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Vacation time! Check out this rollercoaster!

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I'm headed out on summer vacation next week.  My daughter, Gabby, wants to go to Worlds Of Fun in KC.  Ok, fine.  We'll go, but I told her there will be NO rollercoasters for ole dad.  Yes.  Rollercoasters freak me out.  Always have. And I don't give a damn admitting that to the world.  HA!  I have friends that LOVE rollercoasters and get a huge adrenaline rush riding them.  As a matter of fact, when I interviewed Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, that was something he brought up.  He LOVES roller coasters, and LOVES hitting theme parks to check out the coasters when they're out on tour.  That explains his rollercoaster-esque drum set-ups he has on stage!  Six Flags is always known for their bigger better faster coasters, and they have a new one for you to check out. It's called "GOLIATH" and is located at their park in Gurnee, Illinois.  This is a triple record breaking wooden coaster!  It's the fastest, tallest, and steepest wooden roller coaster in the world!  Check out the video HERE, and take a virtual ride!  Enjoy your summer vacations, and look for me WATCHING you ride em! HAHAHA!


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