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REAL stories about texting and driving incidents

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You've been hearing us for a few weeks now talking about the perils of texting and driving.  This isn't something we just decided to cook up just to be cool. We decided to do this with Davis-Moore, because Dawson Grimsley is known for caring deeply for the community, and this has become a huge problem in the United States.  We have a radio station.  We have the power to reach your ears. We have the power to beg you to don't text and drive. We care about you and your kids.  We have Dawson and Davis-Moore on our team.  I am a parent, and worry that when my daughter is with someone's family in a car, that they will not be texting or playing with the phone while driving.  Click the picture for a bunch of stories that will hopefully show you how bad this could be for you and your family. Then, click the link to take the pledge.  When you do, you'll be entered to win a iPad Mini.




CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE PLEDGE!  You could win a iPad Mini!




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