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Would Jon Bon Jovi MOVE the Bills to Canada?!

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The sweat is pourin out of Bills fans everywhere!  Bills fans are becoming increasingly concerned that Jon Bon Jovi, even though he says he isn't, may be a key player in moving the Bills to CANADA!  Bon Jovi and a group of other moneybags are looking at buying the team.  Fans are worried they plan on moving them, and are pissed!  So pissed, that they are starting a grass-roots campaign of banning all Bon Jovi music in Buffalo!  In the terms of the Bills agreement, it states that whoever does buy the team CAN'T move the team. Well, at least until 2022.  This is what has fans worried.  This is why fans want his music banned.  New York Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy tweeted about the issue last week, telling JBJ he would lose ALL of his fans FOREVER, and it wasn't worth it. WOW!  Things are just starting to heat up!  Click HERE to check out the story.


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