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    What are YOU eating this Thanksgiving?

    I stumbled across this, and thought it was definately bizarre. Maybe it's for people on the go, maybe it's for hippies (haha), or maybe people just like being different. This chick gives us 5 different / weird things people are doing for Thanksgiving instead of the traditional stuff. Check out this video. Does your family do something for Thanksgiving others might find WEIRD? Email me!

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    How's that "Cherry Pie" TODAY?!

    In 1990 we were at full attention for Warrant's CHERRY PIE music video! At the time, this was EXPLICIT TV! The smokin hot Bobbie Brown was the hot chick in the video, and we all wanna know.... WHAT IS SHE UP TO TODAY? Click HERE for the dirt!

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    Comet ISON is visible

    With binoculars, you can currently check out comet ISON. It's pretty cool to see a comet! I remember years ago, checking out comet "Hale-bopp" and that was pretty cool! Click HERE for the ISON story, how to see it, and a great picture gallery!

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    Veterans Day 2013

    Today, we celebrate America's heros. The men and women who have, and are still protecting this great country of ours. If you run into a vet today, shake their hand. Tell them thank-you. Tell them we are proud. Click HERE for the V.A. website for some great Veterans Day events.

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    And the next movie news awesomeness is.....

    STAR WARS! HELL YES! Disney just announced that "Star Wars: Episode VII" (which means "7") will be coming to theaters in December of 2015! Now here's the thing. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Always have been. They BETTER NOT F**K THIS UP! They have a lot to live up to, and fans will NOT put up with any crap! I'm also torn on the director. JJ Abrams will be commanding this ship. I really love his movies, and love what he did with Star Trek. But his style of action, explosions, and his style of camera shots might not fit this particular movie. Dunno. I'm starting to sound like a big ole geek, so I'll stop while I'm ahead. HAHA! Click HERE for the Star Wars story. And remember..... I AM YOUR FATHER!

  • FPO

    BEETLEJUICE 2 getting closer to reality!

    We heard recently that Tim Burton is kicking around the idea of Beetlejuice 2. I AM EXCITED! Well, TMZ caught up with Michael Keaton and asked him about it. They, just as I, was totally expecting him to say he didn't know about it, hadn't been contacted, or someting along those lines. However, he answered with "That's what they tell me". That is damn near a 100% confirmation! Click HERE for the story! And say it once, say it twice, say it three times.....

  • FPO

    WOW! Finally, a FLYING CAR!

    If you're like me at all, you have looked into the sky, and wondered what the sky would look like with flying cars. Well, wonder no more! IT'S HERE! Take a look at the Aeromobile! Someday..... we'll FLY to work!

  • FPO

    Monday mornin' daydreaming.....UNDERWATER!

    When I was a kid, my dad & I would sit and watch and watch James Bond movies. I would daydream about myself being a spy, WITH the spy gadgets! Hell, I STILL do! HA! One of my favorite "Bond" things was the Lotus Submarine. This car flew into the water, then transformed into a submarine! The real-life truth is, the car was just a car, and special effects transformed it into a sub. BUT, once they were underwater, and the sub was moving through the water, THAT was real! Check out THIS list of amphibious cars that will definately get you daydreamin!

  • FPO

    The inspiration behind the movie EXORCIST

    Today is Halloween, so let the fun begin! Trick-or-treating, carmel apples, and of course.... SCARY MOVIES! One of my absolute favorites is the 1973 terror classic, "The Exorcist". Did you know that movie is actually based on real-life events? It's true! And recently, a group of scholars and horror buffs gathered to discuss the real life events that took place in 1949. This is really cool! Click HERE for the story!

  • FPO

    What Halloween CANDY sucks?

    Halloween is tomorrow. Time for lots n lots of CANDY! BUT, I found a list today of Halloween candy that they say SUCKS. Ok, some of these candies, etc, I don't agree with. Candy Corn is on top of the list. Maybe it's my age, but I LOVE candy corn! Another candy that I KNOW is not liked, but I love, is the peanut butter taffy. These are the ones that come in a orange or black wrapper, and they have a little nugget of peanut butter in the middle. I LOVE those damn things! Anyway, check out this list HERE, and see what you think. To me, these candies all ROCK! (except for the raisins. I mean, who is the joy-kill handing THIS crap out on such a fun night?!)

  • FPO

    HOT Vampire WOMEN!

    I know, I know. Vampires are the "thing" right now, and have been for the past several years. You can bitch all ya want, but they seem to be here to stay. Every damn day, it seems there is something NEW related to vampires! Crazy! If you're gonna watch, there is, for us guys, some good-lookin Vamoire chicks. Thank God. It helps us get through the hours and hours of Twilight, right?! Check out THIS picture galleries of dark chicks you gotta love....

  • FPO

    AWESOME Halloween costumes! (and some odd ones)

    There were a TON of Halloween parties over the weekend, and even MORE this coming weekend! I saw my fair share of costumes, and some were GOOD, and some were BAD. Some were even leaving us wondering what the hell they were. In an effort to be "sexy", some costumes were nothing more than odd, non-costume-costumes. Leaves ya wondering. HERE is a collection of some weird "sexy" costumes, and check out the links below for some really HOT costumes! Have a good one you've just gotta share? Email me at I wanna see!

  • FPO

    Hang out with Alice Cooper BACKSTAGE!

    Here is a glimpse of what things look like BACKSTAGE with ALICE COOPER! This gallery of pictures is from a recent show. Click HERE to check it out!

  • FPO

    Halloween is almost here, so ya gotta check this out!

    Do you love scary movies? You love old cemetaries? If so, you're gonna really like THESE pictures! It's a gallery of some extremely creepy cemetaries across the world! Enjoy!

  • FPO

    OH MY GOD! A sequel to WHAT movie?!?!

    One of my family's FAVORITE movies of all-time is being rumored to have a sequel in the works..... BEETLEJUICE! WHAT THA F***?!?! This is the coolest damn news EVER! AND, Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role as the dead head himself! Click HERE for the full story!

  • FPO

    And the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame NOMINEES are........

    You wanted the best, you've got the best! FINALLY! KISS is nominated for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame! Here is the full list of the 2014 nominees.....

  • FPO

    Are you loaded with "outdated" electronics?

    It's amazing how many things are wrapped up into your cellphone. Let's go through some of the item's that are a part of your phone.

  • Star Wars fans..... LOOK!!!

    Now that Disney has purchased STAR WARS, we've all been concerned it's gonna, well, SUCK. They have a movie planned for 2015, BUT, there is a sneak peek of a new animated feature called REBELS. And no, Mickey Mouse does NOT make a cameo. HA! Click HERE for the story and video.

  • FPO

    Christopher Columbus discovers America! ..... Uh, maybe not!

    In a recent discovery, Christopher Columbus may have NOT discovered America. WHAT? A dude from CHINA may have discovered America? WHAT?!?!?! So, author Gavin Menzies, in a new book published yesterday, says he has evidence showing it wasn't COLUMBUS! This could shock the history books! Click HERE for the story.

  • FPO

    Seen the NEW 100 Dollar Bill yet?

    Uh, me neither. But there is one! And to be fair, the newly re-designed one-hundred dollar bill has just been released TODAY. So, give it a few days, and I'm sure we'll all have a couple in our pocket. Yeah, no, probably not then either. HAHA! Well, if you get one, let me see it! It is really different, with even more saftey features! Click HERE to find out more about the NEW $100 bills!

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