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    Win GODSMACK stuff!!!

    Godsmack's new CD "100hp" comes out Aug 5th. This is gonna KICK ASS! Godsmack continues to bring us some great music, and our friends at Loudwire rock news have a Godsmack contest you can enter! Click HERE to check it out! You could win the new 1000hp cd, a Godsmack jacket with the band’s sun logo on the front and a wrench and socket logo on the back, an autographed Godsmack poster, AND a pair of tickets to any show on Godsmack’s upcoming headlining dates for the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. The lineup also includes Seether, Buckcherry, Pop Evil, and more! Again, click HERE for the action! Also, click the Godsmack logo to buy a bunch of different Godsmack merchandise/CD packages!

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    Wingnuts ROCK tonight with T95!

    TONIGHT, the Wichita Wingnuts are throwin T95 a BIRTHDAY PARTY! We LOVE Baseball, and we LOVE the Wingnuts! This year, the NUTS are kickin ass too! So here's the scoop for tonight. You MUST buy your tickets at the ticket booth of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. And you MUST tell em you want the "T95 Special", and your ticket will cost just 95 CENTS! Then, the first 95 people through the gate will get a choice of batting practice with the team, OR a season ticket good for the rest of this years season! Once inside, find us, say hey, then get yourself some .95 CENT CONCESSION GOODIES! It's gonna be a great night for baseball with the WICHITA WINGNUTS! WOOOOOOOO!

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    Music News: SLIPKNOT!

    It's been a while, but now it looks like we'll be getting some SLIPKNOT music soon! Corey Taylor says the new Slipknot CD is "98 percent done". S W E E T! Did you also know Corey Taylor has a new book out, and he's had run-ins with GHOSTS? Check out the new music story HERE. You can also watch a video interview about the book from our pal's at Loudwire. You can also see a short picture vid of Slipknot UNMASKED.

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    VIDEOS: Like the SIMPSONS? You're gonna LOVE this!

    The Simpsons very first episode aired December 17th 1989. I remember it well. I remember seeing it and thinking how horrible it was and it will never last. BOY WAS I WRONG! As time went on, it grew on me, and I was hooked. Now, almost 25 years later, The Simpsons have become a part of American history! A new network, called FXX, has acquired all episodes of The Simpsons, and plans on playing them from the very beginning, which will be the biggest TV marathon EVER! This MARATHON marathon will start on August 21st and run through September 1st. This means that all 552 episodes of the series will air 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a full week and a half.

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    Metallica SportsCenter BLOOPERS

    Recently, I showed you a commercial for SportsCenter featuring Metallica. This commercial is pretty damn funny! Now that the commercial has been on the air for a bit, they have realeased a "blooper reel" of the making of that commercial. Check out both of em down below.

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    KISS NEWS: Paul Stanley partially DEAF, Gene Simmons talks about Ace & Peter

    There are things about a person you don't know. Some you may never know. For all you know, Jennifer Aniston has an extra toe or something! Ok, maybe not, but there are things like that with everyone! For instance, did you know Paul Stanley of KISS suffered from partial deafness? Yeah! MISTER ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT KINDA DEAF? After all these years, he has opened up about overcoming this medical problem. Click HERE for the story.

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    Catch a FREE KISS concert!!!!

    This Saturday night, July 19, at 8:40 p.m. our time, Yahoo! Live will live-stream KISS's concert from the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC! Click HERE for the page to watch! If you go to the site now, you can set a reminder that will alert you when the concert starts! BAD-ASS!!!! Also, click HERE for a great story about the "softer side" of KISS. ALSO, KISS just announced residency in VEGAS! Click HERE for that story!

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    The top 10 WORST States to live in.......

    We can all breathe a sigh of relief, as KANSAS is NOT on this list! I'm not sure why, but I was concerned about seeing Kansas on this list! HAHA! However, a very close neighbor IS on the list, AT #2! Thinking about moving? Check this list before you do!

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    The BEST SportsCenter ad yet!

    Over the years, ESPN SportsCenter has always tried to "out-do" themselves with great ads. From sports greats to mascot fun, these ads have always been great! But now, the recent ad has just been put over the top! METALLICA is in the new SportsCenter commercial! Check it out! I also included a 14 minute video of some of the BEST SportsCenter ads!

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    Did you see this?! In Southampton, Pennsylvania, a coroner was driving back to the office with a dead body on-board. His back doors malfunctioned, and the gurney with the dead body on it, SLID OUT OF THE BACK AND ONTO THE ROAD! And people didn't think a thing, and kept driving! Most thought it was a prank! Click HERE for the full story and picture!

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