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I started radio with Casey Kasem. RIP Casey.

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I'm gonna open up and tell you MY history of Radio.  First, YES, I was a mechanic.  I grew up working at my Dad's shop in Hutchinson.  I learned a lot, and also learned I had a big love for music in my heart which eventually pulled me away from the shop.  When I was even younger, I would have the radio on my bed's headboard, and listen, and listen, and listen.  I would be the irritating kid that would call the DJ's and request songs and win prizes.  I would win, then have my Grandpa take me after school to pick em up!  I would also wake up early on Sundays and tune in to 106.1 KSKU and listen to "Casey's Top 40".  I was mesmerized by Casey and the stories he would tell, and think to myself about being in that chair and talking on the radio just like him.  Flash forward.... I was a Junior at Hutchinson High School, and my cousin Wade and I would deliver the morning announcements over the p.a. to the whole school.  We were the class clowns.  It was then I decided to get a job.  I worked at Western Sizzlin for a couple months in addition to Dad's shop.  The whole time, I would wear my cassette radio walkman and pretend to be the DJ.  One Monday, I thought I would take a shot in the dark and apply for a job at KSKU.  I walked in, filled out a app, and literally, the very next weekend, was put in the studio at 6am on Sundays making sure CASEY'S TOP 40 was on the air!!!  I was in heaven!  I got to be a small part of the operation of CT40!  It was amazing!  I made it!  And here's how long ago that was.  The show would arrive at the radio station every week on 4 RECORDS. Yeah, records.  I still have a bunch of those in my collection.  I did that for a long time before they took a chance and put me on the air (and boy did they regret that.... HAHAHA!!!!)  Anyway, 25 years later, we have arrived at this day where Casey Kasem has passed.  He will be missed, and I thank him for helping me indirectly get my start in radio. I'll never forget the first time I heard..... "KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND, AND KEEP REACHING FOR THE STARS".  


Casey Kasem 1932 - 2014




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