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Teens fleeing Facebook?

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I've thought this as well.....  would kids be "put-off" by their parents also using Facebook?  Turns out YES.  Facebook is losing teens at a rate of 1 MILLION PER YEAR!  Wow.  I can see that.  I have family that are 60+ that use FB all day, every day.  There are certain things I can't say because they are on there!  HA! I asked my daughter if she wanted her own FB page, and she said "maybe". WHAT?  NO excitement?  She says the same thing.  Her friends bitch that their parents are on there all. the. time. Jeez.  Pardon MEEEE!  HA! Well fine.  Let the cool people of the planet have Facebook.  You can use Myspace.  We don't. See the full story HERE.


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