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80's video games that KICK ASS!

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Now this is my area.  80's video games!  In today's game world, I'm out.  It's not that I don't like em, it's just that as I didn't have time to play, they got farther and farther from my "give a sh**" section of my brain.  Again, I have nothing against em, but when you're a grown ass man and brush off your family and other important obligations just to sit in front of the tv and play all damn day...... well, that's what I don't do.  Do I play Candy Crush like there's no tomorrow? Yep.  BUT, I take care of the important things in life too.  I digress. In the 80's, AS A KID, we played the hell out of video games. They were horrible as far as graphics go, but they sure were a lot of fun!  HERE is a list of the top 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL video games of the 80's. 


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