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    STAR WARS fan? Check this out!

    I'm a big Star Wars fan. Always have been. There is something about it that really gets my inner child all fired up! Whether you're a fan of the Jedi Knights, or have fallen to the Dark Side, you know you have a favorite. Maybe you have some inner Wookie? Check this out... There are some Minor League Baseball teams wanting to use R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca designs as their uniforms! THEY ARE BAD-ASS! You can vote on which one you like too! Check out the full story HERE! And may the force be with you!

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    Get ready for the newest STAR WARS!

    The FORCE is in the air, as more movement is being talked about for a 7th Star Wars film! Apparently, the newest movie will focus on 30 years after Empire Strikes Back took place. Confirmed actors for this new movie? At this point, R2-D2 is all ready to go! Ok, he's a robot. Of course he'd be around 30 years later. But who else? They're saying we're sure to see familiar faces. HUH?! Could we see HAN, LEIA, LUKE?!?!?! How about LANDO? I would almost guarantee we'll at least see Lando, as Billy Dee Williams danced with R2-D2 on Dancing With The Stars. Yes. That happened last night. WOW! Things are looking awesome! Check out the links below!

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    80's video games that KICK ASS!

    Now this is my area. 80's video games! In today's game world, I'm out. It's not that I don't like em, it's just that as I didn't have time to play, they got farther and farther from my "give a sh**" section of my brain. Again, I have nothing against em, but when you're a grown ass man and brush off your family and other important obligations just to sit in front of the tv and play all damn day...... well, that's what I don't do. Do I play Candy Crush like there's no tomorrow? Yep. BUT, I take care of the important things in life too. I digress. In the 80's, AS A KID, we played the hell out of video games. They were horrible as far as graphics go, but they sure were a lot of fun! HERE is a list of the top 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL video games of the 80's.

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    St Patricks Day HISTORY

    Happy St Patties Day! Did you do a bunch of partyin' this past weekend?! Chug some GREEN beers? Get some action from a HOT Irish RED-HEAD? HAHAHA! Whatever the case, we could all use some knowledge for the green celebration. Why do we do it? Well, here are some fun links for you to check out!

  • Subliminal messaging in logos!

    Have you ever noticed that the neck portion of Wendy's dress spells the word MOM? Look next time you eat at Wendy's and you'll be amazed and show everyone! This is just 1 example of hidden words and symbols in everyday items! Check out the videos below for even more! CRAZY!

  • FPO

    Is THIS the best Hot-Rod in America?!

    At the recent Detroit Autorama, a 1964 Buick Riviera has won top honors as "America's TOP Hot-Rod". I'm a car guy. I grew up around hot rods. A 64 Buick? Uhhhh. Not my top choice. I had a friend in high school who had a 80's model Riviera, and WE MADE FUN OF IT! HA! Now is this car bad-ass? Yes. Would I own it? Yes. Should it have won this top award? Nah. See for yourself HERE. And remember, if you see a old car (decent, but "beat up condition") please email me with some info! I am on the hunt to have a old RAT ROD! Help me out! Email me at

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    Fans PISSED over beer size!

    Over in Boise, a hockey fan noticed a horrible attrocity. He was getting the shaft on his beer! Regular beer, $4. Large beer, $7. So here's the problem..... the $4 dollar beer is 16 ounces, and the $7 beer is 20 ounces. BUT, when he poured the 16oz beer into a 20oz cup, it fit perfectly! The 20oz cup may be taller, but it's all an illusion! So it has went to the top, and now, 24oz cups will be used for the rest of the hockey season with no extra charge. STAND UP FOR YOUR BEER RIGHTS AMERICA! Check out the story and video HERE.

  • FPO


    Yep. That's what I'm on the hunt for. Ya know what pisses me off? When you see a cool old "rat rod" and the guy driving it says... "I picked this up from a old man for $500!" THAT'S WHAT I WANT! I want something to fall in my lap like that! SO.... if you know of something cool, old, and hopefully runs, email me at I wanna rock the summer in a bad-ass ride!

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    The JIMI HENDRIX movie is almost here!

    Jimi Hendrix is one of America's music hero's. His music may be old, but it remains timeless. We still play the Rock God on T95! Now, R&B singer Andre 3000 plays Jimi in a new movie which will open next week in Austin, Tx. HERE is a great news story about the movie, Andre's portrayal, and vintage clips of Jimi himself in the Dick Cavett TV show. Pretty cool stuff!

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    Making it's way all over Facebook is a video featuring an all-new HUVr board complete wil an all-star cast of characters! Tony Hawk, Christopher Lloyd, and a bunch of others, show the new HUVr board in full action. It does look real. But sorry..... it's not. Could this be bait to promote a new Back To The Future movie? Click HERE for some investigating news into the whole HUVr board viral video.

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    Here's the info to get ya caught up on WSU

    Our boys at Wichita State University are making national news with their ANGRY play on the court! 30-0 right now, and it looks like they just can't be stopped! Do you need the full info about WSU so you don't sound like a total moron when everyone else is chatting it up about basketball? Click HERE for the full story that will get you caught up.

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    Would you eat a WAFFLE TACO?

    Move over BACON, EGG & CHEESE BISCUIT! There's a new breakfast offering in town! Taco Bell is gonna open early, and dish out breakfast! Their leader of the pack? A Waffle Taco. It's a waffle in the shape of a taco shell with a sausage pattie, and eggs in the middle. To me, kinda sounds and looks gross. But who knows.... it might be good! What I'm hoping, is that they will also serve up regular lunch/dinner items in the morn! Think about it. A Doritos Loco taco for breakfast? I'M IN! Click HERE for the story.

  • FPO

    KISS will NOT play the HOF Induction ceremony!

    Frankly, this is bullsh**. Gene Simmons is saying because "there are too many issues", NO old-school or new-school lineup of KISS will play at the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in April. WHAT THE FU**?! The HOF wants it, the FANS want it! But I guess nobody gets it. Click HERE for the story and to find out why. Ugh.

  • FPO

    Do you VAPE?

    E-cigs are the latest trend in quitting smoking, and it seems to be here to stay! I see em everywhere, and the electronics used to burn the e-juices are getting more cool every day! I'm a big Star Wars fan, and I saw one the other day that looked like a damn light-saber! Check out this cool story I found today regarding the whole VAPE movement.

  • FPO

    This was MY damn idea!

    You ever have a great invention in your head, then years later, you see it, then get pissed you did NOTHING with it? YEP. Happens to me all the time. This time, I saw a story about tires that help you drive on the snow and ice. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. These are tires, that at the push of a button, spikes shoot out and allow you traction! WHY WHY WHY didn't I patent this? This could be revolutionary! Anyway, click HERE to see my, I mean THEIR invention.

  • FPO

    The Powerball jackpot is up to WHAT?!?!

    The current jackpot in Powerball is up to 400 MILLION DOLLARS! The next drawing is Wednesday, and will be the fourth-biggest Powerball jackpot, and sixth-highest lottery prize of all time! What would you do if you won? Take the money and run? Help the homeless? Take care of all family members? Buy a personal helicopter? (That last one is mine. HA!) Check out the links below......

  • FPO

    WHO'S THIS hot chick in Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT ISSUE?

    .......BARBIE! That's who! I know, right? Kinda odd, but also kinda cool! Strangely enough, you know ya wanna look too! I saw this, and thought it was a joke. It's not. In celebration of the 50th edition of SI's swimsuit edition, Barbie is gonna get a couple pages. Click HERE to read all about it and see a preview pic.

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    Jelly Belly has a new flavor, and it might be good!

    Jelly Belly has always come out with new, wacky flavors of jelly beans. Peanut Butter, Buttered Popcorn, Dr Pepper, you name it, they've made it! Even BOOGERS & VOMIT flavors! But how about this..... DRAFT BEER! Coming to a candy store soon, get beer in a jelly bean! (Alcohol NOT included. DAMN!) Click HERE fo the story!

  • W H A T!?!?! NO MORE FLAPPY BIRD?!?!?!

    Over the weekend, the dude that created the newly popular Flappy Bird game for iPhone & Android pulled the plug on it! HE KILLED FLAPPY BIRD! Why??? He was making almost $50,000 a day with this game, and was likely to make a bird crapload of even more money! His reason? He just couldn't take it anymore. Take WHAT anymore? I'm sure we'll find out the real reason why eventually. Maybe this game was being used by spy agencies to gather American's skill-set for making birds fly! HA! Who knows, maybe Snowden will fill us in! Click HERE for the FLAPPY story.

  • iPhone 6.... BIGGER???????

    It's something iPhone users have dreamed about, and now, it may finally become reality! A BIGGER iPhone!!! A mobile phone company has come up with a virtual look at what they believe to be the new, 5-inch iPhone 6. Will this be what it looks like? Will iPhone followers like this? Take a look for yourself and see what you think!

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