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Uhhhhh. Check out this FARTING CAT!

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We have cats at home.  1 of these cats farts.  Alot.  At forst, I thought it was someone else in the house simply trying to cover by saying it was the cat.  I'v always known dogs to fart, but cats?  Then one day, it was just me at home.  All alone with the cats.  Then, it hit me.  A foul, 80 year old man fart.  I almost puked.  I looked around, thought maybe it was me, but it WAS.....WAS.... THE CAT!  I researched online, and found out that diets heavy in corn, made cats have stink ass.  And now, I'm not alone.  HERE is a story about a cat that farts so much, he was returned to the shelter his owners got him from!  MAN!  They really need to put BEANO in cat food!  HAHA!


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