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The World Yo-Yo Champion!

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When I was a kid, I always wanted to kick-ass at the yo-yo.  Yeah, that was in a time before the internet, cell phones, or iPads.  I would practice my yo-yo skills all the time.  It was a big clear orange Duncan yo-yo, complete with glitter in the plastic.  I could "walk the dog", "climb the ladder", and a handful of mild tricks. If handed a yo-yo today, I could probably pull off a couple of em again, but not likely to be as good as these people!  This past weekend in Orlando, the WORLD Yo-Yo Championship was held, and the winner was Hungarian competitor Janos Karancz.  This guy is a yo-yo FREAK!  Check out the video of his winning routine, and a few other record-setters from the weekend.  It'll make ya wanna grab a yo-yo and capture a world record!  Now I'm off to become a Candy-Crush champ.  Click HERE for the story and videos.



(Click the pic for the Duncan yo-yo website)

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