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    The WORLD'S Greatest Singer IS? (and you're not gonna believe it either)

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    Hockey Fans!! You see THIS?

    Do you watch SHARK TANK? Did you see the one where the guy invented the ICE JET which would replace the Zamboni?! Would you care if the Zamboni vanished from the ice? Would you revolt? Click HERE to read the story, and you decide!

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    Cool MOVIE NEWS!

    Got a couple cool movie news tidbits for ya. First, they have just released the new logo for the Batman v Superman movie. At first, I was a little apprehensive to liking this project, but the more I check it out, it's growing on me. I still think they could have chosen a better Batman actor other than Ben Affleck. Just sayin'. THEN, JJ Abrams kinda reveals a new Star Wars 7 character in a video where he talks about a new fundraiser that will let one lucky fan be IN the new movie! And yes, I donated for a chance to win! Click the links below for the full scoop.

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    This weekend, it's all about tha rock, as Rocklahoma 2014 gets underway in Pryor, OK! Friday - Sunday, over 40 bands on the main stage, non-stop party in the campgrounds, and one hell of a hangover on Monday morning! I am headed to the festival on Friday morning, and will be there partying with you ALL WEEKEND! If you are going, I wanna see it! If you use Instagram or Twitter, take a pic and use hashtag #t95rocks. We will post your party pix! Hope to see you there! HERE is the Rocklahoma official website.

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    DAMN! That will sure make you feel old! 40 years. I remember saving my money to get one! And I also remember saying F**K IT, and peeling the stickers off, and solving it THAT way! HA! Did you know the Rubik's Cube WASN'T invented to be a toy? It was made to be a teaching tool, then was marketed as a toy! How fast is the world's fastest Rubik's solver.....HUMAN OR ROBOT? Find out all the details with the links below!

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    NEW Led Zeppelin music!

    When a band comes out with "previously un-released" music, it usually sucks. Face it, the unreleased stuff is usually stuff that wasn't good enough to put out the first time! HA! Well, Led Zeppelin is changing that! A new, remastered box set is on the way with unreleased music, that according to people that have heard it, is BAD-ASS! Click HERE for the story, and some snippits!

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    This has been one bizarre story to say the least. Long time radio host, Casey Kasem, has fallen into a bad state of health as of late, and at 82, his care is important. His childern have not been able to see him in years, and it's due to Casey's wife of 35 years. It's not known why, but it's alleged she does not like Casey's children, and won't let them see him. Sad. Earlier this week, Casey's wife removed him from a care facility and did not say WHERE she took him. His children took to TV and Radio to try and find his whereabouts. Yesterday, he was found, so to speak. Initially, it was thought he was removed from the country, but instead, he seems to be in Washington State. Now, his family hopes to get him back home and get this figured out. Click HERE for the story.

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    Wanna buy SCARFACE' house?

    SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE HOUSE! The house that was one of the stars in the movie "Scarface" is up for sale. And sorry, it's NOT in Miami like you think it is. It's in CALIFORNIA! DUH! This house is freakin HUGE! And it was built in the early 1900's, and looks like a guh-zillion bucks! And the cost, ALMOST a GUH-zillion! HA! Click HERE for the story and some great photo galleries! Win the lottery? Buy it, and invite me over!

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    Radio legend issues

    I have been in radio since I was 16 years old. I was a Junior at Hutchinson High School. Growing up, I was always a radio junkie. I made tapes from my jam-box, I called in to all the radio stations, bothered all the DJ's, and finally became one. Some of my favorite DJ's as a kid are STILL working here in Wichita, and in Hutch, and it has been a honor to be a part of their world. Another person that helped me decide to get in to this business is Casey Kasem. From Casey's Top-40 (which I used to play on the air) to his awesome voice as SHAGGY on Scooby-doo, he really was one I looked up to. Now, at age 82, Casey has parkinsons, and is having major family issues. His wife has taken him from the care facility he was in, and has taken him to an unknown location. Nobody knows where he is! His children are very concerned. Click HERE to read the full story.

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    Tommy Lee gonna play with the Smashing Pumpkins!

    I interviewed Tommy Lee of Motley Crue about a month ago, and I asked him if after they play their last show if he was gonna go chill on a beach for a while. He said HELL NO! He said he hates to sit around and do nothing, and that he has some big projects in the works. Apparently, this was one of em! Next year, the Smashing Pumpkins have a new album coming out, and Tommy is drummin' on it! Pretty cool! Billy Corgan and Tommy are buds, so they talked, and the rest is history! Click HERE to read all about it!

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    NFL DRAFT time!

    Tonight is the night! NFL DRAFT! It's funny to me, because years ago, nobody gave a rat's ass about the draft. NOW, it's a huge deal to watch! So dig out your football gear and get ready! MMMMM..... CHICKEN WINGS & BEER! Click HERE for everything you need to know about the draft.

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    Star Wars NEWS!

    With Star Wars 7 on the way at the end of next year, that left me wondering how long it will take for the NEXT Star Wars movie to come out! Well, it was just announced that after "7", there will be a couple spinoffs as soon as 2016! COOL! I'll say it again. I hope Disney doesn't go too far and F this up! Click here for the spinoff story.

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    Love fast cars? CHECK THIS OUT!

    An all-new super-car has been unveiled, and this thing is BAD-ASS! 60mph in 2.7 seconds? HOLY CRAP! The car, by Rezvani, is called THE BEAST, and can be yours for the low price of $120,000! For a car like this, that price isn't that bad! Click HERE to see it and read the full story.

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    Cinco De Mayo HISTORY!

    Today is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo! Time for some good Mexican grub, margaritas, and loud tuba music! But WHY? Why do we celebrate this day? What does it really mean to the Mexican culture? Check out the links, and understand the histiry! THEN, chug a margarita!

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    It's SPIDEY time!

    The much anticipated Spiderman 2 is out today! Gonna see it? Imax? Standard 3D, regular old theater? When this re-do came out, I was a hater. Why after just a few years would another Spiderman come out? WHY? Well it did, and it was awesome. I completely changed my mind. I have a couple links for ya below....

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    Is your milk REALLY expired?

    I admit it. I am a expiration date weirdo. I WILL NOT drink milk 1 day after the label says it has expired. I just wont. It creeps me out. BUT, this story I found talks about how much longer after the exp date you CAN still eat or drink those foods in the kitchen. Read it, do what you want, but I will continue to refuse day-old milk. Here's the expiration date story.

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    I don't ever say this, but for this news, I absolutely have to..... OMG! The cast of Star Wars 7 has been announced, and topping the list, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher! I'll say it again, OMG! HAHAHA! This is shaping up to be pretty damn cool! Last night, Stephen Colbert said the funniest damn thing. He talked about the cast announcement, and said the new Star Wars movie will be called "STAR WARS 7: A NEW HIP". HILARIOUS! I have a couple links for ya below that talk about the new Star Wars cast and more.

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    What's YOUR favorite beer?

    Over the weekend, I stumbled on a group of friends talking BEER. Favorite brand, favorite flavor, cans over bottles. Some of the conversation actually escalated into arguments! Don't talk smack on someone's favorite! JEEZ! So what is YOUR favorite beer and WHY?

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    Is R A T T no more???

    Yep. RATT could be no longer. Stephen Pearcy has QUIT RATT! For 30 years, RATT has been rockin all over the world, and now Pearcy says it's time to call it quits! He says the constant turmoil in the band is the reason for his exit. So will this be the end of RATT? Only time will tell, but looks like it might be so! My guess is he will still go out and do shows, RATT music, but by himself, and different band. Stay tuned for further developments. Here is what Stephen Pearcy posted as far as a "I Quit" letter....

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    Last year, I told you that Led Zeppelin planned on re-releasing their music collection this year sometime, and it's almost upon us! Jimmy Page himself remastered all of the music! Check out THIS story about the when's and news on some previously UNRELEASED LED ZEP music!

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