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    Colorado, Washington have LEGAL Pot. WHY?

    The big game is set. The fans are gonna be high. WITH EXCITEMENT! HAHA! Whadda ya think I meant? Yeah, yeah, we all know it's legal in both teams States, but WHY is it legal there? WHY was it a good idea? Check out THIS article I found today about just that. In the meantime, get your munchies ready for the big game!

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    The BIG GAME is set!

    There was some good football on yesterday, and now we know who is headed to the BIG GAME! Seahawks & Broncos! Any wager on who will be the big winner? My money is in favor of the Broncos! I have assembled a bunch of news stories surrounding yesterdays action, and what is to come for the big game. Enjoy

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    Teens fleeing Facebook?

    I've thought this as well..... would kids be "put-off" by their parents also using Facebook? Turns out YES. Facebook is losing teens at a rate of 1 MILLION PER YEAR! Wow. I can see that. I have family that are 60+ that use FB all day, every day. There are certain things I can't say because they are on there! HA! I asked my daughter if she wanted her own FB page, and she said "maybe". WHAT? NO excitement? She says the same thing. Her friends bitch that their parents are on there all. the. time. Jeez. Pardon MEEEE! HA! Well fine. Let the cool people of the planet have Facebook. You can use Myspace. We don't. See the full story HERE.

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    SI Swimsuit models THEN and NOW

    I saw this story and almost didn't wanna look. I didn't want to be dissappointed at the NOW pictures. But ya know what? Like a fine wine, some of these women have continued to grow their HOTTNESS! YEAH! Check em out for yourself! Click HERE to see some of the famous SI Swimsuit Models from THEN.....NOW!

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    Remember the original Fantastic 4 movie?!

    Of course you don't. It WAS made in the early 90's, but never saw the light of day. Until NOW. Check out the FANTASTIC 4: DOOMED by clicking HERE. It's horrible. But in a "It's SOOOOO horrible you wanna watch it" kind of horrible. HAHA! See what ya think!

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    AWESOME Star Wars behind the scenes pix!

    Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, apparently was bored this weekend, as he dug out some old behind the scenes Star Wars set pix and posted them on Twitter. These are some old pix, and are pretty damn sweet! Click HERE to see em!

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    WHAT kinda kitchen gadget is that?!

    I LOVE stupid kitchen gadgets. Things that claim to make your kitchen life better. Well, these gadgets might actually make your kitchen life WORSE. WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?!?! Yeah, these gadgets listed have 2 stories attched to each. WHAT they do, and WHY they are not as time-saving as they claim. It's pretty funny. Click HERE to check it out. I also found another story about additional "worthless" kitchen gadgets. Click HERE for that one.

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    If the predictions come true, America could be in the midst of a CHEESEPOCALYPSE! Kraft, who makes Velveeta Cheese, won't say why, but are saying we could be in for a temoprary Velveeta shortage! AHHHHH! Will your Superbowl party be the same without it? Should we go stock up now before it's too late? Oh sure, there may be grocery store knock-off blocks of the gooey, orange stuff, BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME! Click HERE to get the full dip!

  • It's so cold.... HOW COLD IS IT?!

    It's so cold, you can change boiling water into snow! When I was little, I remember my dad telling me this and I did not believe it. Then he showed me. Did boiling water turn into snow? Well, technically, yes. What it looked like however, was a big poof of steam as if you were breathing outside, and you could "see" your breath. Same thing, only much bigger. Take a look at THESE videos of people doing just that in the current cold temps. Oh, and please keep your tounges off of metal poles.....

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    This is very uh, COOL!

    And by COOL, I mean REALLY COLD! Canadian Tire Company wanted to demonstrate how well their automotive battery works in very low temps, so they made a truck outta ice! This is bad-ass! Seeing this makes me wonder is an actual "clear", hard plastic body could be made to actually run on the road and be safe! That would be cool as hell! Anyway, check out this video of the ice truck, and click HERE for the story.

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    This year is gonna ROCK with electronics!

    I remember when I was in grade school, I got the coolest Christmas present ever. It was a wristwatch that had a Star Trek video game on it! It was the coolest! The Vulcan ships would beep across the screen, and the USS Enterprise had to shoot them out of space! Ok, looking back, that was the most technically advanced toy on the eatrh. Now, the phone game "snake" is a ton more advanced. OH... did you have a calculator watch? I DID! Yeah, I've alwas been a geek. I have always had a humongous love for electronics, and 2014 is gonna be HUGE for wearable electronics. From smart watches to Google Glass, I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff! Click HERE for a list of great stuff coming in 2014.

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    Ring in the new year with a MILF calendar!

    Remember earlier this year when a mom on facebook posted smokin hot pictures of herself online and people freaked out? Yeah, her. Well, she has just come out with a 2014 calendar of "fit" moms in swimsuits! Click HERE to see em!

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    How BIG is YOUR TV?

    I am a TV junkie. I have flatscreen tv's in almost every room. I REALLY want a 60 inch in the front room, but I can't. The room isn't big enough for a big ole TV! Well check THIS out! wOULD YOU HAVE ROOM FOR A 110 INCH TV? HOLY CRAP THAT'S HUGE! Samsung has come out with this TV, and it even has a special easel type stand built in! Click HERE to see it!

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    The WORST movies of 2013 are.......

    Yep, it's that time of year where you're gonna be seeing a bunch of lists. Best songs, worst foods, and on, and on, and on. One of my favorite lists is the WORST movie list. Believe it or not, I like to see this list, actually rent one of these WORST movies, watch it, and laugh at how bad it actually is! There is a bunch to choose from, so it's gonna be a fun Christmas vacation of watching some good ole CRAP! Click HERE for the list....

  • FPO

    Another 25 movies added to the National Registry!

    25 movies have made it to the USA's NATIONAL REGISTRY! WHAT is the National Registry? The registry is composed of U.S.-made pics dating from 1912 that are deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” enough to warrant preservation. To get your movie in there is pretty damn cool. That basically means that particular movie is so good, so important to the culture of America, it has to be preserved for future generations! Click HERE to see the list.

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    Facebook is changing it up AGAIN

    Yep. More changes to Facebook. Here's my opinion..... if they keep changing the way they do things, people are gonna get pissed and tired of it, and find some other new cool social media platform to use. Just ask Myspace. Well, click HERE for the story, and see what they're up to. Good luck Mr. Zuckerburg.

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    The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame inductees are.........

    Nirvana, E-Street Band, Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, and FINALLY... K I S S!!!! After all these years, KISS has finally made it to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame! It's about damn time! For the full story, click HERE. The ceremony will take place April 10th, 2014.

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    What are you, some kind of comedian?!

    Why yes, he is! Comedian Randy Liedtke thought he'd be a smartass, and bake cookies that looked like iPhones, and then pretend to be messing with his phone while driving, get pulled over for "messing with his phone" and then the joke was to be.... "what? is it illegal to eat a cookie while driving?" Well, it backfired on him. Turns out he DID get pulled over for the whole phone thing, BUT, that wasn't the problem! Turns out he had unpaid parking tickets, and he got arrested for THAT! WHAT A DUMBASS! HAHA! He probably should have thought this through a little farther. I can't say this was a totally stupid idea, because after I first started driving, I would intentionally drink root beer from a beer looking bottle in hopes of getting pulled over to then be a smartass and show it was ROOTbeer, not BEER. I know, stupid. But I was a KID! This is a grown ass man! Click HERE for the full story.

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    What are the most watched YOU TUBE vids of 2013?

    Glad you asked! I was searching for my usual daily dose of fun this morning, and saw this. Yahoo! has compiled a list of the most watched You Tube videos of 2013, and you know what? Yeah... I've seen almost all of em. Click HERE for the list, and to watch em all! (That way you won't be the weird one at Christmas who hasn't seen em)

  • FPO

    Meet the REAL "Anchorman"!

    On December 18th, it's time for more RON BURGUNDY! Anchorman 2 hits theaters, and now Will Ferrell reveals his inspiration behind Ron Burgundy! His name is Mort Crim, a retired 70's anchor! Check out the story HERE. Stay classy Wichita!

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