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How MOTLEY CRUE changed my life!

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     Continuing this week with my Motley Crue blogs, I have a great story about my youth, and how MOTLEY CRUE changed my life forever!

     When I was in Junior High School, Trinity CATHOLIC High School to be exact, my friends and I LOVED music.  My friend Jerrod had the COOLEST "JAM BOX"!! His dad owned an electronics store, so he had the best sh**! This thing had lights around the speakers, dual cassette, EQ, DAMN!  This was all around the time breakdancing was in, so they would listen to casettes of the latest breakdance music.  At lunch, we would haul ass eating, then roll to the gym, break out the sheets of cardboard, and they would have breakdance fights.  Yes, parachute pants included.  

     This leads up to me breaking the "norm" with some NEW music from some devil band called Motley Crue.  It was the SHOUT AT THE DEVIL tape, and it went over AWESOME!  We all loved it, and that was our first real taste of Rock N Roll.  Did I mention everyone loved it?  Well, the students loved it. Teachers?  Not so much.  That tape was confiscated from me for being the "devil's music", and I wound up in detention, and my parents were called. Fortunately, my parents were understanding, and I was just asked to not take that to school again.  

     Without a doubt, Motley Crue changed my life, and introuced me to this whole world of DIRTY ROCK N ROLL!  AND I STILL LOVE IT!   Shout At The Devil was the 2nd album from Motley Crue, and to date, they have a TON of albums.  And yes, some are greatest hits, and some simply suck.  But that happens to bands.  Anyway, click HERE to see the entire collection of CRUE MUSIC!


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