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KISS NEWS: Paul Stanley partially DEAF, Gene Simmons talks about Ace & Peter

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     There are things about a person you don't know.  Some you may never know.  For all you know, Jennifer Aniston has an extra toe or something!  Ok, maybe not, but there are things like that with everyone!  For instance, did you know Paul Stanley of KISS suffered from partial deafness?  Yeah! MISTER ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT KINDA DEAF?   After all these years, he has opened up about overcoming this medical problem.  Click HERE for the story.

     In other KISS news, Gene Simmons has officially come out and said he WILL NOT EVER play with Ace or Peter EVER AGAIN.  WOW!  I know there has been problems, they let the world know how real it was by NOT playing at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony.  Click HERE to check out Gene's story.

     And don't forget, Yahoo! is presenting a on-line KISS concert tomorrow night for FREE!  Click HERE to get the official concert page.  You'll also get to set a reminder, so that you'll get a text reminding you the show is about to start.


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