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    T95's NOT So Silent Night is coming soon!

    The annual T95 concert for the holidays is coming soon! Wednesday, Dec 9th at The Cotillion, it's the T95 NOT SO SILENT NIGHT, featuring the bands Wilson, Highly Suspect, and the headliner is SAINT ASONIA! Saint Asonia is the new band from Adam Gontier, former lead singer of Three Days Grace! When Adam left 3DG, he promised he would be back with a new band that would ROCK, and he did! This band is along the lines of a "Super Group"! In addition to Adam of 3DG, the line-up also includes Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, Dark New Day and Eye Empire bassist Corey Lowery and Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe. This is gonna be one bad-ass show! We will also be collecting new, unwrapped toys for the USMC Toys For Tots! So when you get to The Cotillion that night, drop off your toy for the kids! Below, you'll find links to buy tickets, band info, and Saint Asonia music, live concert footage, and a interview! DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!

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    SURPRISE! Foo Fighters release 5 song EP!

    Over the weekend, the Foo Fighters quietly released a ABSOULTELY FREE 5 song EP! All 5 songs are BRAND-NEW, and the Foo's have dedicated this release to the victims of the recent attacks in Paris! Want it? The link below has the letter from Dave Grohl explaining the release, and links to download it.....FOR FREE! Check out one of the new songs below, called "The Neverending Sigh"

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    OMG! It's coming TRUE! GnR!!!!

    I KNEW it was gonna happen! After months of speculation, it's being reported that a reunion tour of the classic GUNS N' ROSES lineup is "Close To Being Revealed". AWESOME! Allegedly, promoters are starting to live up venues for the tour! Check out the different links below for the latest reports, and rock out to some old school GnR videos!!

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    Veterans Day 2015

    Today we celebrate and honor our nations outstanding Men and Women who serve our country. These men and women chose to be the ones who defend our freedom. It's a choice not many of us are willing to make. It's a choice that takes a special someone to do. For this, we salute you. I know there isn't enough we can do to pay you back for your sacrifices, but maybe some free food will help a little. I mean, who DOESN'T like a free dinner?! If you are active or retired military, click here, or the pic below to see the list of restaurants that are offering you some free chow today! Enjoy, and continue to kick ass!

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    DJ Ashba is 43 today

    Happy 43rd Birthday to DJ Ashba! He is one hell of a guitar player, and has played with tons of famous musicians including Neil Diamond, Bullet Boys, Beautiful Creatures, and more. Most recently, DJ has been with G&R and Sixx AM. He recently left G&R to focus solely on Sixx AM. The rumor is that he really left G&R to let AXL focus on a G&R reunion. We'll see. DJ also owns a couple media groups, Ashba Media, Inc, and ASHBALAND. The first is a design company, and the latter handles the music side. Get the full scoop on DJ and check out the vids!

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    Check out the FEZtival Of Trees!

    Nov 12-15, Shriners in Wichita are having a FEZtival Of Trees! Shriners are the guys that wear the red "fez" hats, so that's why it's a FEZtival! This is a great way to cet your Christmas decorating done in one stop, AND help the Shriners in their mission to help children at the Shriners Hospitals for Children! Bid on pre-decorated Christmas trees, ranging from kids themes, hunting, movies, and MORE! Click HERE for full details, and listen to my interviwe with Bev! Ever consider becoming a Shriner? I am, so ask me how! It's a BLAST!! Click HERE to email me!

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    It's "NUMBER 7's" Birthday!

    Yep! It's #7's 42nd Birthday today! Give up? #7 is MICK THOMSON, guitarist in SLIPKNOT! I gotta tell ya, when Slipknot first came on the scene, I couldn't stand em. Not sure why, but everything about them, to me, was horrible. Let me redeem myself. About 10 years ago, I saw them live in Oklahoma. One of my best friends really wanted to go, the tickets were inexpensive, and I thought I'd give em a chance. HOLY SH**. I was blown away. I was pissed at myself for not giving them a chance sooner! Since then, I have seen them about 5 times, and love em! They may be a bunch of weirdo's on stage, which I dig, and musically, they ROCK! Check out some cool Mick vids below, and links about Mick, and the rest of the band.

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    How would you like to take part in a great RUN this weekend for a GOOD cause?! It's the Dragonmaster Foundation's HAWAII 5-OK! It's a benefit run for brain research. It's a outstanding foundation that is bridging the gap between cancer patients and research. Click HERE for the full details on the foundation's run, and listen to the interview! AND, use code "95ROCKS" to get $5 off your entry fee!

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