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  • JACKYL is coming!

    This Saturday is gonna be big with Jesse James Dupree and the boys of Jackyl! They're gonna rock The Cotillion, and ya better get your tickets! Click HERE to get em! AND, Jesse and I will be hangin at Tom's Wine & Spirits at 133 E 47th Soutn (47th & Broadway) from 4-6 before the show, and he'll be sellin' and signing his new Jesse James Whiskey! Come grab a bottle, and get a picture and autograph! See ya there! ROCK ME. ROLL ME, JACKYL ME OFF!

  • Halloween facts

    Happy Halloween!

  • MMMMM Halloween Candy!

    Tomorrow the streets will be full of hungry, chocolate craving, wild kids! Halloween is the day kids get, then parents sneak CANDY! There are some crappy candies out there, but if you hit it right, it's a ton of fun-size bars! MMMMMMM!!!! HERE is a list of the 25 best candies for Halloween, and a quick fact about each one. Get a ton of candy, and please be safe! Watch your kids, and if you're driving, be on the lookout!

  • The men behind the SCARY MASKS!

    I love a good scary movie, and who doesn't! Have you ever wondered who lives behind the scary masks and costumes? Well, here it is! Ckick HERE for a great pic gallery of the men behind some of the most famous masks! Have a great Halloween weekend!

  • Password please!

    UGH! How many damn passwords can a guy remember! EVERYTHING you do these days is password protected! Thats all good, but when different sites have different ways to come up with them, that creates several ya have to remember. That blows. On the other hand, some people don't like em at all, and come up with lame stuff like "12345", "password", etc. You get the idea. Hackers LOVE you! HERE is a list of the most common LAME passwords. If you're using one of these, change it, or don't bitch when you get hacked!

  • iPad MINI is HERE!

    I am new into the Apple world. I just recently purchased the iPhone 4S. I LOVE IT! After I got it, I contemplated the iPad, but waited to see what the word was on an iPad Mini. Well, today was the press conference, and they did it! The iPad MINI is here! They start taking orders on Friday, and they ship on Nov 2nd. I think I may do it! The 16g Mini is $329. Not too bad! Santa? You reading this? I want one! Click HERE for the latest iPad Mini news.

  • MMMM! Buffalo Wings! DIY!

    If you're like me, you LOVE a big ole plate of Buffalo Wings. Just thinking about em right now has me craving a pile of their yummy goodness! And wouldn't it be easy to whoop up some bad-ass wings at home? Again, if you're like me, you've tried, and they just don't taste the same. Or even close. So how can you do it at home and get some decent results? Here it is! What we know and love was invented in 1964 in, you guessed it, BUFFALO! And here is the recipe! Click HERE for the goods! I wanna see what you come up with! After you get em done, snap a pic, then email it to me at and I will post the pics!

  • Save $$$ on gas!

    Here's how! Ride a bike! Uh, yeah right. I've heard people say that crap, and really? Work, kids, errands, and no time to do them. SURE! Throw the kids on the handle bars, and do it! HAHA!! So how can you save a bit of cash, and possibly make that liquid gold stretch a little farther? Click HERE for a story on how you just might save!

  • Halloween SEXY TIME!

    Nothing says Halloween like ultra sexy, um... slutty costumes. When you go out to the club for Halloween, you know you're gonna see some! Ladies, thank-you. HA! It's funny too! The most shy, innocent ladies always seem to be the most "undressed" for Halloween!

  • Giant Eye Identified!

    Last week, I heard a news story about an eye that was found on the beach on Pompano Beach in Florida. When I heard it, it kinda went in one ear and out the other. All I heard was EYE, BEACH, and thats about it. I assumed it was a human eye, and I assumed it was from a shark attack, or something along those lines. Then yesterday, I saw a picture of this "eye" and it's GINORMOUS! This thing is huge! So what did this giant, Gullivers Travels eye come from? IT IS NOW KNOWN! Click HERE for the story.

  • Did ya see the world's highest skydive?

    WOW. That was incredible! Felix Baumgartner went to the edge of the earth's atmosphere and jumped out of a capsule lookin like an astronaut! It was AWESOME! If you missed it, no prob! HERE is the full story, and recap video.

  • AWESOME Fingerprints?

    I ran across this story today, and just thought this was some cool stuff! Check out this artists bizarre way of doing art..... Click HERE

  • Halloween FACTS

    I LOVE Halloween! I look forward to decorating the yard, dressing up, and scaring the HELL out of kids coming to my place for candy. However, there are facts about this day I didn't even know! I bet you don't know them either! Check out these links for some cool Halloween facts, and urban legends.

  • Wedding Reception NIGHTMARE!

    I have been DJ'ing Wedding Receptions for 15+ years, and have NEVER seen anything like this! I have only seen a couple of fights, but they were between extremely drunk fellas who got pissed someone dare ask their woman to dance. Jeez. Oh, and only once did I see a Bride & Groom verbally duke it out. The groom was extremely pissed that his bride got cake on his tux. HOW DARE HER! Again, Jeez. That escelated throughout the evening to a drunken argument resulting in the bride telling him to F**K OFF, and leaving. Never did hear how they are doing. HA! Anyway, this is a sad news story due to a family member dying as a result, but the stupidity of wedding reception fights shines through. Click HERE to check it out.

  • Tommy Lee turns 50!

    So is that 350 years old in dog years? HAHAHA!! WOW! It doesn't seem like that bad-ass rocker is 50, but it's the real deal! I'll always remember years ago at the Kansas Coliseum, Motley Crue was in concert, and before the show started I was on-stage preforming a wedding ceremony. From the side of the stage, I heard someone shout.... "would y'all shut tha F**K UP! I'm trying to watch this wedding!" I looked over, and it was Tommy Lee! He was yelling at road crew, and his incredibly drunk girlfriend, Tara Reid! That was a cool moment. Tommy Lee was watching ME! CRAZY! Happy Birthday Tommy!

  • Foo Fighters call it quits?

    Yep. Dave Grohl announced that the Foo's are taking an indefinate hiatus. WTF?!?! Really? We were talking about this, and I guess when you look at it this way, maybe it makes sense..... Dave has been rocking non-stop since Nirvana, and he's been through a LOT! Then, the Foo's have rocked all over the world with other wordly top-preformers. They have been there and done that. They are millionaires, and are leaving us for now on top of their game. I guess they deserve that. But ya know what, they will get bored, miss the fans, shows, etc, and will be back. When? Nobody can answer that, but we'll see it. I'm sure of that.

  • I WILL be back?!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger almost ruined the Treminator's iconic phrase "I'll be back" by wanting to change it up to someting easier due to his heavy German accent. Director James Cameron said no, and he wanted it left at simply "I'll be back". Nothing more, nothing less. Thank god, because anything else would have been weird! Click HERE to check out the interview with the TERMINATOR!

  • Time to eat some..... BACON!

    So last week I told ya about the looming possibility of a bacon shortage. WTF?!! I know, right! In the meantime, bacon for me is a must. And honestly, I will still buy bacon. Even if it's $30.00 a pound! I LOVE BACON! I will use less electricity at home, drive less, whatever it takes to keep my bacon budget safe! Check out this story about a fantastic bacon eating contest that just happened in Kansas City.

  • Ryan Woodward Memorial Skate TOMORROW!

    Tomorrow is the 4th annual Ryan Woodward Memorial Skate Event at the downtown skate park on St. Francis right under Kellogg.

  • Drive the speed limit!

    I hate bitchin' about other peoples driving issues because I'm sure that at some point I have pulled some BS too, but come on man! DRIVE THE FREAKIN SPEED LIMIT! I'm not sure what the deal is, but at least for the past month, I have noticed more and more that people are driving UNDER the posted speed limit! WTF!? For instance, my daily drive takes me down either 235 or 135 and then I roll down Seneca. On 235, never a problem. Speed limit is 65, so we roll at 65. On 135, it's 60, and it's always 50-56 MPH! And on Seneca, it's 40, and I constantly am behind a trail of people doing 30! AHHHHHH! What the hell is going on?! Please. Do the speed limit, or pay for my blood pressure medication. Did I mention AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! COME ON MAN!

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