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  • You think it's hot HERE?

    While it is hot as hell here in Wichita, it's not as hot as other spots in the world. We actually have it good in comparison! Check out the links below to check out the other hot spots. After you see this, you'll hopefully feel a little cooler!

  • It's OLYMPICS time!

    It's that time again! The whole world is watching as the 2012 Olympics begin today in London. There are a few surprises along the way, and as reporters try to pry their way in to get the scoop, London Olympics organizers have managed to keep em' out! Well, almost. Check out this Yahoo! story for a glimpse into the entertainment side of the Olympics.


    Do you have an iPhone, or Android phone and bitch about how slow it is, or how the battery sucks?! It could be you have too many apps on your phone! If you're like me, you love useless apps. Well, some of those time-killers could be killing your phone too! Well, so to speak. Check out this cool story from Yahoo! News today, and get rid of those unnecessary apps!

  • 3D Street Art!

    I LOVE seeing 3D street art! I'm sure you've recieved an email at some point with these great pictures. The artists that do these are incredible! My only thought is, some of these great pieces of artwork are done with chalk. They wash away in the rain! Here are a couple links to check out these 3D street images.

  • You can do WHAT with that?

    Use toothpaste as silver polish? How about cola as a corrsive cleaner on your car's battery post? There's a ton of different uses for household items you have laying around, and don't even know it! I was thinking about this last night as I used a potato to remove a broken light bulb out of the socket in the celing fan! I have put together some links for ya below! Have fun with it!


    Did you hear about the 4th of July fireworks disaster in San Diego? The city's celebration lasted only seconds, as EVERY single firework went off at ONCE! There is a new video out, and it is crazy! Click HERE for the full story and video from Yahoo! News.

  • HUMP day!

    The name says it all.... click HERE for HUMP day action!

  • 4th Of July PARTY!

    How was your 4th celebration? Did you make it with all your fingers and toes?! I almost didn't! We we out by K-42 and Macarthur, and the city skyline was AWESOME! I have never seen so many fireworks! I would love to see some good 4th party pictures from YOU, so send me a few to

  • The countdown is on!

    The 4th of July is almost here, and now is the time to stockpile your fireworks! I went out this weekend and made a fireworks saftey video. Have a fun and safe 4th!

  • Time to SWIM!

    I'm sure this weekend holds for a bunch of you, a bunch of swimming time. I love to swim too, but here is a little known fact about me... I WILL NOT get in water I can't see in! Yep! No lakes, ponds, or whatever is controlled by momma nature. That is definately OFF my list! Why you ask? Basically, I'm a wuss. I've seen one too many movies where an innocent swimmer gets yanked under the water while swimming in Old Man Johnson's pond!


    Uh, what? Have you seen the highway signs with the ozone messages here in town? Sure I can read, but what the heck does that mean? I found a story in the Wichita Business Journal that may shed a little light on the subject. Click HERE for more.


    Hell yeah! It's time to blow some stuff up! This is one of my favorite times of the year, and I am an admitted fireworks junkie! I'm pretty sure I was born with a fuse in my hand. There are a ton of fireworks stands in the area, and if you click HERE, you can find the local fireworks laws. Have a safe & fun 4th of July! Check out the links below for other fun 4th stuff!

  • Made in the USA!

    That's always a good thing to see! And Made In The USA is making a comeback. It's my opinion tht it sucks it got to the point it had to "come back", but it is. Check out the story HERE about 13 things that are still made in good-ole AUH-MURICA!


    So I scour the internet daily for the best of the best to serve it up hot and fresh to you, my peeps! Well, in looking for hot babes today, my journey took me right here to! You may or may not know this, but on our main page, we have the BABE OF THE DAY. Well, that page has an upgrade! I guess you could call it "boob 2.0"! HA!!!! New girls, and more of them! Click back or HERE to check em out!

  • Welcome the newest T95 listener!

    Earlier in the week, I tried to get ahold of Amanda E. She won $100 online in the Freeloaders section with our Over / Under contest. Well, her husband answered the phone when I called. He kinda sounded like "who the hell is calling my wife" until I told him that it was me, Hank at T95. He said she was a little busy right now and couldn't come to the phone. I asked if she was working, and he said you could call it that! SHE WAS IN LABOR! HA! Well, after I told her husband, Ian, she won a hundred bucks, I asked they send a picture when the baby was born. So here's the newest T95 Rocker!

  • Wanna Laugh?

    Raise your hand if you love comedy! I see a ton of hands! I love to laugh, and I love it even more to make people laugh! Since I was a kid, I was the class funny guy. Yep. That was me. Didn't go over so well in K-3 since my Mom was the school librarian. Well, look at me now! That "funny bone" gave me what I needed to be in this business! I love to check out live comedy every chance I get, too. The Loony Bin is my home away from home. I remember a comedy club in Hutch we used to sneak into, and I think it was called Charlies.

  • Ozzy's son, Jack, has MS.

    In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Jack Osbourne announced he has been diagnosed with M.S. He found out about this not soon after his daughter was born. Read the full story HERE.

  • The REAL Goodfella dies.

  • Hot Bikini Pix!

    It's bikini time! I ran across a website today I thought you might enjoy. It's the top 100 bikini's of 2011. YUMMY!

  • Alice Cooper sings LADY GAGA!?!?!?!

    WTF? Alice Cooper has flipped his damn lid! We all know Alice Cooper is a different breed, but covering a Lady GaGa song? Weird. He preformed at Bonnaroo, and stunned the crowd with this one. At least he wasn't wearing a meat suit. Check out the video for yourself.

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