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  • Thursday laughs at The Garage!

    So today and every Thursday, I hang out at The Garage Bar & Grill in Delano with the comedians from the Loony Bin Comedy Club from 11a - 1pm. Great $5 buck lunch specials, 2-4-1 well drinks, and FREE tickets to the Loony Bin! Come out on Thursdays for all the fun! (except next Thursday, it's turkey day)

  • Help us feed those in need and WIN!

  • Cyber Monday and more!

    How did your "Black Friday" shopping go? Fortunately for me, ALL of our Christmas shopping is completely done! I thought about getting up early and getting a couple extra things, but that is a avoidable nightmare, so I stayed in and just surfed the web for deals. I'm glad I did, because I saw the nutty store lines on the news! However, I thought I would do a quick run in & out at Kmart on my way into the station at 9am, and JEEZ! Every checkout lane was still 20 people deep, and I bet I would have been in the checkout lane well over an hour. Screw that!

  • Top 10 Fueds

    Aerosmith, VAN HALEN and GUNS N' ROSES are featured in Rolling Stone magazine's top fueds in rock n' roll history. The entire list is as follows:

  • It's Hanukkah!

  • GUYS! Be a gift hero for your lady!

    Hey dudes!

  • Alter Bridge fan? Check this out!

  • Hank's Spotlight on Wichita - Botanica Illuminations

    How many events or cool things are there in Wichita that you miss or don't even know about? Well, I am on a new mission to go out and bring you these fun things so you can go out and enjoy them too! Just when you might say "there isn't anything to do in Wichita", I'm gonna prove you wrong! There is a ton of neat things to see and do right here!

  • Saving Abel ROCKS!

  • R.I.P. Dimebag.....

  • RUDE People!

    First, thanks to the City Of Wichita for throwing a great party with Santa Claus last night at Century II. There was a ton of games and prizes, bouncy things, and Gabby had a TON of fun!

  • Hellyeah highlights!

    Last night's "Not So Silent Night show was incredible! Thanks to everyone who brought toys to the Marines for Toys For Tots program. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • And the lucky winner of Denise Richards is....

    .....NIKKI SIXX of Motley Crue!

  • Help a Soldier in need....

  • I'm in a Magazine B**TCHES! HA!

    So maybe you have heard of Mega Metal Magazine. It is a bad-ass rock-music magazine based out of Hutchinson, Ks. Well, the publishers have just came out with a all-new magazine called "In The Now" and in their debut issue they asked ME to be one of the cover stories! In The Now is a great mag that covers all types of music, the latest in Entertainment News, Local Events, TV & Film, Comedy.... Everything! The print version will be out this weekend, and available to pick-up (FOR FREE) starting by the end of next week in the lobby of the T95 studios, 4200 N. Old Lawrence Rd. here in Wichita. I will be listing other spots soon where you can grab one. So click HERE to check out my interview with In The Now Magazine!

  • The CHILL!

    WOW! This past weekend at the Kansas Coliseum was the 2nd Annual "CHILL, Winterfest of Dream Machines" and it was unbelievable! There were hundreds of the baddest motorcycles on display, and this year, they added a car show, and there were hundreds of bad-ass customs and more! I also had the unfortunate task of being the host of the Hooters swimsuit contest on Saturday. I know, horrible. HA! It's a new Wichita tradition you don't want to miss every February! Click HERE, and you'll see the video from the competition, and a pile of pictures!

  • Gettin' screwed in the drive through...

    Are we fine with getting the shaft in the drive-through lane? I'm sick of it! We try to eat at home as much as possible, but it is inevitable we will hit the drive-through for some fast food a couple times a week.

  • Boxers or Breifs?


  • America's Pub & JELLO WRASSLIN!

    We had a bad-ass time last night at America's Pub for Fat Tuesday! Lot's of drinkin, hotties, and a pool full of JELLO! The guys at the Pub (and everyone else) were so pumped up about how awesome it was, that they may do it again real soon! WOO-HOO!!! Well, I'm sure you wanna see what you missed, so here ya go! Click HERE to see the pictures, and click HERE to see the video.

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