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Latest iPhone "leaks"?

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I used to be a die-hard Android user.  I always used to look at people who used iPhones and wonder what in the hell was so special about having one. Then, after much contemplation, I plunked down the $$ and got one.  Looking back, I wish I would have done it sooner!  With my LOVE for gadgets, and everything electronics, it's been a fun phone!  I have the 4s.  I wanted to jump to the 5s, but I have been holding out.  Holding out for a iPhone 6!  It's been a long wait, but I think it's almost here!  And I have been looking at all the different "leaks" of possible designs, etc.  NOW, I have found one that looks promising!  A BIGGER, and THINNER iPhone!  I sure hope so!  If Apple blows this newest release, I'm done.  I'll probably switch to a ginormous Galaxy!  In the meantime, check out these latest iPhone links.  One is a "leak", and the other is a tip from a tech guru on quickly gaining more free space on your iPhone.



Apple LEAK

iPhone Tech tip 

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