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I wanna be on the PRICE IS RIGHT! Uh, well?

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After reading this, I'm not so sure I wanna be a contestant on the Price Is Right. I may be content with being a simple audience member, and just enjoying the show from my seat.  Why, you ask?  Well, taxes.  Yep.  Taxes.  I have a very good friend who was on the game show "Let's Make A Deal".  He won a badass 4-wheeler!  He still has it, but to get it, you guessed it..... TAXES!  Uncle Sam wants his cut too, and I think that is absolutely ridiculous.  If you win, you win, and that should be that.  Read THIS story today about Price Is Right winners, and how the tax situation hit them hard.  For them, the Price was WRONG! Yeah, I went there.


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