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BEST Wedding Cake EVER!

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I DJ Weddings.  I have for a long time.  I'm good.  Just sayin.  HA!  I have sampled my fair share of Weding cake over the years, and I know what is good, and what really sucks.  Brides.....  DON'T LET YOUR MOM, GRANDMA, AUNT, OR FRIEND MAKE YOUR CAKE!  No matter how much money it saves you, it likely won't be the best.  You'll be dissappointed, feelings are gonna get hurt.... you get the idea. I got too off track.  What I wanna share today, is the coolest LOOKING Wedding cake you'll ever see!  A VIDEO GAME CAKE? WOW!  This is awesome!  BUT, I bet it costs a TON of money.  If you do inquire about the price, let me know.  I am curious!  Here's the link for the story. 



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