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    It's National HAMBURGER Day!

    MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Hamburgers! Love em! Wichita has some of the damn good hamburgers too! My favorite hamburgers in Wichita come from 2 places. Bomber Burger, which is off of 47th S, and K-15, and Jack's Coffee Shop on Hydraulic near 63rd. Now, the BEST cheeseburger I've ever had, EVER? That honor goes to a place in my hometown of Hutchinson..... The R-B Drive-in! HOLY MOLY! If you have never eaten at the R-B, you owe it to yourself to head to Hutch and try it! It's at 201 E Ave A. My favorite thing to get there? "R-B special" with extra cheese, pickle & ketchup only. Holy crap, I'm wanting one NOW! And if you're really hungry, try the BELTBUSTER! Every time I go to Hutch to see family, my first stop is usually the R-B!

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    Were you at MUDlahoma?!

    Wow. Another year in the books. Rocklahoma was fun, and a big muddy mess. Friday started great, but the rest of the weekend was jacked up. When the rain started Saturday, we all knew it was gonna be a mud pit. And it was. Once the gates to the grounds opened at 3pm, it instantly was slop. Then things turned worse. The rain kicked up, bands were forced to cancel, and peoples camps were turned into swamp pits. Sunday, it happened all over again. Rain, rain, and more rain. However, things weren't severe, so bands still played. It's hard to predict the weather that far out, and this was one of only a few muddy ass weekends for Rocklahoma. I'll go back again next year for another fun weekend! Did you go this year? How did you survive the rainy mess? Let us know on our Facebook page! Click HERE.

  • FPO

    Comedian DC Malone & Vinnie Mourning!

    Comedian DC Malone is THIS WEEK at the Loony Bin Comedy Club at 215 N St Francis...... with a TWIST! Enjoy the comedy of DC today thru Saturday, THEN, Vinnie and the Sleepy Truckers will join DC on Sunday night for a rockin show! Enjoy the interview with the fellas! Comedy AND music!

  • FPO

    VIDEO: It's George Clooney's Bday, and he has a new movie coming out!

    George Clooney is 54 today, and is still a dreamy hunk! HA! I think I just made myself puke! Anyway, I DO wanna see his upcoming movie! It's a new Disney movie called TOMORROWLAND. I remember as a kid, watching old disney black & white video's of Tomorrowland, and thinking how cool it was! NOW it's a movie! Watch the trailer below, and click HERE for the official website.

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