or booze, or a quick hummer, Axl would sneak back there, and pork down a couple doughnuts. What. Tha. F**K. HAHAHA!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!! Living the rock n roll lifestyle baby! One doughnut at a time! His "Paradise City" must be full of long-johns, bear claws, and rivers of glaze! So next time you have the opportunity to meet Axl, remember that. You could get to the front of the line if you have a special sack for him! A sack that has a KK on the side! Jesus.

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    VIDEOS: It's DUFF'S birthday!

    And no, I'm not talking about the beer on the Simpsons. DOH! I'm talking about Duff Mckagan of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver fame! Duff is 51 today. Duff isn't your average rocker either. He started his life as a server at a steak house, dropped out of high school, got his GED, then started rocking. BUT, he decided that wasn't enough. His pancreas exploded, and he had to sit out a few months from playing. He was flipping through financial records of GnR, and had no clue what they meant. Because he really wanted to understand it more, he went BACK to school, attending Seattle University's Albers School of Business and Economics in the early 2000s, and then went on to start the wealth management firm Meridian Rock. He's a SMART dude! This summer, his new band, LOADED, will hit the road with Alice Cooper and Ugly Kid Joe! Check out the links for all the info. And the first video is long, but cool as hell! It's Duff on Dr. Phil talking about his life, music, addiction, and more.

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    Hank interviews STARS IN STEREO! (And she's HOT!)

    Check out my interview with Jordan, guitar player for the band Stars In Stereo. They are opening up for Theory Of A Deadman and Bush this Saturday night in Kansas City at the Midland Theater. This band is GOOD! Plus, as an added bonus, the lead singer, Bec Hollcraft, is smokin hot! I don't wanna compare them to other bands, because their sound is definately unique. But, if you're the slightest fan of Halestorm, you're really gonna love Stars In Stereo. Good, aggressive rock sound, with great lyrics, they're gonna be big. Check out the interview down below. I also put together a bunch of links for you to check out the band, buy their music, and to buy tickets for this Saturday's show in KC. (oh, and here's a tip. when you're on their official site, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the doorknob. trust me)

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    Music MASCOTS

    You wouldn't think about the MISFITS without their "Feind Skull" popping in your mind, or Iron Maiden and their buddy, "Eddie The Head". Well, Theory Of A Deadman has brought a "mascot" to their band! The fans chose his name.... drumroll please.... welcome FALLOUT PHIL to the TOADM family! Check it out, and see what you think about him! Kinda cool.

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    VIDEOS: Let's have a ONLINE pre-concert party!

    TONIGHT, SEETHER, PAPA ROACH, ISLANDER, and KYNG at The Cotillion Ballroom! It's cold as F***, so bundle up tonight! Since the show is sold out, the line getting in is gonna be long, so we want ya to be warm! Want a cool tip from your ole' Uncle Hank? Stop by The Cotillion today, buy a Cotillion T-shirt, and wear it out tonight! WHY? Because if you're wearing one, they let you in the building FIRST! YEAH! Plus, they're only $15! So $15 to not freeze your ass off? Sounds like a good idea to me! I've assembled some great videos for ya, so enjoy, and see you tonight!

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    BIG GAME party at Heroes!

    Join me on Sunday starting at 3p for the BIG GAME PARTY at Heroes Sports Bar & Grill in Old Town! This is gonna be one HUGE party! Food & drink specials, tons of prizes, and you'll have a chance to win a big screen TV to be given away at halftime! Again, live broadcast starts at 3pm, so come out early, find a table, and get ready for the party! Why deal with the hassle of messin up your place, when the party is gonna be good at Heroes?!

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    VIDEO: Wow. You've GOT to check out this cover of "Thunderstruck"!

    Over the past few months, I have brought you some really cool "cover songs" and a couple that have been not so good. Well, this one is pretty damn cool! It's a couple dudes that call themselves "2 Cellos" preforming AC/DC's THUNDERSTRUCK! It's awesome! As you may know, I DJ weddings, and this would be great for a ROCKIN couple lookin for some great dinner music! HA! I put both videos for you down below. 2 Cello's, and AC/DC. Check out the links too! Go to their official site to order their new CD "Celloverse". It also includes a song from Iron Maiden! Who thought cello music could be so damn cool!? Enjoy!

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    WWE's SHEAMUS is 37 today!

    WWE Wrestling is HUGE! People from all walks of life are fans of wrestling! The last time I went to see a WWE Smackdown event, I couldn't believe the different mix of people that were there to watch! While standing in line, I saw a BUNCH of T95 listeners, family members, 2 different lawyer friends of mine, and the guy that really surprised me, was my cousin's HEART SURGEON! Ok, ok. Sure wrestling isn't the most "real" thing on the planet, but these men and women ARE athletes, and could whoop all of our asses! HA! Plus, it's a great show! Today, one of the big WWE superstars is havin a birthday. Stephen Farrelly, or as we know him better... SHEAMUS, is 37 today! Enjoy the vids!

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    Hank's interview with Papa Roach's JERRY HORTON

    Jerry Horton, guitarist for Papa Roach talks about life on the road, the current tour, the SOLD OUT Wichita show on Feb 2nd, and the NEW Papa Roach CD, F.E.A.R. Give it a listen!

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