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    It's Danzig's b-day!

    Glen Danzig, founder of the MISFITS, and great solo career as DANZIG, is 60 today! I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago, and he was a decent guy! AND, I felt tall, because he is a short short man! I'm 5'6"! HA! Enjoy the goodies below! The vid for HOLY DIVER is cheezy as hell!

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    It's time for BUG-O-RAMA

    This Saturday at the Midian Shrine, 130 N Topeka in Wichita, it's the big VW Car Show, BUG-O-RAMA! Click HERE for all the details, and listen to the interview with Robert Hoch, Shriner, and organizer of the show! Bring the whole family out this Saturday for some good VW fun!

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    Motley Crue to be KILLED??

    Calm down. I'm not talking about them really getting killed. I'm talking about how their very last show might come to an end! For some reason, mainly because KISS can't seem to ever really retire, nobody believes Motley Crue is actually hangin' it up! However, they stand firm in saying that their last show on Nwe Years Eve this year is it. They have even gone so far as to sign contracts saying they will never tour again, make new music, anything. That said, Alice Cooper, who is part of this last Crue tour, in a interview, jokingly said he knows it's it for them, because he's gonna kill them at the end of the last show. The Crue guys thought that was hilarious, and that got em thinking. Alice Cooper "gets killed" during his stage performance, so why not use those theatrics, and have Alice kill them off! This should be interesting!

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    Um..... WTF? From the band Silverchair, to...... WHAT?

    Daniel Johns, who gave us great music in the 90's with the band SILVERCHAIR, has been pretty quiet for almost 10 years. But now, he has a new solo album coming out, and don't expect to hear anything that would come close to the sounds of Silverchair. His new style is, well, different. It sounds like stuff you'd hear with the likes of Justin Timberlake. Seriously. Check out the links below, and videos of OLD stuff, and his NEW song.

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    Bodies of missing men from Rocklahoma found

    It is a sad end to a story from Rocklahoma this year. Two men, who went missing after torrential rain storms, have been discovered. Click HERE to read the story.

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