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    Ya see Colbert on Letterman last night?

    When they first announced Letterman was retiring, I thought they could never fill his shoes with anything comparable. Then, they announced Stephen Colbert would be taking Lettermans place. I gotta tell ya.... I was kinda like "HUH"?? I watched the Colbert Report, I LIKE the Colbert Report, but the LATE SHOW? THEN, I was shocked to learn that Stephen Colbert was simply playing a character on the Colbert Report? WHA? So after watching numerous videos of Colbert as a "real guy" and watching him last night on the Late Show, I think he's gonna do good! He takes over at some point in 2015, so get ready for the NEW Late Show!

  • FPO

    It's EARTH DAY!

    Yep! Earth Day is here. How are you gonna help make a change? What CAN you do? I have a few links for ya to check out. The Earth Day site, a cool Earth Day activity from NASA, and 50 ways you can help the planet!

  • FPO

    Have a TON of leftover Easter eggs?

    WHAT do you do with all of em? Egg salad sandwich? Tuna salad? Plain ole hadrboiled egg & salt? That's about all I do with mine. And this year, we have a LOT! Check out the links below for some great egg ideas that look pretty damn good!

  • FPO

    STAR WARS filming spotted in ABU-DHABI!

    Y'all know I am a Star Wars geek. Since a little boy, Star Wars has fascinated me. It has become a part of my life I guess you could say! When it was announced Disney purchased all things Star Wars from George Lucas, I was skeptical. Ok, I'm still a little skeptical, but from what I've seen so far, it has calmed me down a bit. Yeah, I know. Even writing this, I feel like a nerd. WHO CARES! HA! Anyway, a super-secret set has been spotted in Abu-Dahbi, AND it looks like a foot of an AT-AT! Could this be planet Tatooine? This is getting serious! Ok, I'll stop my endless chatter...... see it all for yourself! Click HERE for the story on the secret filming set! Also, click HERE to see some original Star Wars sets that still exist!

  • FPO

    Uhhhhh. Check out this FARTING CAT!

    We have cats at home. 1 of these cats farts. Alot. At forst, I thought it was someone else in the house simply trying to cover by saying it was the cat. I'v always known dogs to fart, but cats? Then one day, it was just me at home. All alone with the cats. Then, it hit me. A foul, 80 year old man fart. I almost puked. I looked around, thought maybe it was me, but it WAS.....WAS.... THE CAT! I researched online, and found out that diets heavy in corn, made cats have stink ass. And now, I'm not alone. HERE is a story about a cat that farts so much, he was returned to the shelter his owners got him from! MAN! They really need to put BEANO in cat food! HAHA!

  • FPO

    Ford celebrates 50th Anniversary of the MUSTANG!

    The Mustang is 50 years old! That is awesome! I grew up with hot-rods, and a family who LOVES Chevy's. BUT, the Mustang is a undeniable classic car that is awesome no matter what "brand" it is. Ford is having celebrations everywhere, but this Friday in Charolette, NC, restoration company RK Motors will unveil a special "tribute" car based on the classic 1967 Shelby GT500. This celebration takes place at the Charolette Motor Speedway. Click HERE to read all about it.


    .......and the crowd says BOOOOOOO! Yeah, right?! Tax day. Get yours done yet? You have until midnight tonight, so if you haven't, DO IT NOW, or file for an extension! Click HERE for some money saving tips on your taxes! Also, here is the IRS website with extension details.

  • FPO

    Today is ROCK N ROLL H.O.F. DAY!

    WOO-HOO!!! Or should I say, woo-hoo. Yeah, today is the Induction Ceremony in Brooklyn for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame nominees. KISS has finally made it, and now that they're here, they are causing their own problems. Whiny beeotches. Or, should I say, 2 whiny beeotches. HAHA! We'll see what happens. Click HERE for the H.O.F. website to see the list of inductees.

  • FPO

    You like BOOBIES?!

    If so, today is a day to celebrate! Today marks 2 prominent figures in BOOBIE history! It's the birthday of Playboy founder HUGH HEFNER, and PORN STAR Jenna Jameson! Hugh is 88, and Jenna is the big 40! Enjoy the links below....

  • FPO


    WOW! I am pumped up! It was just announced that filming for Star Wars 7 has just started. It's release is set for December of 2015, and it couldn't come sooner! Even though that filming has started, they have still not said who's in it! There are said to be cameo's and more from former cast members. WHO???? I'm sure we'll find out eventually, but they can't tease us like that! Click HERE for the episode 7 story, and enjoy the blooper video below.

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