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  • FPO

    Who said it? A Kardashian or a Politician?

    This is a funny quiz! There are several quotes for you to guess who said it! Did a Kardashian say it? Or did a politician say it? Click Kim's booty to take the quiz!

  • FPO

    Hank "Shoots The SH**!"

    This week, I sat down with comedian David Scott, AKA The Midnight Swinger! He's performing this week at the Loony Bin! We sat and had some lunch at Pig in, Pig out BBQ, listened to some great blues, and well....shot the shit!

  • FPO

    Happy Birthday to SLASH!

    From G&R to his solo career, this guy has continued to kick ass! Who knows? Slash says there may even be a G&R reunion in the future! That would be cool! Enjoy these links, and full concert video of Slash with Miles Kennedy!

  • FPO

    Happy Birthday to WICHITA!

    P A R T Y! Our fine city is 145 years old today! Tip one back and celebrate! Check out these great links and videos....

  • FPO

    Happy Birthday to Chris Cornell!

    Happy 51st Birthday today to rocker Chris Cornell! Soundgarden, Audioslave, and a current guest spot with the Zac Brown Band, this guy has done it all!! Enjoy the links and videos, including Chris doing a cover of Michael Jackson's BILLIE JEAN! (It's a wtf moment. HA!)

  • FPO

    Hank "Shoots the S**T!"

    This week, I had comedian John Tole in the studio. He is performing this week thru Sunday at the Loony Bin Comedy Club! Take a listen!

  • FPO

    I'm all about that bass!

    This is the wackiest thing ever. NOT the video, but the fact that I had a dream doing the same exact thing! HAHA! I was the drummer for a band that was playing on stage at the KS ST Fair, and my drums were hot chick's ASSES! And then I run across this video? Maybe this is gonna come true for me! HAHA!! Enjoy the ass drums!

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