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  • The Chili Peppers DIDN'T PLAY LIVE?!?! SO WHAT!

    People, I guess, always need something to bitch about. The newest BITCH is about the halftime show at the Superbowl by the RHCP. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer, did sing live, but the rest of the band? Pre-recorded a day before. SO?! The reason why is that the NFL didn't want something to go wrong with the instruments. I get that. But people say they are pissed. WHY? I don't get it. Anyway, check out Flea's response to this unnecessary mess.... Click HERE

  • Best and Worst Superbowl TV commercials...

    We all know the game was a blow-out. If you're a bronco's fan, you may not even see this until you come out of mourning. HA! And what about the TV commercials we all can't wait for? YAWN. At least I thought so. Click HERE for the BEST and WORST.....

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    In more car news.... wanna buy the car from GREASE?

    HELL YES! I most certainly would! Grease is one of my favorite movies. The bad ass cars, high school, good lookin girls..... LOVE IT! I grew up with my Dad being in the auto-body business (and he still is), and my brothers and I have a HUGE love for hot rods! Dad has restored many, and created his own that are sweet! This old MERC is one on my bucket list! Check out the story HERE! And if ya wanna buy t for me, go ahead! HA!

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    World's 1st Porsche found!

    Wanna see one of the 1st Porsche vehicles ever built? It's not what you think it's gonna look like either! However, it is still pretty bad-ass! Click HERE to see it!

  • FPO

    What kind of booze people across the world drink......

    I was shocked when I saw this! This is a map of the world with the #1 alcohol consumed in the respective country. America - VODKA?!?! No bourbon? No tequila? But VODKA? That is very surprising to me! I would bet almost all T95 fans who drink, drink Jack or Crown as a primary drink. I just don't see anyone rushing up to the bar and asking for a Vodka Appletini! HA! Anyway, check out this map!

  • FPO

    And the Grammy winners are....

    Did ya catch the Grammy's last night?! There were some good moments, and some crappy moments. What irritates me is their version of ROCK music. C'mon. The category for best rock song is a pile of S**T! Some of the entries in that category were absolutely horrible. Rock music really needs some help. The redeeming rock part however, was METALLICA! They rocked out with Lang Lang on the piano. Pretty damn good! Check out the video below. And click HERE for the list of Grammy winners.

  • Get ready to be disappointed......

    For those of us that lived in the 80's and enjoyed Robert Palmer's ADDICTED TO LOVE, we all had a "boing" moment with the hot chicks in the video. Well, what are those hot chicks up to now? Uhhhhh.... take a look for yourself. See the video update HERE.

  • FPO

    Metlife Stadium is BURIED IN SNOW!

    And by buried, I mean BURIED! Crews have been working non-stop to dig the stadium out of FEET of snow that has recently fallen on the Super Bowl host stadium. Will it be in time? They sure hope so! I even heard a news report saying the NFL has a back-up plan including the possibility of MOVING the game to another day! WHAT?!?! If they do that, think of all the hassle that is gonna create! Parties rescheduled, tv commercials jacked up, AHHHH!!!! Stay tuned!

  • FPO

    Candy Crush WANTS IT ALL!

    When I saw this, I couldn't freakin believe it. The makers of Candy Crush Saga, KING, has filed a trademark application to basically own the word "CANDY". WHAT?! Can they do that? The word candy is a part of every day life! Will makers of Snickers to Smarties have to pay a fee to KING when they advertise their CANDY bars? C'mon. Candy Crush already gets all of my free time, and on average 25 bucks a month in level-helpers! They really need the word CANDY? Click HERE for the full story.

  • FPO

    Colorado, Washington have LEGAL Pot. WHY?

    The big game is set. The fans are gonna be high. WITH EXCITEMENT! HAHA! Whadda ya think I meant? Yeah, yeah, we all know it's legal in both teams States, but WHY is it legal there? WHY was it a good idea? Check out THIS article I found today about just that. In the meantime, get your munchies ready for the big game!

  • FPO

    The BIG GAME is set!

    There was some good football on yesterday, and now we know who is headed to the BIG GAME! Seahawks & Broncos! Any wager on who will be the big winner? My money is in favor of the Broncos! I have assembled a bunch of news stories surrounding yesterdays action, and what is to come for the big game. Enjoy

  • FPO

    Teens fleeing Facebook?

    I've thought this as well..... would kids be "put-off" by their parents also using Facebook? Turns out YES. Facebook is losing teens at a rate of 1 MILLION PER YEAR! Wow. I can see that. I have family that are 60+ that use FB all day, every day. There are certain things I can't say because they are on there! HA! I asked my daughter if she wanted her own FB page, and she said "maybe". WHAT? NO excitement? She says the same thing. Her friends bitch that their parents are on there all. the. time. Jeez. Pardon MEEEE! HA! Well fine. Let the cool people of the planet have Facebook. You can use Myspace. We don't. See the full story HERE.

  • FPO

    SI Swimsuit models THEN and NOW

    I saw this story and almost didn't wanna look. I didn't want to be dissappointed at the NOW pictures. But ya know what? Like a fine wine, some of these women have continued to grow their HOTTNESS! YEAH! Check em out for yourself! Click HERE to see some of the famous SI Swimsuit Models from THEN.....NOW!

  • FPO

    Remember the original Fantastic 4 movie?!

    Of course you don't. It WAS made in the early 90's, but never saw the light of day. Until NOW. Check out the FANTASTIC 4: DOOMED by clicking HERE. It's horrible. But in a "It's SOOOOO horrible you wanna watch it" kind of horrible. HAHA! See what ya think!

  • FPO

    AWESOME Star Wars behind the scenes pix!

    Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, apparently was bored this weekend, as he dug out some old behind the scenes Star Wars set pix and posted them on Twitter. These are some old pix, and are pretty damn sweet! Click HERE to see em!

  • FPO

    WHAT kinda kitchen gadget is that?!

    I LOVE stupid kitchen gadgets. Things that claim to make your kitchen life better. Well, these gadgets might actually make your kitchen life WORSE. WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?!?! Yeah, these gadgets listed have 2 stories attched to each. WHAT they do, and WHY they are not as time-saving as they claim. It's pretty funny. Click HERE to check it out. I also found another story about additional "worthless" kitchen gadgets. Click HERE for that one.

  • FPO


    If the predictions come true, America could be in the midst of a CHEESEPOCALYPSE! Kraft, who makes Velveeta Cheese, won't say why, but are saying we could be in for a temoprary Velveeta shortage! AHHHHH! Will your Superbowl party be the same without it? Should we go stock up now before it's too late? Oh sure, there may be grocery store knock-off blocks of the gooey, orange stuff, BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME! Click HERE to get the full dip!

  • It's so cold.... HOW COLD IS IT?!

    It's so cold, you can change boiling water into snow! When I was little, I remember my dad telling me this and I did not believe it. Then he showed me. Did boiling water turn into snow? Well, technically, yes. What it looked like however, was a big poof of steam as if you were breathing outside, and you could "see" your breath. Same thing, only much bigger. Take a look at THESE videos of people doing just that in the current cold temps. Oh, and please keep your tounges off of metal poles.....

  • FPO

    This is very uh, COOL!

    And by COOL, I mean REALLY COLD! Canadian Tire Company wanted to demonstrate how well their automotive battery works in very low temps, so they made a truck outta ice! This is bad-ass! Seeing this makes me wonder is an actual "clear", hard plastic body could be made to actually run on the road and be safe! That would be cool as hell! Anyway, check out this video of the ice truck, and click HERE for the story.

  • FPO

    This year is gonna ROCK with electronics!

    I remember when I was in grade school, I got the coolest Christmas present ever. It was a wristwatch that had a Star Trek video game on it! It was the coolest! The Vulcan ships would beep across the screen, and the USS Enterprise had to shoot them out of space! Ok, looking back, that was the most technically advanced toy on the eatrh. Now, the phone game "snake" is a ton more advanced. OH... did you have a calculator watch? I DID! Yeah, I've alwas been a geek. I have always had a humongous love for electronics, and 2014 is gonna be HUGE for wearable electronics. From smart watches to Google Glass, I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff! Click HERE for a list of great stuff coming in 2014.

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