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  • Yea. It's tax day. Woo-hoo.

    Oh boy. Time to pay tha man buh-zillions of dollars. Did you get em done? I FREAKIN FORGOT! On Sunday the 14th, I woke up, turned on the morning news, and then made an audible scream followed by a loud "OH SH*T"! I immediately jumped in the shower, grabbed all my stuff, and headed down to Liberty Tax at 13th & West. They have done my taxes for the past 6-7 years, and I'm sure by this point, they are used to my slow ass. I got there at 9am, and they didn't open until 1pm! So I went back at 12:15, to be in the front of the line, and they opened early for all of our late asses! 30 minutes later, I was out the door, and am now eagerly awaiting my refund.

  • Weird food addiction....

    Years ago, my ex-wifes niece, at age 10-13, when I would hang with her, ate nothing but french fries. Ok, maybe she had cereal for breakfast, but lunch and dinner, you got it, french fries. Then, at some point, she expanded her palate and added chicken nuggets into her diet. Strange. BUT, it happens more often than you would think! Today, I ran across this.... a 18 year old girl in the UK has eaten nothing but Ramen Noodles for the past 13 years! I don't mind some ramen every now and then, but non stop? NO THANKS! Click HERE for her story, and I also have some links on other food disorders.

  • Smashing Pumpkins love to play BINGO?

    Uh, weird. But it's true! Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins owns a tea shop and he now opens the place up monthly for a bingo game hosted by a local celebrity! My Grandma, who is 85, still drives herself to play bingo once a week, and a couple times a month heads with friends to play bingo 60 miles away! But now, BINGO is shifting to something fun for a younger generation. Look in the bingo parlors here in town, or at the casinos in Oklahoma, and sure you'll see old folks, but the crowds are starting to become more dotted with "20 something's"! It can be fun, it's fairly cheap to play, and you could win big! Click HERE for the story.

  • Playboy "Bunny House" is up for sale!

    For years, "bunny's" have lived in the Bunny House just down the way from "The Mansion", and now, it's for sale! Got several million dollars laying around? If ya buy it, let me know! Check out the video below, and click HERE for the full story.

  • BUYER BEWARE! That's NOT a poodle!

    You would think it's easy to distinguish between a poodle and a ferret. Guess not. Poor fools are being duped in Argentina. A older fellas eye was caught by a very cute poodle. He bought it at an outdoor market. He takes it to the vet, and POW! The vet told this guy it wasn't a DOG at all! It's a FERRET! HA! Click HERE for the full story, and click HERE for an urban legend about Goats and Poodles.

  • TWINKIES are comin' back!

    YES IT'S TRUE! I know of people who hoarded boxes of the golden, filled spongecakes, and rightfully so! They were sure to be treats of the past, but a group of investors purchased the bankrupt company, Hostess, and say they will get Twinkies back in our pudgy hands! Possibly as soon as summer of this year! Click HERE to read all about it! Also, enjoy these old Twinkies videos.

  • NEW Black Sabbath album!

    SWEET! Black Sabbath has a NEW album coming out soon! Look for the new album called "13" coming out on APRIL 18th! Stay tuned for more details!

  • Um, freakin weird.

    Yeah. People can be just that. FREAKIN WEIRD! Last night, I watched a show on TLC called "My Crazy Obsession". The people on this show are BAT S**T CRAZY! Here are a coule things i wittnessed. A WIG obsessed lady, a lady with a huge, weird Mickey Mouse collection and obsession, a dude who build a replica of a Pan-Am airplane cabin in his garage, a wack-o that has a large collection of love dolls, and then there is this dude..... A MER-MAN! YEAH! This damn guy wears a mermaid tail and swims around the ocean! SEE! People are strange. Click HERE for the "My Crazy Obsession" page, and click HERE for the MER-MAN story. Lordy.

  • HILARIOUS! Barbie WITHOUT makeup!

    This is simply funny. We've seen stars in unflattering photos "caught without makeup"! Have you ever wondered what Barbie would look like in her natural state? Wonder no more! Click HERE to see her!

  • MMMMM.... NEW Pizza Hut pizza!

    I LOVE pizza. And I also LOVE Pizza Hut! My absolute favorite is a thin n crispy, hamburger, black olive, extra cheeze pizza. At my house, we always order the latest, what we call, "kooky pizzas" from Pizza Hut. They have a new one out tomorrow, and click HERE to see what it is.

  • April Fools Day FOOLS!

    Today is a day where you read things and just know it's April Fools Day, and just shrug it off. BUT, there have been some great pranks pulled in Rock N' Roll history. Click HERE to see em! And be safe today!

  • GO WSU!

    Tonight at 9:17, our very own Wichita State Shockers take on La Salle, and while a late game, I'm gonna stay up and help cheer em' on to victory! Here is a ESPN wrap-up clip from when WSU defeated Gonzaga. GO SHOCKERS!

  • Finally a way to get that damn song out of your head!

    How many times have you had a song stuck in your head and it WON'T GO AWAY! I've had a song stuck in my brain before for TWO DAYS! And it was.... "Don't worry, be happy"! CRAP! Just typing that now has it running through my head! How do you make em go away? Have you tried putting another song in your mental playlist? Yeah, that doesn't work. But scientists now say they have a method that works! Click HERE to find out what that is.

  • Would you wear an iWatch?

    I would! Apple is the leader in the phone, tablet sector, so what's next? How about a stylish wrist watch? In what has become intense speculation, the iWatch is the next big thing. Click HERE for the story, and to see what people have come up with as a possible design for the iWatch. I love watches, and this would be freakin sweet!


    You know who they are? That's Wichita State University! When they first took the court in 1906, the college was known as Fairmount College. The team was called the "Wheatshockers". In their first game ever, they got pounded by Washburn University 37-10. In their whole first season, they only won 2 games! The WSU Shockers have come a long way, and this coming Thursday, they have a chance to take it a little further! We wish our Shockers the very best, and good luck against La Salle on Thursday night in L.A. Click the picture for the history of the Wichita State SHOCKERS!

  • It's NJCAA Tournament time - WITH HANK!

    Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little. The NJCAA Tournament does and is happening in Hutchinson today, and I will be there, but my part is literally, less than 1 minute. I will be delivering the opening prayer, or invocation, to the evening session tonight at the Sports Arena in Hutchinson. This will be my 3rd year doing it. I KNOW! They keep asking me back! Being a good-ole Hutch boy, I am honored to be there.

  • First day of SPRING!

    .....and there is SNOW in the forecast! WHAT THA?! Ok, so today IS the first day of Spring. And sure, there IS snow and cold weather in the forecast for the next few days, BUT, that will be IT! Finally, warmer temps, and FINALLY, full-on SHORTS weather! I'm about sick of wearing pants! In addition to shorts, chicks in bikini's and short shorts! And that's just on a nice day at your nearest QT or grocery store! No pool or lake needed! That's what I'm talkin about! Click HERE for the OLD ALMANAC'S page for the Vernal Equinox, or, SPRING!

  • Wanna see some bad-ass cars?

    It's time for auto-shows around the world, and time for some awesome concept cars to be unveiled. I found some cool stuff today, that you're sure to love, including a Corvette WAGON?! Yeah, check out these links! Also, click the pic for more concept cars from KIA! Do YOU have a really odd car, truck, or even a old concept car? Send me a pic!

  • Bracket Challenge BEGINS!

    Selection Sunday dished em' out last night, and now it's time to play! We have the best bracket challenge ever! Before you check it out, click the how-to link to see what it takes to WIN! Or at least help you feel like winning could be in your future.... HA! Enjoy basketball this week!

  • St. Patrick's Day WEEKEND!

    It's gonna be a big green party all weekend long! Lots of fun parties, and 4 leaf clovers everywhere! But be safe! Law enforcement has announced they will be out in force looking for drunk drivers all weekend. Why do we party on St. Patrick's Day? What is the meaning behind all this madness? Here are some links for you today about the history, fun, oh... and hot Irish chicks!

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