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    Want a SNEAK PEEK of the CRUE show?!

    This video is F'N AWESOME! This will give you a tiny glimpse of the Motley Crue show you're gonna see THIS Saturday night at the Intrust Bank Arena! ALL BAD THINGS MUST COME TO A END! See you Saturday night, and click HERE for the weekend's party schedule!

  • FPO

    T95 35th Birthday Bash THIS SAT NIGHT!

    This weekend is gonna ROCK, as the T95 35th Birtday Bash with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper is finally here! Saturday night, Intrust Bank Arena! The party starts Friday night, as Todd & Tyler come to Wichita to party with you at the Wichita Wingnuts game! Register HERE to win party suite passes and tickets to the game. Then on Saturday, it all starts at 4pm at WALKER'S Bar & Venue right behind the Intrust Bank Arena! It's gonna be a fun weekend! You wanna know the entire history of Motley Crue? Click HERE for the entire story, and click the pic for the Crue official website! Get ready to ROCK!

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    Love fireworks? Check THIS out!

    Happy 4th Of July! I LOVE Fireworks. I HAVE been badly injured with fireworks. BUT, I have learned how to properly handle them, and use them in a safe manner. Sounds simple, but bunches of people get hurt every year with simple stupidity. So be careful and have fun! NOW, with that said, check out the great links I have for ya about how fireworks are made. Also, enjoy the "How It's Made" video about fireworks and fireworks mini-documentary!! Happy 4th Of July, and have fun!!!

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    O M G! Really? BAD DAD ALERT!

    Now I've heard it all..... A man in Albuquerque is in trouble for leaving his daughter at home while he ran out to get a tattoo. Ok, not a big deal, right? Well, what makes this a big deal is that he left her with a loaded gun to protect herself whail he was gone! HAHAHA! Hey, he was trying to be a good dad, right?! I know his mind was in the right place, but you can't do that. Apparently he's done this several times in the past. Check out the full story HERE.

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    BEST Burger Joints in America? NO WICHITA????

    I saw a story today, and I couldn't wait to see it! THE BEST BURGERS IN AMERICA! I was sure I'd see one from Wichita, KS! But no. Did they not even come here and try what our city has to offer? I mean, c'mon! NO Bomber Burger? NO Jack's Coffee House? And let me tell you, if you haven't been to either of these in Wichita, DO IT! BEST burgers EVER! Check out the list HERE and see if you've been to one of these places! Writing this had made me jones for a big ole BOMBER BURGER! Maybe I'll see you there!

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    Got any acid? You might want it to see this......

    I'm not sure what in the hell I just watched. Metallica is in a short film called "GLASTALLICA". This reminds me of some horrible "B" movie that you would see at the drive-in in the 60's or 70's. AND THAT MAKES IT COOL! HA! So here's the deal..... Metallica played at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival over the weekend, and they basically made fun of the Brit's that protested their appearance due to James Hetfield's support of hunting. Hetfield is the voice of a History Channel mini-series called THE HUNT, and people are pissed that he supports this. SO, Metallica made a video called Glastallica, which was made by Glastonbury documentarian Julian Temple. The video is below, so check it out, and get ready for the "bizarre" look to come across your face.

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