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And the next movie news awesomeness is.....

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STAR WARS!  HELL YES!  Disney just announced that "Star Wars: Episode VII" (which means "7") will be coming to theaters in December of 2015!  Now here's the thing.  I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Always have been.  They BETTER NOT F**K THIS UP!  They have a lot to live up to, and fans will NOT put up with any crap!  I'm also torn on the director.  JJ Abrams will be commanding this ship.  I really love his movies, and love what he did with Star Trek.  But his style of action, explosions, and his style of camera shots might not fit this particular movie.  Dunno.  I'm starting to sound like a big ole geek, so I'll stop while I'm ahead.  HAHA! Click HERE for the Star Wars story. And remember..... I AM YOUR FATHER!


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