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    Fans recreate St. Anger!

    Ok ok.... We all pretty much say the same thing when Metallica's album, St. Anger, gets mentioned. "OH GOD, EEEW"! (or something along those lines, maybe with some more expletives) Personally, I mildly enjoyed it. Mildly. The title track, St. Anger, was my favorite. BUT, like I said, on the whole, that album tanked for Metallica. This led to a whole lot of tension within the band, Newstead quit, and rehab followed. There are some huge Metallica fans that decided to re-record the entire album. They wanted to do it their way, while keeping all vocals and riffs intact. They released it on Youtube, and say they have no plans on doing an actual release. It is actually really damn good! The video below is their version of the whole album. Wouldn't it be weird if they DID release it, and it did better than Metallica's version? HA! And by the way, the song St. Anger happens at 5:25 in the vid.

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    Happy birthday DAVE GROHL!

    Dave Grohl of the FOO FIGHTERS is 46 today! We are celebrating Dave's birthday ALL WEEK, by giving YOU the presents! Dave wanted it this way. Listen to my hour long DOUBLESHOT NOONER (12n-1p) for your favorite bands, and 2 songs from each band! When you hear a doubleshot from the Foo Fighters, be the 9th caller at 316-436-1095 as soon as the 2nd song starts. If you are the correct caller, you're gonna get a pair of tickets (DAMN GOOD SEATS) to see the Foo Fighters show on Sept 30th at the INTRUST Bank Arena! WOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! Enjoy the vids!

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    AC/DC set to rock this year's GRAMMY'S!

    It was just announced that AC/DC will be one of this years preformers at the 57th annual Grammy Awards. AC/DC is NOT nominated for an award this year. WHY? Their new CD "Rock Or Bust" came out too late to be considered for this year's awards. It will be eligible for next years awards. This will be the kick-off, so to speak, to their 2015, as a world tour is planned to support "Rock Or Bust". Click HERE to check out the full story, and to watch a video of the guys talking about continuing without Malcom Young.

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    VIDEOS: Happy Birthday ROB ZOMBIE!

    Rob Zombie hits the BIG ONE today! He is 50! Enjoy the great links and videos!

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    Rock icon JIMMY PAGE is 71 today!

    The guy guitarists across the world try to emulate, JIMMY PAGE is 71 today! And here's a fun fact.... in 1969, Jimmy Page celebrated his birthday in style! It was the first night at The Fillmore in San Francisco for Led Zeppelin! Check out the links, and great video of Jimmy Page crankin out a bad-ass solo!

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    Who's the best DRUMMER of 2014?

    Yesterday, I posted a voting page from Loudwire Rock News, wanting to know who you thought was the best rock band of 2014. Today, they wanna know who you think the best DRUMMER is! They are assembling the music awards for the 2014 year, and need your help! Click HERE (or the pic) to vote!

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    Who do you think the BEST Rock band of 2014 is?

    Our friends at Loudwire Rock News are getting the 2014 Music Awards assembled, and they want your vote! Who is the BEST Rock Band of 2014? Some of the bands you can vote on range from The Pretty Reckless, Pop Evil, to Avenged Sevenfold, and MORE! Your vote counts in the 4th annual LOUDWIRE MUSIC AWARDS! Click HERE (or on the picture) to vote!

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    VIDEO: A "Masters Of The Universe" movie is in the works!

    Although we complain that Hollywood never has any "new ideas", and always re-hashes old movies, this one is pretty damn cool. He-Man and Masters Of The Universe will be coming to theaters, and I can't wait! This was a great cartoon of my youth, and I thought it was AWESOME! Not to mention that She-ra the PRINCESS OF POWER was H O T!!! HA! So what's the status? The screenplay was just finished, so it's reeeeeeally to early to say what's happening. There isn't even a director set yet. So stay tuned for the latest! Click HERE for the story, and enjoy a great episode of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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