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  • Welcome the newest T95 listener!

    Earlier in the week, I tried to get ahold of Amanda E. She won $100 online in the Freeloaders section with our Over / Under contest. Well, her husband answered the phone when I called. He kinda sounded like "who the hell is calling my wife" until I told him that it was me, Hank at T95. He said she was a little busy right now and couldn't come to the phone. I asked if she was working, and he said you could call it that! SHE WAS IN LABOR! HA! Well, after I told her husband, Ian, she won a hundred bucks, I asked they send a picture when the baby was born. So here's the newest T95 Rocker!

  • Wanna Laugh?

    Raise your hand if you love comedy! I see a ton of hands! I love to laugh, and I love it even more to make people laugh! Since I was a kid, I was the class funny guy. Yep. That was me. Didn't go over so well in K-3 since my Mom was the school librarian. Well, look at me now! That "funny bone" gave me what I needed to be in this business! I love to check out live comedy every chance I get, too. The Loony Bin is my home away from home. I remember a comedy club in Hutch we used to sneak into, and I think it was called Charlies.

  • Ozzy's son, Jack, has MS.

    In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Jack Osbourne announced he has been diagnosed with M.S. He found out about this not soon after his daughter was born. Read the full story HERE.

  • The REAL Goodfella dies.

  • Hot Bikini Pix!

    It's bikini time! I ran across a website today I thought you might enjoy. It's the top 100 bikini's of 2011. YUMMY!

  • Alice Cooper sings LADY GAGA!?!?!?!

    WTF? Alice Cooper has flipped his damn lid! We all know Alice Cooper is a different breed, but covering a Lady GaGa song? Weird. He preformed at Bonnaroo, and stunned the crowd with this one. At least he wasn't wearing a meat suit. Check out the video for yourself.

  • Would you be lost without the TV remote?

    You can thank the late Eugene Polley for the TV remote. He invented it nearly 60 years ago! Have you ever settled for what's on because you're too lazy to either get up and look for the remote or simply change the channel? Yeah, me too. Check out this story about Eugene's lazy and marvelous invention HERE. Thank god I taught my dog to fetch the remote!

  • Fun Drinking Games!

    Ahhhhh..... The good ole days of parties at your friends place, and games with the intention of getting you hammered. HA! I remember card games, dice games, and more that we used to play. By the end of these "games", we were all hammered. And most of the time, the games ended up with at least one person puking! Sounds like fun, right! Well, you're never too old to bring back some drinking games at your next party, so I have found a great website that has all the old fav's and some new drinking games! Click HERE to check it out. There are also some tasty sounding drinks you can whoop up! Have fun, and if your next party involves a fun game, email me a pic!

  • It's Grillin' Time!

    Last night, I decided to dust off the ole' grill and whoop up some burgers. I did a couple styles. I made beef hamburgers, and a few turkey burgers. The turkey wasn't bad at all! I got them specifically for Andrea. She eats chicken, turkey, ham.... but no beef. I know, weird. Anyway, she agreed! The turkey was kick-ass! Now don't think for a minute I'm turning my back on God's tasty cow! However, as a healthy alternative to red meat, it's good stuff.

  • What a day!

    What a busy day! Earlier this afternoon, I spent a couple hours shooting video at Patricias! No, not what you think, but pretty close! I actually shot a video about all the different items you can get for celebrating bachelor or bachelorette parties, sexy lingerie, and bedroom fun stuff! Wait til you see this video! It even features a hot chick in next to nothing! Stay tuned, becuse the finished video will be posted here soon. In the meantime, I'm off to think about where my next video adventure will take me! Have a video idea for me? E-mail me,

  • Bubble wrap fun!

    Today, I was annoying everyone around me with a sheet of bubble wrap. I love popping those little bubbles! I like to freak people out by putting a sheet of it under a carpet, then when they walk on it, and it pops, it's great to see em freak out! I know, I'm a big kid. As you can see below, bubble wrap has also made it's way into fashion. Who doesn't want a bubble wrap bikini! CAN WE SAY SEE-THROUGH! Check out THIS website. Everything you've always wanted to know about bubble wrap, and fun things to do with it! Have fun annoying people!

  • DECORATION, I mean, Memorial Day?

    You DO learn something new everyday! Today, I learned that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day! I never knew that! Read all about Memorial Day, and it's history by clicking HERE.

  • Today is my Birthday!

    I was typing that in the rythym of The Beatles, Birthday. HA! Thanks to everyone for the Birthday calls today! You peeps ROCK! So, to make it quick today, I have a couple links for ya. Happy BDay to ME!

  • Historical day in space......

    Today was indeed a historical day in space flight, as the company SPACE X launched into space the first commercial space cargo. Launching from Cape Canaveral in Florida early this morning, the Falcon 9 rocket carries clothing, food, and supplies to the International Space Station where there are currently 6 Astronauts and Cosmonauts living onboard.


    MMMMMM........ grilling! I love to cook-out! I am the KING of my backyard! Don't touch my meat! Oh, wait. I mean the meat on the grill. That sounded bad. HA! After hangin out at Ribfest this past weekend, I got some good tips from the Pro's that I am gonna put to good use! I can grill like a bad-ass, but I couldn't suck enought when it comes to the smoker. I have one, but its covered in dust and bad memories from the one and only time I uesd it. However, I'm gonna give it another shot this weekend. I figure if I kill the meat in the smoker, we'll have a nice burial for it. After all, it's Memorial weekend, right! Bad joke. HERE is a website I visit from time to time for some good grillin' recepies. Hope you have a great weekend, and good grilling!

  • Hot Bikini Babes.... and DOG POOP? WTF?

    So in my daily "internet research", I was in a mood to search for hot chicks in bikini's. I know, It's a tough job... Anyway, I was on YouTube, and I found the weirdest video. Sure, I found hot bikini babes, but it's a bizarre ad for a pouch you wear like a fanny pack, and it's full of dog poop pick-up bags! Uh, ok. At any rate, there are hotties, in bikini's, on the beach! You won't even know there is a dog in the video! HAHA!

  • Jesus in my ham sandwich!?

    HAHA!! Surely you've seen one of these pictures. Jesus, Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa...... appearing in everything from toast to beef jerky. If you aren't sure what I mean, I stumbled across a website that has several examples of Holy Food! Click HERE to check it out!

  • Tom Cruise.... ROCKSTAR?

    Yeah, sounds weird, right? Well, that's exactly what's happenin'! Kind of. Tom pulls out his inner rockstardom for his role in the upcoming movie, "Rock Of Ages". Yahoo!'s OMG has the full story. Click HERE to read all about it, and see his cover pic for W magazine. You can also check out the official "Rock Of Ages" website HERE.

  • Scott Weiland & Velvet Revolver BACK?

    STP singer Scott Weiland has revealed to ABC news that he has reunited with VELVET REVOLVER and is back making new music with the band. "We've all grown a lot," explains Weiland. "We're able to put egos and differences and old… conflicts aside and so that's really cool."

  • FUN facts about MONEY!

    With the T95 Over / Under game in full swing, I thought I would find some fun facts about money, and boy, did I! Click HERE to read all the crazy facts! Have a great weekend, and the money continues Monday morning, on T95!

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