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     Yesterday, I told you about a hospital offering treatment for internet addiction.  Well, hopefully one of the 12 steps is set to break you of the CANDY CRUSH ADDICTION!  Yeah, my name is Hank, and I'm addicted to Candy Crush. Earlier this year, a friend was playing it, I asked what it was, and he said Candy Crush.  I didn't think much about it, then one night when I was bored, I remembered C.C., and downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad. Whoops.  The rest is addiction history.  When people see me playing it, and ask ME what it is, I tell em to NOT download it, otherwise THEY will be hooked for life too.

     That's another thing.  There have been a bunch of games come and go on my phone.  Games have a "shelf-life".  Oh, but not Candy Crush!  *(&^%!  This damn game has what, 400 levels?  You can either wait 30 minutes to gain new lifes, or ask for more on Facebook, or spend 1 measly dollar to get more. Yeah. 1 little ole dollar.  In the time I've had this damn game, I have probably spent up to 200 of those little dollars. That's C R A Z Y!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP! Ok, breathe.  Maybe I'll just delete it and be done.  OH WAIT! What about the vested interest I have in that game?  200 dollars!!! AND, I'm at level 118! See... it's never gonna end. And why am I playing this?  I am diabetic for God's sake!

     Click HERE for the Candy Crush story.......


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