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What are you, some kind of comedian?!

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Why yes, he is!  Comedian Randy Liedtke thought he'd be a smartass, and bake cookies that looked like iPhones, and then pretend to be messing with his phone while driving, get pulled over for "messing with his phone" and then the joke was to be.... "what?  is it illegal to eat a cookie while driving?"  Well, it backfired on him.  Turns out he DID get pulled over for the whole phone thing, BUT, that wasn't the problem!  Turns out he had unpaid parking tickets, and he got arrested for THAT!  WHAT A DUMBASS! HAHA!  He probably should have thought this through a little farther.  I can't say this was a totally stupid idea, because after I first started driving, I would intentionally drink root beer from a beer looking bottle in hopes of getting pulled over to then be a smartass and show it was ROOTbeer, not BEER.  I know, stupid.  But I was a KID!  This is a grown ass man!  Click HERE for the full story.


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