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Scott Weiland arrested! Oh wait, no he wasn't. Or was he? HUH??

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This is freakin weird.  Police in Beverly Hills were called to a drugstore for a shoplifting report.  When they arrived, they arrested a guy for stealing razors, and posession of meth.  The man told police he was Scott Weiland.  He provided police with all the details that "proved" he was Weiland.  They bought it, and threw him in jail.  Then, they proudly announced they ARRESTED SCOTT WEILAND!  Yeah, the REAL Weiland saw this, then posted a video saying he was NOT arrested, the man in jail is NOT him, and he's currently touring, etc, and NOT in jail!  So police were a bit embarassed, and upon a thourogh fingerprint check, etc, they found out it was in fact NOT Scott Weiland, but instead, a 44 year old named Michael Hurley.  Whoops!  Click HERE for the full story.


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