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    VIDEOS: Get ready for Queensryche!

    Queensryche with Geoff Tate is TONIGHT at The Cotillion! This is gonna be one show you don't wanna miss! Get tickets now at, or charge by phone at 722-4201. I'll be out there live starting at 5pm, and I hope to see you there! To get you pumped up for the show, check out these music videos!

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    How well do you know METALLICA?

    I just had to share this today. Loudwire rock news has a great list of 20 things you may not know about the rock Gods, Metallica. You may know some of this stuff, but there will definately be a couple things you didn't know!

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    VIDEO: Happy Bday today to Chaim Witz!

    WHO? HAHA! You may know him better as GENE FREAKIN SIMMONS! Gene is 65 today! And STILL rockin! Check out these great videos!

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    Aw S**T! Another bad winter!?

    Grrrrrrrrreat. The Farmers Almanac just came out, and winter is not lookin so good. They are predicting another freezin cold winter. UGH. The Farmers Almanac has been around for decades, and they are usually pretty damn accurate. That's why they they have been around so long. That's why hearing this sucks. Click HERE for the whole cold-ass story. When life gives you lemons....... well, check out the video of some bad-ass snow-forts!

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    Scott Weiland arrested! Oh wait, no he wasn't. Or was he? HUH??

    This is freakin weird. Police in Beverly Hills were called to a drugstore for a shoplifting report. When they arrived, they arrested a guy for stealing razors, and posession of meth. The man told police he was Scott Weiland. He provided police with all the details that "proved" he was Weiland. They bought it, and threw him in jail. Then, they proudly announced they ARRESTED SCOTT WEILAND! Yeah, the REAL Weiland saw this, then posted a video saying he was NOT arrested, the man in jail is NOT him, and he's currently touring, etc, and NOT in jail! So police were a bit embarassed, and upon a thourogh fingerprint check, etc, they found out it was in fact NOT Scott Weiland, but instead, a 44 year old named Michael Hurley. Whoops! Click HERE for the full story.

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    In Russia, everyone has a dash cam. They have become a necessity of life because between people lying, insurance and law enforcement being jacked up, people have these to have visual proof of accidents, etc. Because of this, there have been a BUNCH of great videos pop up! Meteorites crashing into earth, bizarre people behavior, and CRAZY crashes! This is by far, the wackiest crash I have ever seen! You have to see it to believe it!

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    Celebrity DOPPELGANGERS!

    Have you ever seen the picture of Nicolas Cage up against the realy old picture of a Civil War guy? They're identical! I found a great slideshow of celebrity doppelgangers that some are really close, and some, well, aren't. You be the judge. Click the pic to check em out!

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    Star Wars 7 photo LEAK!

    As you all may be aware, I am a Star Wars GEEK! I have always been a huge fan, and when they announced Disney was taking over, it took me a while to digest it. I immediately thought it was gonna turn to crap. Who knows! It may! HA! But right now, my thoughts are on the positive side, and early leaked pictures of sets, characters, etc, have kept me positive. Today, I came across another "leaked" photo. And this one is allegedly from a reliable source. It's a helmet, the head if you will, of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars 7. I'ts pretty cool! Check it out for yourself. Click HERE to see it.

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    VIDEO: Aerosmith cancels show because of Joey Kramer's HEART!

    Aerosmith had to cancel their show last night in Concorde, California because drummer Joey Kramer is dealing with heart issues! Word has it Joey has beed suffering from unspecified heard problems for some time now, and it has now come to the point where he may have to undergo heart surgery. That is all I know at this point, so as I get more info, I will pass it along. We wish Joey the very best. Check out this old 1988 drum solo from Joey. Bad-ass!

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    VIDEO: Checkin' out the Perseid meteor shower?

    The Perseid meteor shower is at it's height right now, and after dark, go outside and watch the sky! You're not gonna see shooting stars non-stop, but if you're patient, you'll see some! Check out these great galleries and links!

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